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  1. Apparently Big Maxy was in Brisbane last night
  2. I'll be in a corporate box at Optus cheering loud enough for all the faithful who are unable to make it. Same as the prelim where I had lost my voice by half time. Hopefully get a similar outcome. Fingers crossed. Feel sorry for the members/supporters stuck in lock down but once in a lifetime experience to watch the Dees in a GF in Perth GO DEE"S!!! GIVE EM HELL!!!!
  3. got ticket can't wait. Is the cheer squad going ?
  4. sucks if its not at the G but Perth suits me perfectly :) Not seen QB match live in over 10 years
  5. i have so much work to do and spent 40 mins on this already Hurry up and free him
  6. might not be a popular opinion. If you look at this incident by its self (stand alone) ... its a week. Strange that its a one match ban, with an early plea of one week. If you take into account the MR inconsistency I would definitely challenge. Hard to ague the impact was low when you see him get carried off. Could we argue the high impact was due to body positioning of incoming player and the players arm guided it up to head hit. No risk for the appeal but is it worth the time, effort or distraction Opens the door for the Weid. Completely changes our dynamic. Weid and Brown have played a couple together so will have a little chemistry. Problem is slotting them into our mobile, fast and dynamic forward line.
  7. Out: M Brown, N.Jones IN: B Brown Weid Weid to play CHF up the ground. TMac on the wing for the release mark. BB for the leading forward from the square Although i reckon were a chance against the Tiger save Jones 300 for the Roos. (that's how to sell it to him that he misses next week) Also need to make room for Bedford he was great. Too good for VFL. Not sure who's spot he takes though
  8. good question Chook. They love to give us reason not too. We are fitter than ever and playing as a team. We had 2 1/2 down quarters but years gone by we wouldn't of gotten the job done I honestly think we can win 14-16 this year. Its hard to say but YES I trust them
  9. Just my opinion BB Full Forward Weid CHF TMac Wing (he trained for this position all off season) We still get his marks and drive Weid is full of confidence after 7 goals and BB is moving well
  10. I know maybe it be a confidence boost and help get him back to 2018 form
  11. Think we have sweated out the bath water About time. This is much better to watch and the level we need to compete next week
  12. good to see the boys getting to each other with a pat on the back. That was missing for the first 2 qrts
  13. I was confident we have the better legs and run it out. Still need to keep up the effort and kick straight
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