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  1. You've called it early, but 5 goals to one in Q 2 spells aalrm for Pies and thanks for coming boys. Go Lions. (or anyone but Pies really.)
  2. Just logged on and saw about Mc Carthy and Murphy. No probs Lincoln - it was a football act.
  3. Why not? Lions have beaten Pies last 6 times apparently. Will hold no fears for them and the Pies have come in to the finals in average form and losses. Don't ne sucked in by the Melbourne hype surrounding Pies.
  4. He can run really fast and catch and kick a ball a long way. Apart from that he's a sniper who hits players exposed with not much going on upstairs I suspect.
  5. Look at is this way as I am. What's worse than missing a GF.? Playing in a losing GF. Maynard will get his karma on Saturday.
  6. yes and the best part of the viewing was seeing the Dees table with Max, Trac and Clarry all sitting side by side at the table, max smirking , looking like they were enjoying themselves in the spotlight. Their partners i suspect were perched on the other side of the table. I thought how lucky we are to watch this generational team? Viney as well, with Lever. Now for 2024 boys.
  7. Excellent post. The issue is fuelled when we read about pile ons from the likes of click bait cornes and get sucked into his hyperbole. We are a story he loves which enables him to ignore Port power winning 13 straight. A record and Kenny gets re signed. Then out ingloriously without firing a shot. And they still have cornes favourite doctor etc... No comments. We are fixable . Just need to get it done.
  8. Cancelled Kayo and have tuned out. (except for today) . Will look forward to off season changes and Petty with a full 2024 then we can go again. But the media sucks IMO dominated by shallow thinking and insights generally and this feeling was cemented in with the Maynard and hands-off-the-Pies approach by all and sundry. Of course Martin gets downgraded to a week.....etc. Over and Out till last week of March.
  9. For sure. Where's the pile on for the cats missing finals. Hinkleys failure. Again. Bevos performance and list management. The Dee's are just popular targets by lazy media or blind eye experts. Yes that's you Cornes.
  10. Tell us something we don't know for once guys. Your meant to be experts. Not just telling us the bleeding obvious. Poor jacks final poor kick gave blues their final opportunity. Good kick and we win. Still I love him and he carried that midfield
  11. Actions speak louder than words. Ask the great Adam Goodes and former pies indigenous players.
  12. That restaurant is on the corner of Robinson Rd and Riverdsale in Hawthorn. Just near my place. I'm banning them now. Allowing riff raff into the suburb. But isn't Ed all class. The moron is always just under the surface
  13. If we win tonight I'm calling this as the best whole of club effort since the grand final in 21 Bar None. Either this team will give its all
  14. Is hibbo being saved for next week as the best chance against Charlie Cameron.? Bold move but goody may believe is worth the risk to keep him intact. Let the boys take care of the blues while he's kept healthy.
  15. Ive avoided all AFL related stuff since the Maynard scandal. But now back this thread and this post above caight my eye. And steady on ElD. I relying on Toby to take out Maynard in their prelim in 2 weeks. And my Comment on the case, when i was confident of a conviction. It just reinforces the concept of the most money and the better legal team usually win. AFL case missed all the key aspects. Deliberate? Who knows. A useless player panel tribunal also helps.
  16. Im feeling a bit sorry for Robbo actually. Someone else here posted today maybe he's not well. His recent car crash, he rang his brother in Bendigo to come down and help him. With his earleier ilness last year and again recently he commented he needed to get marries so he could have someone who could drive him to hosptial. He had to drive himself. Thats not what marriage is about Robbo, and deos he not have any close firends or relations to call on. It looks a bit sad from my aspect.
  17. He was screwed by his own club. Pressures on him to confirm under the Hird regime would have been immense on such a young man. I didn't mean he shouldn't have lost the Brownlow. It was the corrrect decison, just that he was let down by people who should have cared for him was shocking.
  18. Dear All, see below lifted from ther AFL doc covering Tribunal Guidelines. ) HEAD-HIGH CONTACT: Whereas previously “strong consideration” was required to be given to the potential to cause injury, the potential to cause injury must now be factored into the determination of Impact for Head-High Contact. Additionally, any Careless or Intentional Forceful Front-On Contact or Rough Conduct (High Bumps) where High Contact has been made and that has the potential to cause injury will usually be classified at a minimum as Medium Impact. And another poster said these don't refer to Careless. They Do. Intentional or Careless. .See table 3.1 (B) where its referred to. Maynard gets off in some other universe but not this one. And a nice touch for the 2022 editin has a big picture of Trac on the front cover from the 2021 GF The Guidelines are interesting reading BTW if your into that sort of thing.
  19. Absolutely. Jobe handled himself with class all the way and was screwed as we all know. Huge sympathy for him. Brownlow Medallist (*) Cripps? Meh!
  20. Look at Robbo as the clown he is Daisy. And I mean that in the true sense of the word. His job for NewsCorp is to sell papers. Nothing more, nothing less. So,................ That involves being controversial Toeing the AFL party line mostlty Not Upsetting major teams with dubious culture and leadership quality and their readership in Pies, Blues, etc. (Dees, now Bombers and Tiges not in this camp given their CEO/Board standards). Its not mandatory to engage the brain before the mouth. Be entertaining to neutral Sun readers. "Its about paper sales and clickbait stupid." Murdoch understands this issue perfectly - Cue the Fox News strategy and court cases in the US last year. Go Dees for Friday.
  21. So logically Sue 30,000 plus savvy media and ex-players are NOT in denial. That's sound good to me.
  22. Robbo was caught out not being aware of the on-field report and seemed to have trouble processing the information as it was detrimental to his pre-conceived position of no suspension. It was funny to watch actually. Poor Robbo.
  23. Cripps' Brownlow for me will always have an asterisk against it, but he got off on legal technicality surrounding incorrect charges. Not evidence, medical reports etc. 90,000 saw the shoulder drop and Angus off on the cart.
  24. At least I'm in good company now. Dermie should know. But your post summarises Whateleys view. Robbo asks what else could he have done. Whateleys response to robbo. "Anything but what he did". 3 weeks minimum. Take him down Constable
  25. My thoughts exactly and why I cannot for the life of me understand why most on here think Maynard gets off. An earlier poster didn't trust the afl re the hawks race scandal cover up. But imo has anyone seen a more public and debated violent act on the field with 90,000 witnesses. All with an opinion. No covering this up. Laura Kane gets this I suspect and Maynard's going down. Everyone apart from media sycophants and the nuff nuff army will agree.
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