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  1. A better question may be; are you a troll? I do wonder if Gump owns a fiddle though. Empires and all that.
  2. You're spot on, the Dill needs to have his eye lids pinned open and be placed in front of a massive screen playing Zulu on loop until he UNDERSTANDS!!!
  3. Hey, ease up, that's my real name and on behalf of any other Chris's on Demonland; I don't think he speaks for all of us.
  4. I spend waaay to much time looking at my teams anyway so why not. Count me in.
  5. That hurt, I think I resemble that. But I did shut up a couple of toothless wonders on QB last year. hope I can be forgiven.
  6. I don't know about that, Mrs Worship went to a meet and greet with him last year and he told her Clarrie was operating at about 30% of his potential at the time and a number of the other younger players were similarly placed. White apparently didn't continue to improve and certainly wasn't helped by injuries
  7. Out of the 2, I feel confident which one is more likely to put the fire in the belly and I already think the steely resolve is already evident when you see them train. The other thing I'm starting to see is "Team first" and a desire to help and support that I haven't seen before. Belief is a wonderful thing and I think after the R23 loss they went away and said "that's not us" as opposed to all and sundry who continue to doubt. That #log Robbo is a great case in point " I can't trust them" he says. Who cares, they only need to trust and support each other and it's these aspects I'm seeing more and more of.
  8. Stop that, some of them would like that and then you would just feel dirty.
  9. Yep, I want to see that look on every players face from every other Club, "What the hell just happened?" The next step is where everyone hates us (not in an Essendrug way) give 'em hell!!
  10. I know it doesn't mean anything come the real stuff but even the occasional attendee to training sessions in the past 15 years should be able to tell you there is a serious difference, and the current squad is miles beyond anything seen before. "You play as you train" is a reasonable reason to be excited this year...... I knowledge I'm a glass half-full guy. Illegitimi non carborundum
  11. He is the quickest hands to boot player I've ever seen and it's no accident when it goes through the goals
  12. We booked with Jet star for the May game against the Suns some time ago. $230 ea rtn
  13. I was on Foxplay through the Xbox last year and have taken up Fox Now for this season. Does anyone know if the Blackout still exists for this year? We were subjected to it twice last year that I know of.
  14. BB, I had a long running discussion with an influential/ legendary coach in the Central Highlands (he also played a few games with the Doggies), he always said umpires don't determine the outcome of games. He said this right up to the time of his passing. I always knew what he meant, a team needs to be good enough to overcome ALL opposition and if that means defeating 2 oppositions, fate, karma and luck then so be it. That never stopped me from arguing that poor Umpiring decisions can sometimes defeat the best of teams in a close contest. I've also said that the better you play the better the decisions seem to be. It's unconscious bias and as the umpiring becomes more professional I hope the decision making will also.
  15. Aaaha, people.... oh and politicians
  16. Except when they are influenced by inaccurate kicking and umpires
  17. Thanks for that once again but please don't have any more weak moments
  18. Will keep my fingers crossed for you. Great thing about the Chromecast, if you're staying anywhere with half decent WiFi you get to take your Netflix , Stan etc where ever you go on a big screen as well.
  19. BBO, I recently gave you some sage advice regarding you flogging yourself. I would exhort you to follow my advice and stay well away from what passes as entertainment for the mindless masses.
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