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  1. Can only go by what we see in highlight videos but really like what I see in both Windsor and Kolt. Both likely types who have the attributes to end up as permanent midfielders. Windsor likely to start further up the ground while Kolt likely to start forward. Great to see that both have genuine speed and can use the footy well. Some of those forward fifty entries from both of them were a sight for sore eyes. Plenty to work with and here’s hoping that both can be 200+ gamers for the MFC.
  2. I think our ideal situation outside of pick 1 (Reid) is landing GWS' pick 7 and selecting both Watson and Windsor if available with picks 6 and 7 likely to be picks 8 and 9 after academy bids. Something like the below. 1. Reid 2. Walter 3. McKercher 4. Curtin 5. Duursma 6. Sanders 7. Read 8. Watson 9. Windsor
  3. We're apparently keen on acquiring GWS' pick 7 so must be keen on a player who will be gone by our pick 11. Windsor at pick 6 very likely unless Watson is still available. Watson a chance of getting through if North select Curtin instead of Duursma. Doggies apparently are set on drafting Sanders even if Watson is still on the board.
  4. Apparently we are not interested in Curtin if available at pick 6.
  5. Outside of the academy picks it’s very possible that the 10 taken before our pick 11 are Reid, McKercher, Duursma, Watson, Curtin, Sanders, O’Sullivan, Caddy, Wilson and Windsor.
  6. ESPN Phantom just posted today have us taking Curtin and Windsor.
  7. All of those you mention are likely gone by our pick 11 (probably pick 13 after the academy bids). Assume that the O’Connor you’re referring to is actually O’Sullivan.
  8. Caddy and Leake taken for the Dees in the Herald Sun’s mock draft which they’ve just done. They had North picking McKercher and Curtin with the Dees overlooking Sanders at our first pick. Personally think it’s unlikely that North overlook Duursma and also unlikely that we would overlook Sanders if still there at our first pick. First round up to our picks were as follows; 1. Reid (WC) 2. Walter (GC) 3. McKercher (Nth) 4. Curtin (Nth) 5. Duursma (Haw) 6. Watson (WB) 7. Read (GC) 8. Caddy (Melb) 9. Sanders (GWS) 10. O’Sullivan (Geel) 11. Wilson (Ess) 12. Windsor (Ade) 13. Leake (Melb)
  9. I think there’s a decent chance Windsor is still there at pick 11 and yes, he may be higher than Tholstrup on our draft board. Multiple phantoms and whispers have O’Sullivan, Caddy, Leake and Wilson as the four players picked between our pick 6 and pick 11.
  10. Hearing that we’re right into Koltyn Tholstrup with this pick. Hard as nails mid/fwd from WA. There’s likely a few names ahead of him on the draft board but if they’re all taken then Koltyn could be our man. Could be a WA double with Curtin firming for us at pick 6.
  11. Hawthorn right into Curtin. Flew him over to Melbourne for an interview today per Cal Twomey. Likely we would end up with Sanders if Hawks opt for Curtin. Dogs would very likely snap up Watson.
  12. Sounds as though if Hawthorn don’t take Watson then the Bulldogs will. It’s becoming increasingly likely that we will take whichever one of Curtin or Sanders is available at our pick. Hawthorn: Watson or Curtin Bulldogs: Watson or Sanders Dees: Curtin or Sanders
  13. Gold Coast will match any bid that comes for him.
  14. Players we’re linked to with our first two picks according to the above; Dan Curtin (Key Defender/Midfielder) Ryley Sanders (Midfielder) Connor O’Sullivan (Key Defender) Nate Caddy (Medium Forward/Midfielder) James Leake (Medium Defender/Forward) Reid, McKercher, Duursma, Watson and the Academy picks expected to be snapped up prior to our first pick.
  15. Can’t access the article. Are we looking to add him as a rookie?
  16. Some long-time players of AFL Fantasy and/or SuperCoach will have strange feelings about this signing. The popular Billings was a massive thorn in the side for season 2018 for me and was on the ‘never again’ list for Fantasy after that. At his best, he is an exceptional player but he hasn’t been at his best for some time now. Hopefully the change of scenery is what he needs to get back to his best. Certainly fills a need with his delivery inside forward 50.
  17. He’s kicked a goal in 80% of the matches he’s played. He’s kicked multiple goals in 42% of the matches he’s played. He’s a good target inside 50 with four or more marks taken in 62% of the matches he’s played. He also applies defensive pressure in the forward 50 with three or more tackles laid in 60% of the matches he’s played. As a comparison, Pickett is at 61% for this stat. Won’t be a world beater but a fairly handy addition to the forward line and worth a future 2nd in my view.
  18. Dees by at least 60 points. Hore and Zanker to combine for at least 8 goals.
  19. Haynes is 31 years old and the game has gone past him. Anybody thinking it's a good idea to bring him across obviously haven't watched GWS closely in recent times. This talk of packaging him with pick 7 is La La Land stuff. Time to move on.
  20. The acquisition of pick 11 possibly part of nabbing Harley Reid. https://twitter.com/FootyRhino/status/1711960633204510748
  21. His partner is from VIC so it's a non-issue.
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