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  1. Albeit a praccy game, pretty good hit out in the end. Great to knock off the tiggies no matter what the stakes, and a few positives to take out of it. - Chandler showed a bunch - Oliver showing he is still a class above - Older heads showing they've still got more to give, much to the chagrin of many demonlanders - Playing out the game and putting some pressure inside f50 when game was in the balance late All in all a pretty great friday morning. Bring on round 1, Yum yum yum
  2. Sure you were chirpy when he was jaggin goals from the boundary against the giants, but I wouldn’t want to base my opinions on him off one play 🙄
  3. Demon fans will only ever be happy if it’s dees 120points to 0. 2 teams are playing
  4. I mean honestly, do people really think like this? I think your underestimating how hard it is to play the game let alone against the reigning premiers
  5. im all for throwing the magnets at the board, but let me get this straight, you want to move arguably the best ruck in the comp... out of the ruck?
  6. i know right? i mean when are Melbourne just going to finally snap up a stadium sized area in the cbd? This kind of chicanery is typical of the current administration
  7. Must be one of those people that sends back a $15 steak for not being "medium". Fight that good fight
  8. "you're entitled to your opinion, but" is my favourite book
  9. I dunno, what were we, a game off last year? Pressure should be on, and that's ok. I think if we were almost any other club you'd welcome it, but we all have (and I'm just generalising here, could just be me) Stockholm syndrome from this club that you expect them go to water when the heat is applied. That's why everyone was in f*^&**g raptures in 2018 finals series, against Geelong and Hawthorn imo, a real pressure valve release of actually not only meeting expectation but surpassing it, at least before we got our heads kicked in in WA. Pressure up? Good. Personally i think this
  10. Melbourne tragics, i am so chuffed about this announcement & it has really put some lead in my pencil. I know some on here think otherwise, but showing this kind of faith from both parties can really build the culture that we so desperately lack moving forward. It is a culture they need to cultivate and grow, & if you keep rewarding the right people other clubs & players see "us" as an attractive place to be. The only trick is being consistent in our signings & rewarding those who deserve praise. Congrats to all parties & can't wait for Viney to rattle some cages
  11. Let's hope we can win a flag every year for the rest of our lifetime them. Players that have never won a flag are a disgrace🙃
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