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  1. Melbourne tragics, i am so chuffed about this announcement & it has really put some lead in my pencil. I know some on here think otherwise, but showing this kind of faith from both parties can really build the culture that we so desperately lack moving forward. It is a culture they need to cultivate and grow, & if you keep rewarding the right people other clubs & players see "us" as an attractive place to be. The only trick is being consistent in our signings & rewarding those who deserve praise. Congrats to all parties & can't wait for Viney to rattle some cages
  2. Let's hope we can win a flag every year for the rest of our lifetime them. Players that have never won a flag are a disgrace🙃
  3. As soon as a father son is mentioned on Demonland it is like throwing chum in the water. father sons are friends, not food
  4. He showed his potential in 2 games? I have nothing against Preuss, in fact I quite like his big sledge hammer foot booting the football into oblivion for no reason, but this is the overstatement of worth I’m talking about. If I recall correctly he was serviceable vs pies and unless we were watching different games, completely disconnected with our mids during the dogs game and had little to no impact around the ground. But I guess having a contract makes him good? Or does having a contract give you value in trade? IMO opinion I’d prefer he stayed cause I think you know what you’d get
  5. To be honest with you, i'd be surprised if GWS would even take Preuss with the 3rd or 4th round pick, let alone adding HH one of their up and coming forwards to the trade
  6. This may be one of the best examples of fellow supporters overrating our fringe players 😂
  7. When Richardson came on, it was such a baffling decision to me. A slap my forehead, mouth agape moment. Maybe he proves me wrong, but it was an appointment that i just could not see the benefit of. It kind of makes me a little bit depressed every time the coaches box is on tv and there he is.
  8. I really hope we don't go hard at Polec, he's a fine player but i am of the mind we need the right competitive attitudes as opposed skill. This may get shot down as "we have good players but their skills suck," kind of argument, but what we desperately desperately need, and i think has been our problem from a while is do anything to win players. From his most recent form and games, even in his last year at port... i just don't see it (and my god during lockdown i've watched so much football i felt like Malcolm Mcdowell in "A Clockwork Orange"). Having said that if we do pick him up and he
  9. Agreed, characters like Viney and Jones are a base you can build a culture on, which Melbourne has been dying for for my entire life following the dees. Weather they be at the end of their career or "in a form slump" according to many on this site, even though he finished 3rd in the b&f. After a few texts back and forth with fellow d supporters during the season none of us could really remember someone getting cut in half and bouncing back up like he does, and those moments in big games show. I understand not many like to bring up 2018, (and im over it too at this stage) but he was he
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