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  1. Pedigree is good. Is the brother of Fitzroy, Richmond and St kilda star, commentator and Metrosexual Michael Roberts.
  2. Love these threads There is always the "he's a spud" crowd that offer little else. Walker at 22 has shown that he has some senior AFL qualities, given that he is a young KPF those qualities should grow. I like him , I think he will become more than a handy key forward wherever he finishes up.
  3. Free agency has been an absolute boon for us....as well as the Scully walk out. Undid some of the damage of our recent draft [censored] ups.
  4. http://demonland.com/forums/index.php?/topic/22816-josh-walker/?hl=%2Bjosh+%2Bwalker From when I was watching a bit of TAC
  5. Yes, was a fan when he was playing Tac. Was surprised he fell through to the rookie draft. Can take a grab, kicking is an issue but would back him to improve this with some continuity.
  6. I think a player like Michie who has no stand-out assets needs to get his hands on it a lot more to impact games and keep his spot.
  7. I'm all for incremental. It's the excremental stuff I'm worried about.
  8. We have no A graders. Longevity is the only thing stopping Jesse Hogan from being one.
  9. Players drafted during the Bailey era came to an unprofessional club with a largely unaccountable game plan. For most the damage was never able to be undone.
  10. I would be absolutely amazed to beat North at Etihad. It will take us having a great day, them having a crap day and some inspired coaching.
  11. One of the first blokes picked. We need his standards to rub off on to the young and talented brigade. Definitely next year, definitely to be courted post football for a position at the club.
  12. Dubious Development. Russell Robertson's new band?
  13. I'm just sad. This club has killed my love for the game.
  14. We have had our chances and blew them (mostly at the draft) because our club was managed poorly. Saints have had chances. Bulldogs have had chances. Look also at the so called "power" clubs who have failed to adjust to the times ie Carlton, Richmond. The equalisation measures are there, shrewd management is required to take advantage of them, ie Geelong, Swans.
  15. So the blokes doing the right thing are doing the wrong thing?
  16. Whilst using and possessing drugs remain against statute in theory, in application no one does a custodial sentence for them as offences on thier own anymore. There are drug diversion programs through the courts and cautions issued by police which are designed to get treatment and keep people out of the court system.
  17. If the Portuguese situation is similar to ours then the large amount of heroin available fifteen years ago could account for the spike in drug related deaths. Heroin is more likely to kill you. I would imagine it would be a similar looking graph here. I don't think decriminalisation of hard drugs is the answer but I think in this situation the question should be...why are these young men willing to take part in a stupid, dangerous and illegal activity?
  18. I think we will be fed the "full investigation" line whilst in reality all players will be told to stfu.The club, afl and players will close ranks on this and the official line will be that it will be dealt with under the Afl illicit drugs policy.
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