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  1. Always name our sub from the bench. Full game for Kolt 👍🏼
  2. I don’t think we’ve ever done that with a debutant. I hope it stays that way.
  3. Sounds as though both May and Chin are good to go. OUT: Hore (inj) IN: May Keep it simple and don't change up a winning formula.
  4. Shane McAdam. That is his name. Thank you.
  5. This is not correct. Tsatas was named on the wing but sub for the Bombers last round. Essendon have a tendency to play funny buggers though so no surprise they did that. Every other team has named the sub from the bench and I expect our sub to come from the bench again this round but just wanted to clarify it doesn’t necessarily have to.
  6. No changes. Give Petty at least one more week in the VFL.
  7. OUT: Bowey (inj), Schache, Laurie IN: Pickett, Fullarton, Woewodin (sub) Salem to half-back. Sparrow into the guts. Billings to show what he’s got in a full game.
  8. Fantastic news for Windsor, Howes and Billings. Let’s hope that Howes, Laurie and Chandler play out of their skin as one will very likely make way for Pickett the following week. (Salem to a HB flank if Howes were to miss). Hopefully Schache plays well too as Fullarton was preferred until his hammy setback and will be breathing down his neck.
  9. So what do we think about Kynan Brown? Personally, I did not think he looked out of place at all. With another good showing against Carlton, do we think he’s a genuine opening round chance despite his very small frame?
  10. K Brown very impressive. Probably starts off in the VFL with such a slight frame though. (I think!)
  11. With Salem playing the last three ‘quarters’ only, is he in any doubt for opening round, as far as anybody here knows?
  12. Yes, the match against Richmond is not an intraclub though which I believe the original poster was referring to when they wrote ‘official’.
  13. Have it on good authority that Tom is tracking along really well and a chance of featuring in our practice match against Carlton on Wednesday February 28.
  14. Thanks for the report FF! Good to hear re: Billings. Was he in the A or B team for match sim?
  15. Thanks for the updates today. How did the boy wonder, Windsor, go today following his sublime performance in match sim last week?
  16. Thankfully when the recruiting team draft players, they aren’t just looking towards the following year where it’s likely the draftee will play a handful of games at AFL level if they’re lucky. He may start on the wing or even on a back or forward flank but I think in time he has the attributes of running through the midfield in mostly an outside role.
  17. Can only go by what we see in highlight videos but really like what I see in both Windsor and Kolt. Both likely types who have the attributes to end up as permanent midfielders. Windsor likely to start further up the ground while Kolt likely to start forward. Great to see that both have genuine speed and can use the footy well. Some of those forward fifty entries from both of them were a sight for sore eyes. Plenty to work with and here’s hoping that both can be 200+ gamers for the MFC.
  18. I think our ideal situation outside of pick 1 (Reid) is landing GWS' pick 7 and selecting both Watson and Windsor if available with picks 6 and 7 likely to be picks 8 and 9 after academy bids. Something like the below. 1. Reid 2. Walter 3. McKercher 4. Curtin 5. Duursma 6. Sanders 7. Read 8. Watson 9. Windsor
  19. We're apparently keen on acquiring GWS' pick 7 so must be keen on a player who will be gone by our pick 11. Windsor at pick 6 very likely unless Watson is still available. Watson a chance of getting through if North select Curtin instead of Duursma. Doggies apparently are set on drafting Sanders even if Watson is still on the board.
  20. Apparently we are not interested in Curtin if available at pick 6.
  21. Outside of the academy picks it’s very possible that the 10 taken before our pick 11 are Reid, McKercher, Duursma, Watson, Curtin, Sanders, O’Sullivan, Caddy, Wilson and Windsor.
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