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  1. Thanks for that. I wasn't aware how jackson fared last pre-season coming from break. Pickett was the story for sure. But given both their ages it augurs well for Jason Taylor's judgement and the due as individual characters. And not a peep out of the media because it isn't a story.
  2. Pert said this morning on SEN that they were OK with Jackson staying in Perth for a family Christmas given there is uncertainty on WA borders and if he came back now he may not get back there again for a while. Fair enough. He also said Jacko has a program from the club and is training hard over there. Kozzie, having lost a close relative earlier this year is probably similar. He proved his reliability anyway by training hard in Adelaide pre-season early in the year with his time off with full club support. Club culture again I reckon.
  3. Yes you did. May have been a joke, hard to say, but Lyon's sentiment about Jack was spot on. His commentary on Oliver was the best though.
  4. A key contribution in making the day so special .Well done the Gary. I loved his intro to Christain Salem saying this player".. is likely the best ever No.3 in a Dees jumper..."
  5. The icing on the cake (not!) will be if its an outrageous late start on a Wednesday evening, being 7.50. Must be at least 7.25 or earlier. Great marketing for sponsors being the opening match for 2022 and undivided attention of TV audience, but borderliner supporters who might have been captured at the game and sign up probably will pass on the night.
  6. You could be onto something with Hassa Mann Supreme Demon. 3× VFL premiership: 1959, 1960, 1964 3× Keith 'Bluey' Truscott Medallist 1962, 1963, 1967 2× Melbourne leading goalkicker: 1967, 1968 Harold Ball Memorial Trophy: 1959 Melbourne captain: 1965–68 Melbourne Team of the Century–Half-forward Melbourne Hall of Fame Overall All-Australian: 1966 Australian Football Hall of Fame Succeeded RDB as Skipper. But Nathan would do me also.
  7. I was always hopeful the club would nominate Ron to unfurl the flag. So just get well and save up Ron for that unbelievable monent in the Club's history. Cannot think of anyone else even close to RDB for this Sunday, so Pert and Roffey need to weave their magic on this (they haven't let us down yet). SWooper maybe - premiership players and GF Dees coach that gave us back our self-belief and got Robbie Flower to the finals stage???
  8. Good comment on this I reckon. The Dee's culture, leadership and selflessness and standard-setting (read Trac running laps and training the week after the GF back in Melb) spells disaster for any new comer not ready and willing to buy-in and conform immediately. I trust Jason taylor to have done the intelligence on Dunstan.
  9. He had ONE job to do well. Canberra would suit him.
  10. The ticket email has the link at the end of the email for each individual ticket which can be donloaded and printed and/or saved as an email on a phone.
  11. Had the same problem with time out due to entering 6 ticket and mobile details, but did get in 2nd time and tickets email came almost immediately.
  12. I agree with you on bt. But sticking up for him I think it was 17 minutes chronologically and 10 minutes of actual game time in play. But sidekick JB's call of bang bang bang now surpasses "Barry you star" by Quarters and "I see it but i don't believe it" by huddo. Now 2nd only to the immortal "Jezza you beauty " by you know who.
  13. Great post on the Langdon v Smith issue. How many times did we say during a game this year "who's playing on Langers???". Apparently nobody often.
  14. Big call and looking forward to watching development . Thanks. Brayshaw Langdon....Howes?
  15. It seems based on the Ticketek map the entire northern and western stands. 50 K capacity. It will have a home game atmosphere I'm tipping. With the outcome already known. And everyone will be in their seats to watch the magical 17 minutes (to quote BT)
  16. Same here. The Dogs achilles heel going forward too. Doggies friends said Easton Wood was done at the end of 2018. Not many team, Dogs especially , can boast a premiership-standard defence when the game is won traditionally. Daniels ins't a defender, and can be taken advantage of. ...etc. May, Lever, Salem, Petty, Bowey, Hunt, Hibberd, Rivers. No wonder teams average 65 points against the Dees in 2021..
  17. It seems the entire northern stand and western are included, so stage facing north. And many will be in the shade . Tickets being sold for Level 4, Q52 around to Q34 . All Level 1 sold out already. This will be bigger than ben hur IMO.
  18. Nothing on the club or the MCC site yet. But is listed on Ticketek Site ready to go and for both Public and MCC Reserve it says bookings open at 2.00pm Wednesday 24th.
  19. There's another thread on here about favourite goals. This one from Bailey was mine. From this goal on I thought we would win. In the blink of an eye the dogs lost their 19 point lead. All the boys did the rest.
  20. Pert's been really clear on this. Its a replica , sort of, the best they can, of the GF day, and presentations etc at the end. For all of us who couldn't be there. Carnivals are for Moomba. This is way too serious. Well done MFC and MCC
  21. With a brilliant old-fashioned haircut too (al la Norm Smith)
  22. This is the Doggies achilles heel. If theybelieve they 'nearly could have' won it. Lucky to beat the Lions, and key players exposed in GF (Liberatore, McCrae - for ability to hurt)- , Naughton, Johannasen )- critical errors) - , rucks, Bontempelli's inability on field to gather the troops and strategise for Petracca and jackson (not awake to the 3rd 1/4 moments), and earlier games by Dees strategy. Copied by other teams near the end. Still can be seond best team in 2022 though.
  23. Agreed - I think. My reading of the DHHS instructions effective from 11.59 yesterday below is that crowd limits ceased last night at any event. Over 30,000 for outdoors ( that's us) just need a CovidSafe plan(also us). Double-vaxed only presumably. ".....All indoor and outdoor events with fewer than 30,000 fully vaccinated attendees can go ahead without restrictions, while outdoor events with more than 30,000 people attending have to publish a COVIDSafe plan...."
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