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  1. Just got back from the family day, around 300 people turned up to see James Frawley, Dan Nicholson and Tom McDonald. Also present were Chris Connolly, John Northey and Steve Moneghetti. There was a kids clinic and the normal signings and photos and around half an hour was spent with open questioning from Mona, CC and anyone who wanted to chime in. We've all read the reports from training but a couple of points I picked up were: - Dom Barry was 63kg when he arrived and has put on around 5kg already. - They spoke about the repeat effort training they had been doing and the one hr sessions on the watt bikes designed to increase their power and repeat efforts. When asked who was a standout they all said Nathan Jones is an angry man on a watt bike. - When asked how Jack Watts is going, Chip mentioned he has put on around 5kgs and I got the impression all 3 players really like having him in the back half. - Dan Nicholson said he was training for a HBF/wing position and expect to see a lot of players playing through that position. - it was mentioned that all/ most backs are expected to play 100% of game time. - Chip said if you are into Supercoach his smokey is Matt Jones and he would expect him to get a lot of games. - CC reminded us all Tom McDonald is still only 20. All in all it was fantastic to see and talk to the 3 players, they were all very obliging and spent around 3hrs with us, that's a fair effort as it is one of their few day's off. It was great to see Chip still hanging around at the end having a kick to kick with a young group of boys around 6 or 7 years old, one of whom was wearing a #8 jumper.
  2. Thanks FNQ, It does answer my question, it will be interesting seeing where positioning, experience and grunt fit into Neeld's team.
  3. Hi FNQ, I don't post much but I always enjoy your training reports. Given you have had an opportunity to see a bit of training I'd like to know why you have Rodan as an emergency? Most reports have him as a standout especially in the clearance area, What makes the other options better?
  4. I seem to remember someone saying in one of the reports from the NT, it will be a light week on the track for the boys.
  5. I don't know about "at best", if we are expected to beat everyone below us on that list our draw then gives us 9 wins which would be around the 13th mark. We only need to beat a couple of the next tier teams to suddenly get us into contention for the 8. Belief and momentum are wonderful things and the kind of thing you can't factor into stats. I see the first few games as critical to our "best". Roll PA, Bombers and have a good showing against WC at the "G" and suddenly we are away. Contrast this with not winning a game until round 10 this year and I might just take a little of those odds being offered for us making the 8. If you also then factor in our improved fitness our "best" might surprise a few people.
  6. Does anyone know if Viney is able to play in the finals? He 's not a Melbourne listed player
  7. What's DUMB is perpetuating unproven media reports, the Publican denied it happened, from memory I think there was video footage that just showed him sitting at the bar. It's been alleged that the story came from a Collingwood supporter. So maybe an edit is in order.
  8. Thank you learned colleague, for your most erudite reply, however I seek further and better particulars. When you say “ No its not.” Do you mean it’s not the legal system? Or it’s not based on argument? As to your statement “absolutely no apprehension”, I’ve felt apprehension whenever I’ve prepared a brief and appeared as an informant. I take issue with the “palpably wrong and defamatory” statement but it is illustrative of the system where definite sides are taken. You appear to have not understood the term “misrepresent”. For clarity; I meant the Defense is there to represent the client, not the truth. The term “economical with the truth” could have also been used. If the system were based on truth, then a Defense which came upon information that would find the client guilty, would readily give up that information to the other side. I look forward to the rebuttal.
  9. It's called the legal system, it's based on argument, therefore it's about who tells the best /strongest story and not about the truth. Defence lawyers aren't the ones under oath and therefore misrepresent the truth all the time.
  10. One other thing though, when we talk about players not trying it's true they don't appear to be doing as much as other sides ie not giving 100%. I think many of the players have become comfortable with their level of effort and have convinced themselves they are trying. The problem is they need 120% of effort to go from trying to doing. From what I've seen this year only 6 players come to mind for sustained extra effort - Clark, Jones, Mackenzie, Nicholson, Magner, Couch and Bate. There have been signs occasionally from other players, (the co-captains are trying to get to 120% but I'll cut them a bit of slack due to age and injury). Unfortunately, the skill level and or speed of some of these players is not ideal but you can see the effort being put in. I know I'll cop some flak for Bate but I don't think he has been handled all that well and is well known for needing time to work into a season. I remember Jones was criticized for trying to do to much in his early days he still plays like that but has worked so hard on his game that he is a lot more successful at it these days. Sam Blease is another I've heard this said about, I'd say that's a good sign. So what about the rest? How do you get the extra out of them. Well that would be the coaching and conditioning staff's job wouldn't it? The players need to buy into it and they need to look at the effort of some of the players I've mentioned. A lot of negatives have been written about the Elite Teams program but I would think something similar would be in order about now. So what can we do? Supporters need to support, debate is healthy but it's a flawed system and requires opposing views with often the loudest and most emotional side winning. We have been set on a path for the next 3 years, it may take an extra effort from supporters to buy in and go the distance.
