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  1. Is Laurie playing? saw mentioned he was warming up but haven't heard any mention of him in the game so far.
  2. This is what I'm going with: B: Hibberd, May, Lever HB: Rivers, Mcdonald, Bowey Int: Tomlinson I really like the May, Lever, McDonald down back as all 3 are capable of stopping a forward obviously with May being the best but all 3 are great intercept marks which I think will be hard to get past. Hibberd will take the best small forward, Rivers will make the half back his own next year, and then I've got Bowey slotting in on a half back which I think will be his best position (he's a clone of Caleb Daniel just a bit taller). His elite kicking behind the ball and zip will pro
  3. Overall im quite happy with how we went tonight. Laurie and Bowey are two of the absolute best kicks in the draft which is obviously what we've been crying out for. Laurie I think is a really good chance to play round 1 next year who should be able to slot straight in as a small forward. Bowey could be a chance as well up forward depending on what structure we want to go with, or he could even line up on the opposite wing to Langdon round 1 if he's fit enough. Laurie and Bowey are both very zippy, good tacklers, and most importantly have elite skills and are elite decision makers with ball in
  4. happy with that, Bowey probably would've been available at 28 but both suit our needs, either could play on a wing as well long term
  5. thank you hawthorn, that gives us a good chance to get gulden
  6. Great write up, I think the way the order stands at the moment the most probable outcome is Carroll, Holmes, Bowey. It would take trades or selection surprises tonight for players like Macrae, Laurie, Cook to slip through or for us to trade up.
  7. One thing I'm concerned about is if Essendon move down the order in a trade with Collingwood say its 8 for 16 and a future first. Essendon like Carroll but won't take him with one of their top 10 picks but could be a chance to take him if they moved down the order. They do like Macrae as well though so they could take him if he was still on the board if they moved down the order. Something I think we want to happen is Giants and Crows to exchange picks (9 and 22 for 13 and 15), because then Laurie will be a good chance to be available at our pick. There is also talk this morning that Esse
  8. With all these phantom drafts out these are a few things I've noticed to watch for tomorrow night: * If Cook gets past Fremantle's pick he appears a fair chance to get to our picks * If Laurie gets through GWS' picks he appears a good chance to get to our picks * If Macrae gets past Adelaide's pick 9 he seems a good chance to slide far however no one has him getting to our picks, but most seem to have him getting close, could we trade up? do Richmond still consider trading their pick if Macrae is on the board? * Holmes seems unlikely to be available at pick 28, Richmond, St
  9. I've seen rumoured the Crows and Giants to do a swap of their first rounders where Adelaide would send 9 and 22 to the giants for 13 and 15. This deal would be good for us because it means Laurie probably gets through to our pick since the Giants are the big threat of taking him at 15, obviously with that pick out of the picture hopefully Laurie would get through.
  10. This is my final phantom draft for the year including a few live trades. I have us at the moment trading pick 19 + 28 for Collingwood's pick 14 because if Macrae keeps sliding I can't see us not trading up to get him knowing the Tigers will take him. The trade also makes sense for Collingwood because they have a big interest in Poulter who they can grab at 19 and they are looking to take 5-6 picks in the draft due to their list exodus in the trade period, and we solve our problem of only wanting to use 3 picks. Macrae and Carroll is a terrific result, both are extremely versatile, extremely go
  11. it probably depends where a bid a comes for Braeden Campbell. Sydney don't want to go into draft deficit next year because they don't want their first round pick to move down spots like Fremantle this year, if they go into deficit there's a fair chance they won't match a bid for Gulden. Hawthorn have been rumoured to bid on Campbell, if that happens and we bid on Gulden they'd be going into deficit and probably don't match a bid. But if say Essendon bid on Campbell at pick 8 and we bid on Gulden they should have enough points to cover both so we'll be rooting for Hawks on the night to put a bi
  12. I too would be very surprised if we took Holmes, especially when Poulter and O'Driscoll are on the board who seem much better options in the same position as an outside mid. Again like you've been saying would be thrilled with Carroll who suits our needs to a tee on a wing or at half back.
  13. All the guys I mentioned are extremely versatile and can play wing as well to a high standard, so if a Salem wing experiment didn't work you can always swap their positions. Personally I don't see it in Baker, don't think he has the toughness to ever make it at AFL level.
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