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  1. Would like to think he can get back but not sure. Was he playing injured or sore? Or have the previous injuries left him slower with limited mobility ? He is 28. To be honest the only way he is worth anything on the trade table is if he is deemed fit by a medical. By this reasoning if he can pass a medical for another club it should mean he can get back to, or close to his best. So, I know the logic sounds strange but if he is worth trading, he is worth keeping! Tommy getting fit and near his best would make a big difference. When your sore, less mobile and not getting the
  2. They both have their strong points. Viney is heart and soul. Sometimes takes on too much and gets caught. I can live with this at least he is trying to drag his team over the line. Gus has a touch of finishing class, can look half committed at times. Put them together over the summer. Viney to push for Gus's skills, Gus to push for Viney's second third efforts I don't think its a case of either Viney or Gus. I think it comes down to coaching and structures. Maybe they can't be in the same rotation all the time but could trial Clarry, Tracs, Gus, Viney, Harmes, Sparrow, rotating thr
  3. In his defense he did say he was looking for a new deal (er) :)
  4. Based on the figures Bradley Hill's equivalent would be 100m in 9.83secs. Does it take into account movement direction and duration. If you are pushed over or fall from a pack mark you can get to incredible speeds. Have to agree with this one and call b-s When Bolt broke the 100m record he recorded a top speed of 44.72 km/h between his 60th and 80th meter which he covered in 1.61 seconds. Some AFL guys are quick but not Bolt quick.
  5. then 50 when it gets pointed out And the wind has dropped away
  6. loose dockers everywhere... looks like were not learning those learnings very well
  7. just flicked it back on saw langdon line up from 20 out thought hmm might be a sneaky chance .... miss then oscar drop a siita. turned it back off
  8. you know we have zero chance when ANB and Spargo are our best 2 FML
  9. They want it more. More effort more desire more run Good luck can't watch its bad for my health
  10. Why the $%^$ can't we tackle, or mark or chase been drinking our own bath water again
  11. god. lucky there was a free shocking hospital pass x 3 in a row
  12. not a great effort. Lots to improve on but we're in front somehow. Might be an arm wrestle to start and we should run away last qrt
  13. right on the board now settle it down and control the tempo
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