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  1. Wow. Biggest in-game challenge for the year, being absolutely on the ropes at half time against the rampaging 7-on-the-trot Lions, and we met it. I thought last week was just about the best win in many, many years but this one might have even topped it.
  2. Best defensive system in the league. If it ain't broke..
  3. Eesh.. kind of wanted to go up against a full-strength properly-trained dogs as it would be the best test at this stage of the season.. but then again maybe a win against the dogs at this stage (even if it's in some small way helped by them having an interrupted week) could be great for team confidence? Yep, have a case of the "obsessively assessing every variable of the season.. the result of every game etc.. through the lens of what would be best for the dees, given we could actually do something this year" 👍
  4. Admittedly I'm not as clued in when it comes to tactics/gameplan as a lot of you on here seem to be but to me it seems the key area we've dropped off on in the last couple of weeks (which, earlier in the year we'd finally improved on after so long in the wilderness) is our entry into forward 50. To me, it seems we've gone back to just blindly and wastefully bombing it in a lot of the time rather than being smarter / more clinical, and that this is also not letting us have reward for effort. The good thing, though, is I would think (/hope) it shouldn't be too hard to course-correct
  5. My two cents - What's fantastic: Being 9-0. What's to work on: I felt the decision making / gameplan (not sure which of the two it was) yesterday had a lot of room for improvement. Absolutely ******* fantastic work from the team and the coaches in many, many respects this year, of that there is no doubt. But I feel, yesterday, we, to a degree, got out of jail against an average side by virtue of the fact that we have many skilled (and super-conditioned) footballers coming into their prime. Let's make a slight course correction and make sure we don't get away from some of the fantastic decision-making/gameplan stuff from earlier in the year re: lowering the eyes when heading into 50 and what not, and not head back towards something like Round 1 2012, against Brisbane, where we just continued to bomb it in to no avail or do blind kicks into space (when there are better options) to get out of trouble. Just because we now have a couple of experienced talls around the ground (and inside forward 50) who can get us out of trouble when need be doesn't mean we should continue to entertain that rush of blood to the head, and I would hope the team is led well enough that nabbing the four points doesn't just reinforce the behaviour. A premiership is the goal and I feel that, if we don't have Lever and May yesterday, we lose by 20 points to a middle-of-the-road team. So, let's nip the bad habits in the bud, and go onwards and upwards. Go Dees.
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