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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Blease and Tappy are on and getting possies atm.. Hoges is stuffed!
  2. Cheers KC.. no worries. Footscray 4.8 that quarter to casey 0.0 - Our 1st inside 50 came on the siren to end the quarter! Tappy down too.. limping heavily. Scorps about 5 gls down.
  3. Any stats and/or thoughts about the 1st half KC? (BTW - cheers for all your and e,ones efforts again this year too!)
  4. For those that think they know everything, maybe Stef would still on our list, and indeed in the state - IF he hadn't 'taken' to his girlfriend the SECOND time.. (and yes, 'taken' to his missus means exactly what u think it means)
  5. Cheers for this, youre one of the good ones, dee-luded
  6. http://www.foxsportspulse.com/club_info.cgi?client=0-3020-111722-0-0&sID=77120&&news_task=DETAIL&articleID=29212438
  7. Anyone listening to his 3/4 time address to his players on the radio would realise he is not a coaches assh :ole.. wouldnt inspire a boy in a brothel.
  8. Nash/ i disagree with the medium impact bs.. it was a fairy tap. chapman efforts last week were worthy of 3 matches, delideo 1 and dawes none.. imo.
  9. WTF? A couple of good wins and we get content and toothless? Delideo punched a guy in the face, after a goal had been scored and got off.. and Dawes' forearm push was half that. We have to appeal this, its only worth a reprimand..
  10. Heard roos twice say (and fairly recently) that in fact he dropped a full 10kgs!.. 6 is probably bad enough anyway.. I see your point and personally i feel a bit the opposite.. in the sense that i feel a higher pick should be more ready / more likely to play, if anything. Was gonna reply about JKH, but i cant 'quote / multi quote' anymore.. JKH is a bit of a freak. right from the word go roos was impressed with his afl-like standards in time trials and in pre season and flagged fairly early from memory, that his habits and work ethic were of an afl standard.. so with JKH i think we just got lucky. In saying that, he'll start to burn out and be due for a rest soon like a lot of 1st year players anyway, IMO..
  11. NO. Ffs, let him develop naturally in the twos.. He dropped 10 kgs preseason and has only just got that back.. Happy for he and Hoges to knuckle down for a few months and then crack it for a chance in the last few rounds - we wont need them til next year anyway. ..looking forward to seeing Riley at some stage soon, tho.
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