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  1. GWS - have been away from home for months, enormous game against swans Geelong - old AF Whoever we do play should be rooted by the time we get to them. Give me the cats, because [censored] them!
  2. Port taking kick-ins have a player standing directly next to our player on the mark. No effin way is that actually allowed?
  3. All things considered, we’ve had a pretty bloody good start to the year. Let’s just chill out a bit, forget about today, enjoy the week off and then go out and win a flag. Woo go dees.
  4. I feel like all I’ve heard the past 30 years is “Buckley Buckley Buckley!” we lost the game of footy, but today was a win for footy.
  5. Whoah easy there big fella! My assumption was that a violent incident occurred and Richmond are choosing to justify it and not hand out any sanctions. I say their culture is trash because over the last couple of years there has been a number of incidents that that club has been involved with. A lot more than any other club. And because it's Richmond, they are trash. Always have been, always will be.
  6. So... You're allowed to throw a few punches if a girlfriends being harrassed? What happens if the bloke who wears the punches ends up in an ICU? Regardless of their success, richmond are trash. Their culture is trash.
  7. I currently have every bit of faith in Burgess and co to appropriately manage each individual's workload throughout the season. David King suggests we need to start looking at resting players based on what information? He hasn't any access to players GPS data, medical reports, anything at all. Trust the club to make good decisions and not get spooked by this d-bag.
  8. Personally I thought Petty has a looked a little shaky in both games he has played this year. Which is fair enough, players need time to settle in and find that confidence. Mitch Brown, i dunno... He is a bit of journeyman and has that experience under his belt. Has spent time down in the backline at points throughout his career and whilst he doesn't do anything spectacularly well, I think he has a solid footy IQ that'd compliment guys like Lever and May. Happy enough to see them persist with Petty, I think he obviously has far more upside going forward. I just figured Brown to be an interesting left-of-field alternative
  9. It ain't gonna happen, but how would we feel about Mitch Brown replacing Petty down back?
  10. Surprised not to see more love for May. Won some big 1on1 contests out there tonight
  11. Aknowledges that the sides been going really well and all he's gunna try and do is "fit in to the structures". We got a seasoned, 60+ goal a year key forward just casually and calmy entering the line up. Goddamn, we really are flying right now.
  12. Completely agree with ya. I miss the momentum the thursday night announcements created. Makes for good water-cooler conversation on the friday.
  13. Ok so maybe he doesnt play tomorrow night, but he'll be back!
  14. Love the positivity... We've seen this guy play some pretty big roles in some pretty big games over the years. He is a man now. He plays tomorrow night and he plays well.
  15. I dunno... When you actually stop and think about it, "wet toast" is genius.
  16. No that trust got broke a long time ago. Only one way to repair it.
  17. That sounds like a lot of hard work, just move to Victoria instead?
  18. Pretty sure we're currently leading the comp for tackles inside50, so i would love to see Bedford given a good run at it in the seniors. Take that forward pressure to yet another level
  19. Side note - has anyone else really enjoyed seeing north melbourne suck this year?
  20. Bevo certainly didnt exude any confidence in him getting up for this weekend at his presser yesterday. But he could be playing mind games...
  21. Exactly this. We underestimated the pies that day in 2017, cannot do it again today.
  22. Gawn out is a blessing in disguise. 1. Felt like our ball movement out of defence had grown stale and predictable. Don't know what to do with the footy? Just bang it long down the line to Max in a 5on1!! No Gawn forces us into adopting a more creative approach. Lower the eyes. Switch the play. All that good stuff. 2. The Bris/Port games - we got found out a bit at the stoppages. Your ruckman dominating the hit outs doesnt guarantee you the clearances. Mids now have to be switched on - equally prepared to both defend and attack. "Switched on" is definately the way I like my midfields. 3. Gawn gets a spell. If we're getting serious about this year, we need him fit and healthy when things start to get... serious. 4. Who doesn't wanna see Preuss step up and be a legend? Grundy has to be sore and tired. Hurt him. Emotionally and physically. Thinking positive thoughts now because 5 minutes into the 1st quarter, the sky could be falling and I could well be screaming for Goodwins head! But nah seriously, relax. We got this.
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