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  1. None taken and just passing on what a serious Pies fan thinks.
  2. checked it out personally. Heavy duty chain and padlock Presumably they would simply open all turnstiles to allow exit in an emergency
  3. My Pies tragic mate tells me at the GF that he wants De Goey out and will be shattered if Grundy leaves. He says Dees will be the clear winners if we get Grundy. Superior tap ruckman to max and far better below his knees. he says he's really a giant on-baller.. And would be a huge point of differenec for the Dees, and Max gets needed help. And allows Max around the ground which he excells at, Just saying from a Pies fan who knows his team well.
  4. No. At Gate 2 The only turnstile to leave without scanning, which is open around 3/4 time each game, was padlocked closed on Saturday. With security only allowing staff in and out withour scanning.
  5. Not necessarily. The only way to leave the members is to scan your card to get out . Will the MCC be smart enough to do a search of those who took leave passes and check timing of the scan. ? Maybe? The system will have that info. I spent the 3rd 1/4 not watching the game and came back to my seat and the area was only half full. Plenty had left by that time, me too just after start of last. Very limited atmosphere for a GF IMO.
  6. Much admired young Jack Henry yesterday before the bounce Buddy was hugely aggressive towards him - push and shove etc. Henry simply absorbed the aggression and re-took his post next to Buddy each time he was pushed away.. Never engaged emotionally. Take Note Steven May. Then went on to comprehensively beat him in any contests. Buddy's been shown up by May and no longer has the tricks, based on the GF and our final. Farewell year for him in 2023, but IMO another example of a true champ going too long. I wonder whether these types find it difficult to imagine life without elite sport and thus push that final boundary.?
  7. No they won't. Bloods culture? You're kidding. First time I've left a gf at 3 quarter time. Franklin passed it May unlocked the secret. Dees will be better next year and at least provide a contest.
  8. Youv'e convinced me. Goody said on 360 this week, they've thought about it a lot and think they can make it work. Max is superb around the ground. You could be onto something, and he's a super athlete tank-wise. maybe we are inventing something unseen for 2023 rather than slavishly following what the next Premiers will be doing on Saturday. Interesting for sure.
  9. And elite foot skills which is one reason taylor liked him as a selection. (Taylor says he has elite decision making skills also - as you say)
  10. Good points, I'd forgotten that history. His main mistake was going after people who signed a Board Document (media release), meaning they can have the club defend them. I don't understand this tactic, but presumably the Baord has rung up their insurers and asked them to "... take care of this for us will you.?..... ......We'll get on with planning for a 2023 flag.'..''
  11. Yu don't get to run Clayton Utz if your'e a dud. BUT he may well be mixing emotion with lagal process (which I would find surprising but may be the case here), and that's the golden rule what not to do, whether client or legal rep. and this may be his weakness. Easier said than done of course. But he should know better.
  12. Exactly. It wasn't a review, its was a truth-telling exercise by the club to seek the experiences of other indigenous players following Cyril's expose of his club departure and what was behind that.They provided those insights back to the club. Now a reveiw on the issues is needed and has been initiated. Everyone gets their say but the players and families involved in Egan's process had every right to tell their story to Egan's team. As usual in Australia, its up to the ABC to expose appalling behaviour coz no-one else does. If we don't believe this was 'sat on' hoping it goes away or becomes public after the GF then we're naive in the extreme.
  13. Exactly.my concern here. Cue: mr and mrs Hird. They and maybe Tanya just didn't know when to quit.
  14. It depends on the statement of claim and if the directors are named in their capacity as board members then the club likely has legal insurance to mitigate legal defence costs. If its personal they have a problem but as it relates to a board press release they should be protected. My concern is the ongoing media fixation with a trial and the subtext they will run that will be a distraction to onfoield efforts true or not.
  15. My concern is that Bartlett is a former Managing Partner of Clayton Utz, one of Australia's major law firms . He will know what he's doing in this space. I hope I'm wrong.
  16. Based on the game style now of Swans, Cats and Pies, I think the 2021 approach by Goodwin has now passed its use by date. I just hope he is evolving strategy - wise and not looking to recruit to replicate last year. It won't fly any longer and we'll end up 8th to 5th again IMO.
  17. Doesn't spread hi stax once your in the big numbers. Once over max threshold of $180K its 45 cents in the dollar above 180K. So 500 or 700, if the toal 3 year amount is $2.0M or so , same tax will be paid over the 3 years.
  18. Hopefully Pert and Lamb realise we hold all the cards in this deal and strike an outcome accordingly. No favours to be done under any circumstances.
  19. AGreed for sure. The team AND the coaching panel need constant refresh to avoid slump with this list of talent and Yze leaving is great for him (and maybe his return to the Dees later) but opens up coachhing panel shake up opportunities. He and Williams would leave with best wishes. Caracella can sign on any time he likes.
  20. Sir Swampthings grasp of maths for analytical reasons is less than useful (IMO) and he should have quoted the MEDIAN. I have done the calcs, and it points an even worse picture for the cats age group. And thus puts to bed the lie of being aged and thus poorer for it. The MEDIAN age of last nights Cats team is 29 years 150 Days. (he quotes the av as 28 years 173 days - that may be so but is meaningless anyway) So this tells us the Cats have HALF their team 30 years or older. Huge effort by an' ageing ' list. By comparison, the Dees median for the team that played last week is 26 years 255 Days. So only half our team is over 26 plus years. We have 3 years on them thus our list can retain its shape for longer now. Hence why the cats have 10 new palyers in from last years PF and are actively recruiting to fill retirement gaps coming up. And in addition, the team I really rate as our main threat in 2023 to the next flag, the Swans, have a Median age of 25 years 0 days. or 1 and 3/4 years younger than us. And if you take out Buddy that median drops by a whole 1 year. Thus Half their best 22 are 24 and under. Scary.
  21. Thanks for this, but like you I don't know what an Average Median is either. (and I have a maths degree). I think I might look into this for the Dees and see what our answer is.
  22. Getting more than zero disposlas in an easy junk time last quarter would be a start for Zorko to improve. BT and the team were calling out at 3/4 time for someone in Lions side to stand up leadership-wise and say " ..come with me..." Like Selwood, Viney, Pendles, Bont, Cotchin etc...." Guess that ain't you Dayne.
  23. Not so sure. I think the median will show that the cats aren't much different in that profile than many other teams. Median is diffeerent to mean/average. It takes account of outliers and makes more sense across a data set of 22 players.
  24. Spot on Lucifer. take out outliers that other teams don't have also and they'll be nothing like a 'dads Army'.
  25. Sir swampthong needs to learn something about statistics. More enlightening would be the MEDIAN age of teams. Cats with 3 outliers in Hawk, Selwood and Danger screw this data. Does anybody have this info?
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