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  1. That's the question I'm asking. We used to train there. It was our home ground. I am asking the question, why are we not allowed to do this by the AFL? What is the actual reason? Is it because of potential damage to the ground for the weekend? Is it because of supposed advantage? I am not sure as to why it is not a viable option. It is our home ground.
  2. Why can't the MCG be our training base? We are affiliated with the MCC. The club is born out of the MCC. The grounds are in pristine condition these days and would not be affected by the training. I know other clubs have the the MCG as their home, but they were not born out of the MCG.
  3. I think it is obvious the coaches are trying to develop a more attacking game style which involves an attacking, line breaking defence. In the 1st 3 rounds we have already seen the 2 most experienced but primarily negating backmen in Dunn and Garland overlooked for potentially more attacking backmen in Oscar McDonald, Wagner, and have also used Bernie Vince, and at times Nathan Jones across half-back. I'm not saying O McDonald and Wagner at this stage of their careers are better or more attacking than Dunn and Garland but I think the coaches are experimenting to try and teach and coach them to
  4. Been to both Richmond Club and London Tavern as usually coming from South East but coming from South Melbourne this weekend thought I'd try a new approach And yes Jumping Jack I thought the title might cause a bit of confusion around Spalding.
  5. I see The Duke (the old Duke of Wellington) is a sponsor of some sort of MFC. I was just wondering if many Melbourne supporters get down there before or after games - or intend to. Was thinking of heading there myself for a pregame beer or two but just curious if there is any sort of MFC presence there.
  6. This was a strange article and although I understand and agree with the key message about it being hard for some of the indigenous boys to move to the city it was weird to focus on Scotty Chisolm. I knew Scotty through mates of mine that went to school with him here in Melbourne and played footy with him. He then moved up with family to Darwin when he left school, played for St Mary's and the rest is history. I'm not sure why he would've found it too hard to adapt to Melbourne having spent a big chunk of his youth here and still keeping in contact with plenty of his mates around Sandown, Mulg
  7. The reason I have barracked for Melbourne for my 39 yrs is due to my mother being a once die-hard Melbourne supporter. I used to go every week with her up until I was 21 or so. After the way Ridley was treated and the fact that Gutnick actually became president her passion began to wane. The sacking mid season of Balme was the last straw and she has never supported the Dees since. She still loves her footy and watches all games on tv that she can but no longer has anymore passion for Melbourne than many other teams. She's a very stubborn person and I believe her decision is irreversible.
  8. I only mentioned those finals because they're games that people would remember. You ask any of your mates of opposition teams and when we've one big games against the likes of Collingwood etc. and they will all tell you Johnstone killed us. Look he's gone now and I accept that, and I also accept he wasn't the most consistant player and may not have reached the heights some hoped for him but I also believe people are forgetting that he was also a very good player for Melbourne and we may regret this decision over the next few years. I have faith in the club and the decisions they make (eg W
  9. Agree entirely Pantaloons!! I've heard so often Melbourne supporters complain about players not performing on the big stage when req'd. The player in the last 10 years that stands out for performing when it counts is TJ. We may have fell short in 2000GF, SF 2002 & 2004EF but from no fault of TJ.
  10. Am very pleased with this appointment. Connolly did wonders for Freo's profile in the West in his time there.
  11. Has there also been any announcement of Chris Connolly taking over the football operations job, as has been rumored. I know a lot of people on here didn't like the prospect of Cuddles coaching Melbourne but he did a fantastic job of promoting Freo over in the west and has helped build the club into a great financial position.
  12. I wasn't trying to be negative. I was simply pointing out that I think a big financial and promotional opportunity may go by the wayside. I am very proud of our 150 years and a very passionate supporter and also one that does get sick of reading many of the very negative attitudes on this forum. Sorry if I also came across that way.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but next year is our (Melbourne Football Clubs) 150th birthday not the AFL's. I know that MFC being around for 150 years also means that officially Aussie Rules Football would therefore also be 150 years old, but I have a distinct feeling that OUR birthday is going to be hijacked by the AFL by celebrating 150 years of football rather than that of the Melbourne Football Club. Don't want to sound like a whinger but this 150 year birthday of our club is a massive opportunity for promotion and media recognition of the club. This could therefore generate more income from s
  14. I noticed that too 'Deelusioned' regarding the references to 'our club'. Pure class. Lets hope the boys send The Rev out with a win. From a media perspective we're on a hiding to nothing tonight. If we lose we'll be accused of being passionless and disrespectful to Daniher, but if we win we'll be called mentally fragile and only turn it on when we feel like it etc.
  15. Last night on the Footy Show, Hutchy had a brief interview with Neil Daniher in the car park after training. This thread has nothing to do about whether Neil should or should not be coach but about Daniher the person. I was so proud of the way he talked so highly about our football club. He mentioned how great a club it was and of the priviledge of being there for ten years. He then went on to say how he hopes the supporters get behind the players and Mark Riley for the remainder of the season. Well Neil as a Melbourne supporter I am proud of the way you've handled yourself and of the way yo
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