  11. Perhaps you should ask Big Jim? The McLardy fellow seems to have had something to do with supporting the MFC over the last 4 years. You thinking of making a run at the top job Disco?
  12. Thanks for your work DL7. Very happy to be part of the Barassi league, now all I need is some idea how to improve on last year.
  13. Didn't join in time last year, so, YES please. 48064
  14. Now I've been wrong before, but doesn't Dan Nicholson need to be elevated off the rookie list before he can be in anyones best 22.
  15. Very insightful, are you a journo?
  16. Anyone got details of Radio coverage for this game? Need a fix, had to work last night and missed the Brisbane game last night
  17. And the answer is? Get a life! Why are you worried about what some long retired, "well credentialed", ex coach, with strong ties to a team we will be piting our youngs Vs theirs, for the next 8 years, has to say about a our number one draft pick. I think young Mr Watts has shown a MASSIVE amount of POSITIVE attitude in putting up with weak minded doomsayers looking to give negative support to any Journo in the land trying to sell whatever they're putting out. Oh, but just keep posting garbage like this so it gives the issue traction. What's the follow up ? "Demon Fans Worried about Watts attitude" The only ATTITUDE I ever wonder about is some of our fan base.
  18. Was at the Casey game today and heard about Bail being out. Apparently has a wrist injury but wasn't able to find out how bad.
  19. Newton did some good things a shame kicking lots of goals wasn't one of them. Not making the distance because he was kicking the ball 20m before the mark was very frustrating to watch. Jamar and Cheney played well, the rest I thought were servicable and nothing else. I didn't think Jack Watts worked hard enough. Had a chat to Spencer at halftime nice fella. Didn't see the Resies but they won by about 50. Wheatly played in the first half and was pretty good by all accounts.
  20. Great report, thanks Jack. It's great to see so many diverse groups really getting involved and getting behind the MFC. The reward is, you get great access to the players, staff and administration, which helps in understanding where the Club is headed and what the players and coaches are working on. A lot to like about how quickly the Club stuff has turned around, the team improvement will come.
  21. I have just been informed that Chris Connolly (Manager Football Dept.) and Mark Williams (Assistant Coach) will be attending our day at the Blue Pyrenees Winery Avoca. I believe Mark Williams is still the development coach, so it will be interesting getting his opinion of the big improvers for this year and any likely candidates for a Senior game in their first year. Dont forget to RSVP no later than the 8th Feb
  22. The Ballarat Demons are having a Pleasant Sunday at the Blue Pyrenees Winery, in conjunction with the Melbourne Football Club. FAMILY DAY BBQ/PICNIC ON SUNDAY 15 FEBRUARY 2009. Activities will commence at 11.00am and will include:- Football activities & games supervised by MFC players BBQ meals provided at minimal cost Tours of the Winery Wine tastings and sales Sale of MFC Memrobilia & Merchandise Purchase of Ballarat Demons & MFC memberships Raffles This will be a great day to kick off the 2009 season, meet MFC personalities and renew friendships with Ballarat Demons members. Players that will be in attendance are: James McDonald (Captain), James Frawley, Kyle Cheney and Rhys Healey. Working on some of the coaching staff too. If Blue Pyrenees Winery doesn't sound familiar, it is also the home of Remy (Remy Martin Brandy) and is a lovely little spot. Avoca is approx 25 minutes from Ballarat. You can also take the Calder from Melbourne and travel through the picturesque Castlemain and Marybourgh. A bus is planned from Ballarat for any locals. Please RSVP no later than Sunday the 8th of February, 2009 to; "Denis Costigan" [email protected] for catering purposes. Full details of the day's activities, map location etc will be provided soon. Hope to see many of you on the 15th of February, bring your family and friends and enjoy a great day, and remember the Ballarat Demons raised over $14000 last year for the Club via events such as this.
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