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  1. But the Dees had days to mentally prepared to be on the road. Suns did not. 6 wins at 81%. 3 of those wins by 1 May. The other 3 over next 14 weeks. What's not poor about that?
  2. You miss the point about lead up environment to the final decison to switch states. many in the team may not have known what time of day it was and it showed. If they were so good as you say in reality, they would not have capitulated after 25 minutes of pressure from a team playing mediocre up to that stage. 98 point win in a national comp tells us something of their mindset.
  3. I thought so too. There was a patch in 3rd 1/4 I think where Jack was doing what he does best. tackiling , and then with the ball took the first options with low direct passes forward less than 30m to a teammate in a better position. he keeps doing that he's a lock to compliment our A-Graders
  4. I worry if the match Cttee sees the win as huge and makes decisions accordingly without addressing improvements still needed before finals. We played a poor team that got a few hours notice to pack up, fly to Melb., sleep in a hotel bed and front up at lunchtime for gawd's sake at a ground they may have never played at. (for some of their team) They should have lost by 10 goals at least given that pre-game senario. It still doesnt address the fact that Harmes plays outside his limitations and something needs to happen.
  5. Agreed on this. Bringing in Bowey improved the skill sets of the team kicking wise. As would Melksham. Worth a short term try, especially given his 2018 heroics at Optus. I would also look at Nathan Jones. He can also hit a target and kick goals. Harmes is now bottom 6 in the 22 squad and they one measure of success. Often the team with better bottom 6 win. Harmes out and anyone else can only imporve this.
  6. Clickbait! gee they have this down to a fine art.
  7. Its a quote from leigh Mattehws during his time coaching the Lions.. re: the statistic in question. I don't know if its factual, but I suspect Matthews does.
  8. Goal kicking accuracy single most important skill and statistic. We're poor and it will cost us a final. Its already cost us double chance possibly.
  9. 6 goals 12 behinds in after half time. They better not be pleased with that match losing effort accuracy wise with finals coming up and still not fixed.
  10. I can't watch the game. Can someone give a first up opinion on young Bowey so far. Thanks in anticipation
  11. I saw some of the Blues scores last night between ads on Ch7 Olympics coverage. Was it 14 gls 2 behinds at one stage? I saw that with dismay at would could have been the back end of our season if we had done that only once or twice.
  12. Nailed the key issue Wrecker McGuire failed dismally at succession plannng - he didn't have one, and yet its a most important role of the leader/Chair. Kennett equally negligent is this important apsect. Ego can be such an anchor to good performance and legacy. It gets you every time Kevin Sheedy is another that springs to mind. Leaving the Bomber in less than worthy circumstnaces that befitted a coach of his record. Mainly his doing though, forcing the Board to act.
  13. AGreed. Smart person with top management. Why wouldn't he not leave any cash on the table after his treatment. Or its just good business sense, given he'll only ever be unemployed if he chooses to be.
  14. Sam Micthell - welcome to the fine tradition of recently retired star players/Favourite sons turning to coaching on little experience - ultimately failing. The Voss/Hird/Buckley/Blight(first time)/F.Bourke club. Given the proud Hawks history, and foundations laid by John Kennedy, then Parkin and Jeans, I would have thought this scenario would have occurred anywhere else, but not the Hawks. It takes real genius to stuff up than pattern - kudos Jeff.
  15. Q. What does Jeff Kennett and Dr. Don Duffy have in common? A. They presided over Boards that sacked the greatest coach of each respective era. Both a triumph of ego over sound management. Hoping Clarkson got his full entitlements and left no $$'s on the table. Jeff can get a few more pokies to make up the shortfall. After all, that club propsers more than any by a mile on the backs of problem gamblers.
  16. First prize for this week's best understatement.
  17. Its in the Fixture page details fro Round 22
  18. And also on the afl website. All good everyone
  19. The Top 8 at the end of Round 10 is the same as it is now, with 4 teams in the same position, and the other 4 only 1 spot away between then and now. This has been a common pattern, and despite all the to-ing and fro-ing of the last few possies this season, currently remains true again for 2021. So lets assume finally that after Round 23 even the positons are the same, has the Dees finishing 2nd. behindsDogs, and ahead of Cats. Fanciful maybe, but its what I'm now going with this week.
  20. Well said dd. Quality ball use and goal sense and kicking is the number 1 fix needed. Its killing us more than anything else. The only quick fix with 4 games left is now melksham and jones in now . Settle the team and hope for the best.
  21. Correct. They took down that initial time and its now TBC
  22. Not the worst idea. Keeping bbb also mandatory. He clunked a couple and kicked a long angled goal. The only one currently with that ability. More games he will improve.
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