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  1. Am I watching a different game? I thought anb was doing well
  2. I'm just bumping this comment so everyone can see it in all it's glory for a second time. A thing of beauty. It has everything, complete unknown quantity, has never played a game, history of long term leg troubles, coming from a mid ranged club, 20 years old, comparison to a club champ. It's a future browlow medalist prediction away from being hall of fame. it's chefs kiss
  3. Steven may is a good decision maker, booming kicks, get's it into space to advantage and if that's not the case at least he puts it into a spot which is 50-50 when it comes to ground ball gets and 1 on 1's. Long May he reign. A sh**side better to the days of kickouts where it would just bounce back into the defensive 50 (remember that? it wasn't long ago) Now i don't even really think about kickouts, as i expect the mids to do their work and avoid repeat entries... because they're good? it's still doesn't sit well with me to say. Love him, if he was younger i'd say next skip It's working, don't change it
  4. People take football journalism so personally, and all it is is fluff. Unless you’re going through an avoidable crisis like the drug saga or...... *whispering* the tanking saga...... it’s fairly easy to avoid. I can imagine Dee supporters being annoyed at almost any AFL journalist considering they’ve been smashing us for 30 years (some would argue rightfully so, take the red and blue glasses off) but if you look at it subjectively, generally caro has sources, has references, has done research and generally doesn’t speak in wild sweeping platitudes. I have a lot of respect for her, considering when she looks across the table she sometimes would have a club “champion” who has glassed his partner, a Coll president who sat and did nothing on a show where Sam Newman would regularly say crass, pretty disgusting things about her, and just the general disrespect for women in footy that they have been coping since the beginning of the game. Footy media is a boys club, and the circle jerks in the commentary and media are all about I played this, I won that, I kicked this many. Sometimes she takes an angle which i didn’t hear the 400ex player mob of f**wits take at least that counts for something. Oh and she can laugh at herself which I can appreciate IMO
  5. Does it matter? I mean the only benefit which I am highly jealous of is if you are in some random city and they just so happen to pick somewhere close to where you live. I feel for the nt crowd and for those who would’ve enjoyed the game live, but as far as I’m concerned, lions anywhere any place. and I have never felt this way about the dees in my life. They could play in my neighbours yard, I’d still be excited to watch. guys, what a time to be alive
  6. I hope this is in jest, we tagged him because he’s ordinary? Good lord great win, great club, off to have a skinful
  7. i think they play other ends of the ground... unless May and Brown can't play in the same team. Maybe i'm crazy
  8. most Melbourne fans I see are the rm Williams puffer jacket with suit pants, 2 or 3 in a disabled cubicle kind of operators. I guess it’s snowing in a way
  9. Ummmmm..... that’s ron artest/ meta world peace
  10. 20 snags is off it's head, in school footy for me a friend of mine kicked 25 against St.michael's, and the next guy down kicked 20, we won by about 300 points as i sat at half back in my dcshoes cross legged on the ground (calm down it was 2000). No matter the team, just the fact that you can kick more than 20 in the amount of time it requires for a game to finish is an achievement in itself. 25 from the middle by the way, but he's a cat so i'd never give him credit to his face, i feel like i'm in a safe space
  11. With quick barbs like this, maybe you should write for the sun
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