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  1. Capt gawn Leadership group / Vice capts viney, may, Langdon and Trac
  2. Thinking about Melksham, Vanders and Hibberd, I feel they are limited due their bodies. In looking at the matches from 2018 to 2020. The three was slow and had poor disposals. On a good day, the three are game winners but it was a few years ago sadly. I really like Vanders bull at the ball attitude and hopefully we see more of that in 2021. Melksham and Hibberd may come back fresh with a bit more speed and regain their mojo.
  3. Weidman is a interesting one. I feel he will need another year or two to fill out and be able to contest in one on one's . But I believe he is 200 gamer if his body holds up. With Brown he should grow and his output in the forward line will improve.
  4. Come on demonlanders Who will shine in 2021 and lift the team
  5. Through the trade and draft periods, we have new players. Which 5 players new and old do you want to see have a stellar season. My list 1 Angus Brayshaw needs to be given opportunities in the centre . 2 Ben Brown to hit the scoreboard and provide support to the younger players in the forward line. 3 Jayden Hunt to work with Ed and use his speed and improve his disposal. 4 Trent Rivers to continue to build his skills and work rate. 5 Kozzie Pickett to continue with his defensive efforts and work on the craft of a small forward.
  6. Ben seems like a nice guy. He seems to want to develop relationships which is indication of a good team member. Fingers crossed that he can restart his career with the dees and provide support to the younger players. My new favorite behind Angus.
  7. Banner worthy I think. The brayshaws have opened up their home to many Melbourne recruits
  8. Hopefully he can have a full season with Colts and then we will know whether he is draft material.
  9. Looking at his disposal by hand and foot it was a very clever pick. Let's hope he can put on more size and develop in the system.
  10. Ladder position at the end of the H&A season: 5th Position at the end of the season (e.g. stage of finals):2nd B&F top 5 (1 point for correct inclusion, 1 point for correct place): 1. Oliver 2. Cp5 3. Gawn 4.may 5.lever Leading goalkicker: b brown Most marks:lever Best first year player: jordan and bowey Most improved player:jackson All Australian 40-man squad selections (1 point each): cp5 oliver may gawn brown All Australian final 22 selections (1 point each): cp5 oliver may gawn Big Ben Brown will kick his biggest goal tally against: North Biggest winning margin (exact guess is 5 points, within 1 point margin is 4 points etc): 88 Biggest MFC story of the year (5 points): heartache continues as the dees go down by 2 points in the grand final Other MFC predictions (1 point each): improved depth AVB injured Jordan and niez to play 8 games Bedford to force kozzie out of the team AFL predictions Premier: geelong Runner-up: Melbourne Wooden spoon: north Melbourne Biggest improver: suns Biggest slider:Collingwood Brownlow medal: Oliver Coleman medal: hawkins Rising star: rowell
  11. Chopping block both Wagners, Hunt, Smith, O McDonald, Hannan, Hiddered, Dunkley and Chandler. Rookie Bedford and Neiz Retire Jones kk and jetta. Trade for peanuts Pruess, T McDonald, and ANB 4th rounder Trade Table Brayshaw,Top 2nd rounder sparrow peanuts Hames 3rd rounder Gus is a great inside mid playing on the wing. Weidman could be moved if Collingwood were interested. 2nd rounder Oliver would snapped up with 2 top 1 st rounders Trac likewise Gawn too 1 1 st rounder for May Imagine the possibility
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