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  1. No, it does not mean that he is in. He is just on the extended bench and I can tell you he will not be in the final 23 for this round.
  2. Based on training it’s; JVR for Brown Tomlinson for Lever Langdon for ?
  3. OUT: Lever (inj), Brown IN: JVR, Langdon B: McVee, May, Howes HB: Rivers, McDonald, Bowey C: Langdon, Petracca, Windsor HF: ANB, Fritsch, McAdam F: Pickett, JVR, Chandler R: Gawn, Oliver, Viney I: Salem, Billings, Sparrow, Petty, Woewodin Petty can swing forward or back as required.
  4. These are the changes I’m anticipating. If one of the returning players isn’t starting sub then I think Billings is the most likely candidate.
  5. I don’t think McAdam playing has any relevance to whether Salem is in this week. If he’s fit, he plays. Probably at the expense of Woewodin.
  6. Bowey confirmed available for this Thursday so expect him to come straight back in.
  7. IN: Bowey, Hunter OUT: Laurie, Billings Woey sub.
  8. Always name our sub from the bench. Full game for Kolt 👍🏼
  9. I don’t think we’ve ever done that with a debutant. I hope it stays that way.
  10. Sounds as though both May and Chin are good to go. OUT: Hore (inj) IN: May Keep it simple and don't change up a winning formula.
  11. Shane McAdam. That is his name. Thank you.
  12. This is not correct. Tsatas was named on the wing but sub for the Bombers last round. Essendon have a tendency to play funny buggers though so no surprise they did that. Every other team has named the sub from the bench and I expect our sub to come from the bench again this round but just wanted to clarify it doesn’t necessarily have to.
  13. No changes. Give Petty at least one more week in the VFL.
  14. OUT: Bowey (inj), Schache, Laurie IN: Pickett, Fullarton, Woewodin (sub) Salem to half-back. Sparrow into the guts. Billings to show what he’s got in a full game.
  15. Fantastic news for Windsor, Howes and Billings. Let’s hope that Howes, Laurie and Chandler play out of their skin as one will very likely make way for Pickett the following week. (Salem to a HB flank if Howes were to miss). Hopefully Schache plays well too as Fullarton was preferred until his hammy setback and will be breathing down his neck.
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