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  1. Gee the game has passed Marc Murphy. Didn’t watch the whole game but seemed like he got caught every time he got the ball. Limping to 300.
  2. My very perceptive wife commented,after I whinged about our performance against bottom 4 sides “at least you don’t have to play bottom 4 sides in the finals” - clever girl.
  3. My instruction at half time would be “don’t give the ball to Viney” . Seriously the worst skilled in the team even when he’s got the ball in the open. Confuses ambition with ability.
  4. Fox commentary - “north Melbourne a young side on the rise.” Well, I guess when you are stone motherless last, the only way is up.
  5. Holey money, tigers look like us on a really bad day.
  6. Thoroughly deserved. Meanwhile, Peta Credlin OAM - go figure.
  7. The goal,in the last quarter where they flipped the ball through traffic from the back pocket, got,it to Jordan in the open, followed by a Tommy goal. I was next door with a mate and we went through the roof. We don’t kick goals like that! Oh yes we furkin do now! Getting wacked watching the replay. Happy days!!
  8. Can’t believe the market on this one. $1.34 to $3.40. Think it will be much closer than that. Have the betting agencies just got some chimp in a back room bashing out random numbers?
  9. Beep beep beep - look out the Kama bus is backing up, you cheating handbags!1
  10. Are Grundy and Moore playing injured or do they just don’t give a flying fruitbat? Done absolutely squat. And as I speak, Grundy pops up for a consolation. Pendles spent as well.
  11. Doggies should be booking the Hotham chalets because,boy have they got some downhill skiers in that team. Daniel McCrea, Bruce Schacke, Treloar - put them under pressure and out come the poles Nearly forgot Smith. Bet Naughton doesn’t get a clear run at the ball against us either.
  12. Work colleague (Collingwood supporter) got into me one day about owning a Range Rover and renting a chalet at Hotham during footy season. I replied that at least the value of my car didn’t fluctuate (had to tell him what that means) depending on how much petrol was in the tank. And by the way, we Dees supporters don’t rent, we own. And we don’t let our 14 year old daughter smoke at the dinner table in front of her kids.
  13. Has turned himself from Whipping Boy into the Human Cannonball. Becoming a favourite.
  14. I am not surprised that Weid and BBB didn’t get a gig this week. I watched the game against Box Hill and thought BBB looked rusty and the Weid got a few softies. Win or lose this week, we should get a bucketload of ”learnings”, with a pretty soft draw to follow to ease the big boys back into the side. No flags awarded in April to my knowledge.
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