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  1. I wont lie it hurts to see Dean Kent doing well. Was one of my fave players at the Demons, but just spent so much time injured.
  2. Spargo, AVB, Hannan etc etc all in ahead of Bennell Goodwin thinks its still 2018 and chaos ball will get us back to a prelim. Cant play chaos ball with brilliant users of the footy like Bennell in the team
  3. Umm where the hell is Bennell? We cant use his elite kicking skills?
  4. Good outcome going to the NSW hub. We are doing very well out of this rolling draw. If we dont make the finals Goodwin has to go.
  5. Our esteemed coaching staff want the most gifted player on the team to work on areas of his game. The guy is almost 28 for [censored] sake and barely played in years, how long do they think he has left?. Play him now.
  6. Havent seen the segment but I am getting flashbacks to when Paul Roos was analyzing our list in the media before the jungle drums started beating about him coming to the Demons. I know a lot of people may not want Ross Lyon as coach for whatever reasons, but I would take him any day of the week.. We have the talent we just need the coach.
  7. Based on Spargos 2 week ban and Sideobttoms seniority and the fact all players know the rules now with no excuses, he should be looking at a 10 week suspension. Oh and [censored] Collingwood.
  8. Time to create a new drink - Red Bull and Gin
  9. And Rhys Stanley was a big out for Geelong. And we have Gawn. And we sill lost. The Astbury out isn't a big deal as all our tall forwards are garbage anyway.
  10. Well there's your big mistake. Equating a new flu strain to the horrors of war. This COVID19 thing is a picnic in comparison. Please try again.
  11. If thats their attitude they should definitely never join the military then. Try being deployed for 12+ months. AFL players are soft as butter.
  12. Maximum of 2 changes please, we cant be making 5 changes a week and expect to win games. In - Bennell, LJ Out - Melksham, Hibberd Move Fritsch up into Melkshams role, have LJ and T Mac as forward 50 targets.
  13. My challenge to Alistair Clarkson - Walk away from your cushy coaching job at the rich and successful Hawthorn and come coach the MFC. You want a challenge? Well come get it buddy. If you coach the Melbourne Football Club to a flag you will be the undisputed greatest coach in the history of Australian sport. Get out of your comfort zone and take on the challenge. You got a couple of cheap flags at Hawthorn when the expansion clubs came in and the comp was severely watered down. You were blessed by the new free agency too. Come win a REAL FLAG at a club with no money and limited resources, and then people will take you seriously. Until then you will just be known as some guy who coasted on easy street at a rich club who dominated and won flags all through the 80s and 90s. Yawn. Not impressive. Someone get this message to Clarko, quick smart.
  14. You should join the MFC board Saty. At least then I know for sure the club would be dead within 12 months and we would all be put out of our misery.
  15. All he has to do is outcoach Hardwick this Sunday and win the game and the pressure is off. Simple.
  16. I wonder who we would have drafted with the pick we traded for 27 year old defender May. I tell myself it wouldn't have been Ben King just to feel better. What a shambles!
  17. Winning those two finals without him has made people think we didn't need him. Well he would have been handy in the Prelim. The one that was over by quarter time.
  18. I will say what I said about Salem yesterday - this kid would be a star at Hawthorn.
  19. With you on this, and I bet theres plenty of other Demon supporters whod love to bring him back 'home' to the MFC. No idea if its realistic or not and how hes liking being back in Perth but geez it would be nice to get him.
  20. Judged 2nd best on ground by the coaches Melbourne vs Geelong 10 Cameron Guthrie (GEEL) 7 Angus Brayshaw (MELB) 4 Brandan Parfitt (GEEL) 3 Patrick Dangerfield (GEEL) 3 Jack Viney (MELB) 2 Joel Selwood (GEEL) 1 Mark Blicavs (GEEL) .... and I must be blind as it was already posted the very post before this one.
  21. Thanks old dee, I meant to say 'when' Positive vibes and all that
  22. If we knock over the Tigers watch all the doom and gloomers do a complete 180 and start talking flags. I will be one of them. ?
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