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  1. It means for example his kick into Fritta in the final 1/4 of the GF. Got the ball from Trac outside 50 then nicely honoured Bailey's well-timed lead at about 30 meters from goal. Game then over.
  2. Great post on Spargo. His teammates have said he's the club's best kick inside 50m, but its his eleite decision-making I like before he executes and in split second time. Never makes a wrong call. The delivers the pass accordingly.
  3. Good pick up Garbo. There were a couple of outliers I missed but odds of change still a few chances out of 240 in that time. Its like the AA team. We all have players who should be selcted, but then the question is who do you then drop. I reckon the 8 now has the best 8 teams in it. Like for Ed Langdon, - should have been AA last year for sure, but who goes out? If the AA team was picked on position, which it isn't, then Ed's a certainty this year.
  4. Sorry to be pedantic but in 1994 the Top 8 started. west coast, Blues, North, cats, dogs, hawks, DEES and pies in that order, then started off with 4 Qualifying finals. Unless the AFL Tables site is wrong of course.
  5. My gf quote tied in with my original assertion on the final 8 system which commenced 1994. Hard to have a final 8 with only 12 teams. So my broad comment was wrong and should have noted the 4 cases since 94.. Or noted 86% of the period saw gf losers not make it next season. Still reckon the 8 is set. But lets see in round 24. And again the tiges progress will be fascinating. Nice work back to the 19th century though Katrina.
  6. Good call but I am looking at the modern afl era from 1992
  7. Great example. 1 out of 240 chances over 30 years. The premise still stands with the odd outlier.
  8. 30 years of history says otherwise but there’s a firsy time for everything I guess
  9. Fair points and I reckon the tigers meetings against Top 4 rivals will be the most fascinating aspect of the run home. I much prefer them as a club to the Cats so hope they at least keep them in lower end of the 8
  10. Agreed with your Top 3 view. But I reckon the Tiges comments are based on when they were scary-good from 2017. Understandable too. Dees, Lions and Freo have so much class now all 3 of us can take care of any team. Tiges will give it a crack but we have the 'Hibberd' solution for Dusty, and I'm sure Lions and Dockers do too. If the Cat's don't now see the slide is on, they never will. A random meeting with a mad cats supporter this week at Catland repeated other fans calls for the umpteenth time, Scott should finish up.
  11. Over the last 30 years, the Final 8 is settled by Round 9 and only the order of the 8 changes. Thus we can say now the Pies, Power, Dogs and Hawks have missed out. And the average annual movement in and out of the 8 is 2.8 teams, rounded up to 3. So this year is an outlier with 4 new teams from last year. My argument there is that in 2021, the Dons were a false dawn and should not have made the 8, so they don't count this year as a failed finalist, and the Tiges are back where they belong talent-wise anway. Great to see Freo make it.. And the Dogs slip up. But again, never has a losing GF team made the GF the following year. In other words when the Dees beat you, you stay beaten.
  12. Final 8 now set. Historically after Round 9 it doesn't change, just the order of the top 8. Thus pies and Dogs are missing the finals this season.
  13. Not Necessarily true about support. I understood it was Freo people backing us, including their cheer squad. Optus is called Boo stadium for a reason and no sympathy here for any Eagles types.
  14. Tim Gossage is a cheer leader for Eagles. Nothing more, nothing less. Move on.
  15. Can we just go back to back first Goody? I can beg if I have too. (I share your sentiments though on OOOZE.)
  16. If true it smacks of bigger issues. They need better list management for a start. A super coach can't fix those issues. But AFL will go with a big name for pure marketing reasons . My fear is that after reading the list of possible candidates in todays Age, and excluding Clarkson who ruled himself out last night (IMO) unless he speaks with forked tounge, that Adem Yze would be best choice from that list , huge CV with us, years under Clarkson, etc. He must stay with us. If not good luck to him though. he deserves a spot as a senior coach.
  17. Normally I would agree. But GWS is an AFL - owned franchise and not a traditional team in the historic sense. AFL can't risk the next coach as a newbie, no matterhow good they are. And Yze is good alright. Must be a big name for marketing etc. Theyr'e not the Swans and never will be with ingrained history and culture. Clarkson or bust IMO
  18. You missed the classic Ross Lyon in last year's GF preview. " I think the Dogs will win and Goodwin coaching from the bench will cost them..." Yesterday's man IMO.
  19. An excellent question Werridee. Yesterday at the game everyone around me at half time were blown away by the sheer class of the Dees (and conversely about about how over-rated are the Saints). It was beauty to behold. Then came a lacksadaisical 3rd quarter on the back of some good Saints planning, leaving us to rue the final % increase of 3% which could have been 6% had we continued on. So next week especailly will be fascinating. But as an aside, kudos to ANB and Pickett coming in and showing that forward half pressure in spades the Dees really missed last week.
  20. Is tunnelling reportable? It should shouldn't it zak.?
  21. yes I am, and yes it does. In a package of the games highlights our grandchildren will watch in 2052, THAT shepherd will be one of them. Tom's a great in that context.
  22. TMac did the greatest shepherd at the most important time in the clubs history, Letting through Tom Sparrows killer goal in the 3rd 1/4. by pushing aside, and not infringing, against Josh Dunkley (I think but may be No. 12) THAT made him an all time great.
  23. From memory it was someone with Olympic background . So not pro. I know your query was probably a joke one but sensible in a way the more i think about it. Anyway its a great memory sort of.
  24. I agree if only to be fair to potential replacements. Just do the exact opposite of the pies process. And it's goodys call.
  25. I attended the club agm in 1979 when Jones was appointed and he was introduced and spoke to the meeting. His key take away I got was he was introducing a wrestling asst coach to train the players on how to wrestle and thus improve them as footballers. It seemed laughable at the time. Sad now though. No idea why I've remembe6ted this experience. Also sad. Lasted 1 year.
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