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  1. I love these posts based on careful consideration of the available evidence rather than whatever wild emotion might be currently possessing the poster
  2. I reckon the 5 day break contributed to our flatness. Geelong had one too but their match on against the kangas was pretty easy I reckon.
  3. I was a couple of bays around from the DA on Thursday night. The big silk flags looked magnificent under the lights.
  4. Actually cancel that - this quote could be interpreted either way: “I bet you’d like to know. I’m conscious of not giving everyone the headline. But I love the club, I love my teammates. That’s something that will take care of itself.”
  5. Didn't gus basically admit he was going to re-sign a couple of weeks ago?
  6. At the end of the day Jacko played a crucial role in the greatest 15 mins in the club's history. He should always be appreciated and respected by our fans for being part of the team that brought the cup home. I don't really understand a 21yo wanting to go home to mum and dad but whatever, it's his life. Get the trade right and move on.
  7. I'm driving down tonight - normally get the train. What's the best bet re parking?
  8. Can't wait to swagger into Kardinia Park as the premiers.
  9. The prelim gets forgotten a bit because of the glory of the granny but it was our best win in 57 years for a week.
  10. I wonder how many clubs would be in the same boat if they'd done up their old stadiums instead of moving to the G.
  11. You are underselling hydras here
  12. Can safely say I've never gone in the match day thread. Too busy watching the game. And drinking obviously.
  13. We've beaten them the last 3 times we've played them including a prelim shellacking. And don't forget we fixed em up in the 2018 elimination final too. These bastards loved sinking the boot in when we were rubbish. Let's them make our bunnies for a decade.
  14. It's amazing we've been there so much compared to other sides. I actually really enjoy going down there so I'm glad it happens, but completely unfair from a footy perspective. I can't believe they ask to have a home final at Kardinia when they play some home games at the G. Cant have it both ways cats. Actually there were 18 rounds for 12 teams for decades. They only moved to playing each team twice in the 70s I reckon. But I agree it's very micky mouse. Poms can't believe it when you tell them.
  15. Same crowd at dogs v hawks last night as Melb vs syd. A lot less than Melb vs bris. Pathetic. Looking forward to Caro's bake.
  16. Why do they insist on playing horrendous backing muzack?
  17. Was it restricted view? I could only restricted view ones for 50 bucks.
  18. We massively outnumbered them and made heaps more noise than them, just like against Sydney and freo. People really have been talking unmitigated rot about the crowds this year.
  19. Do you reckon we can win the flag?
  20. That was a great win! Fev was playing for brissy. Felt like we were getting somewhere lol Great crowd tonight- 20k for the Richmond v port game. Pathetic.
  21. Pathetic crowd. Puts to bed, yet again, the myth about dees fans not turning up.
  22. Pretty much all of us haven't been able to attend a maggots game for 3 years. Can't wait. Let's bury em.
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