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  1. Maynard and DeGoey were absolutely flying today. DeGoey smashed us in the centre. More than half of our team we're spectators today. The Pies played hungry like we were early in the season. The low kicks into our backline from the pies were from a total lack of pressure from our mids. Which then doesn't help our rebounds with May/Lever etc. Not something we've let happen much this season. Sparrow - looked slow and like a deer looking into headlights Fritsch / TMac / Weid - gave nothing. Nor did Kozzy really. JJ and Dogga can hold head high Reset, get Viney a
  2. Salem sorely missed. In for Jetta next week. BBB in for Weids. Viney in for JJ. Bombing it into fwd 50 didn't let TMac, BF and Weids to get into the game at all. Well played Adelaide. Hungrier when it counted. Umpiring late in the game was deplorable.
  3. no mention of Daw as best on ground... and he was by a fair margin
  4. next 5 games: v Rich (MCG) v Nth Melb (Blunstone) v Syd (MCG) v Carlton (MCG) v Adel (AO) Even if we drop against Richmond, we could still easily go 9-1...
  5. LJ is a jet, no doubt. He was bullied by Tomahawk in the ruck from throw-ins last week in the backline. Tomahawk just too strong atm. LJ seems to be filling out his frame almost weekly. 2-3 years from now... lookout... I just hope we can keep him from going back to WA. I'm just waiting for the day he starts clunking those big grabs consistantly.
  6. May, Fritta back in - if fit and one of Weid / BBB in this week. IMO BBB first. Weid to inconsistant so far. Out: Jordan, Petty, Brown - all reasonably unlucky, although JJ looks like he needs a rest. Tmac to fwd Wing, Brayshaw and Melksham to share JJ's role on ball and fwd flank. ANB has had his best start to a season, but other than his fwd pressure what does he bring that others don't? I rate Sparrow much higher. ANB's disposal is usually very ordinary...
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