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  1. What a shame. All the best to Beamer, was always one of my favourite Demons. Going for the Demons is getting harder and harder these days. First LJ and now Beamer..
  2. My favourite show ever
  3. Nowhere near as good as an 18 year old... In his sole game as an 18yo, he had 8 disposals, 5 marks, no goals. Turned 19 just before round 2, and duly put up 12 disposals, 7 marks, 4 goals. You're onto something. Seriously though, this Cameron kid is everything we wanted from Jack Watts when we first unveiled him that fateful QB Monday back in '09. Listed at 196cm and 87kg, which is roughly what Jack was playing at in his first year. Judging him just from the half-dozen or so GWS matches I've seen, I would be very surprised if he turns out to be anything short of 'special'. He certainly has 'i
  4. Why wasn't he in the middle of the song with Mitch and Magner? http://youtu.be/5qT8oygnjvQ
  5. Pity it looks like he'll be getting rubbed out for that high hip and shoulder.. Was shaping as a supercoach gem!
  6. I still remember playing my first game of footy as a kid. I was one of the tallest kids on the team and as such was going to be the ruckman. I was asked what number guernsey I wanted and without hesitation, I asked for #11. You were my first favourite player. Thank you for everything, Jimmy. Rest In Peace Big Jim. You were a true legend and champion. Gone, but never forgotten.
  7. Juice will dominate SANFL. If he plays every match, expect 80+ goals for your beloved Norwood.
  8. I believe it was something along the lines of "The MFC is a great club to start my career at..." May i ask why? Surely not because he's off the pace with his running/fitness, in his first full pre-season, in December? The Gys is a real talent who plays the game in a way the defies his build.
  9. I'm a fan of the mo. It's not that bad. Never really understood the angst towards it. I see far worse 'cool' ones regularly around the Carlton/Fitzroy/Collingwood/Brunswick area.
  10. My 2 cents: B: Grimes, Frawley, Garland HB: Bail, Martin, Rivers C: Jones, Moloney, Sylvia HF: Howe, Watts, Petterd F: Jurrah, Clark, Green FOL: Jamar, Trengove, Gysberts INT (from): McKenzie, Tapscott, Blease, Bate, Morton, Jetta, Bennell
  11. I may be in the minority here, but I love Dunn's mo. I'd be very disappointed if he got rid of it...
  12. I'd take him back. Foot skills like his don't grow on trees. Not sure he'll get picked up by anyone though.
  13. I remember that... I was watching that game with a mate and talking about how little I rated Zac Dawson, when he said he rated him on a par with Colin Garland (WTF?!) He's not even a Saints supporter so no bias there either... Then that happened. Oh sweet vindication.
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