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  1. I don't think people realise how good Gunston still is, he is equal second in the coleman. He would fit perfectly in at CHF with Weid at FF and Jackson floating in as 3rd tall and back up ruck. Fritta can roam a HFF as a medium forward. We desperately need one more goalkicking forward who is capable of 40+ goals a year, our current forward line doesn't cut it. I would gladly hand over hawthorn's 2nd rounder back to them but that might not cut it. If Viney leaves and we get an end of 1st round comp pick I would give that up for Gunston. Our list is in a win now category, Max and May aren't goin
  2. Apart from Fritsch, Gunston is miles ahead of the others. He's also more a key position player and would drag the number 1 defender away from Weid and Fritsch. Martin had a massively front ended deal, they were paying him 1mil this year and the rest will be sub 500k if my memory is correct, Carlton would have some significant cap space. I wouldn't be offering Williams anything more than 650k, gets massively hyped up because he's a free agent, Saad is every bit as good as him.
  3. Williams apparently has offers up to 900k a year from Carlton and North, I'd say his bags are packed for Carlton to play midfield. As a defender Saad is every bit as good as Williams and appears frustrated with Essendon's direction, i'd say he's very gettable. I'd like us to chase another forward as well as Saad, Gunston would be my choice since he is a proven 40 goal a year forward and won't cost an arm and a leg.
  4. would gladly give up our future first for saad, maybe with a swap of later picks in our favour. Saad has elevated himself to an A-grader this year, he has elite speed, elite kicking, and very good defensively now. Has improved his game dramatically this year, and he's exactly the kind of player we need, and will allow Salem to push up to a wing. His trade value is mid first round.
  5. This is spot on. Oliver, Brayshaw, Harmes midfield in 2018 was the best cohesive balanced midfield in the last decade imo, Oliver does the dirty work getting it brayshaw whilst harmes shuts down the oppo best mid and then pushes forward off them. Add Petracca in there who can break a game a part and then give blokes like a fully fit and confident harley, jackson, kozzy a pinch hit through there to throw a different look at the opposition.
  6. In my opinion Brayshaw and Harmes compliment Clarry and Trac perfectly. Brayshaw gets the handball receives and Harmes does the defensive work. If we can get a first round comp pick for Viney we should take that and then look to on trade it for a classy defender or forward.
  7. This is all spot on. Sinclair would be a nice fit. I don't rate cumming either, he was a turnover merchant in the first few games this year, instead another Giants role player i'd have a look at is Adam Kennedy who seems to be pretty solid defensively and wouldn't cost much at all. I'm not too big on O'Halloran, he was drafted as an inside mid so wouldn't get much opportunity with us. 3 players highest on my want list is Zac Williams, Harry Perryman, and Rory Laird.
  8. No thanks, would rather move Salem up to a wing and use our money to chase Zac Williams.
  9. I rate brayshaw very highly because he offers something different to our other inside mids. For mine let viney walk and use the money to get zac williams. Also not sure why people on here are keen on players like merrett and cerra, trading brayshaw for an inside mid doesn't solve the problem at all we'd just be playing them out of position. We need small defenders to replace jetta and hibberd, and/or another classy small forward.
  10. Preuss and Hawthorn 2nd for Perryman and Bobby Hill
  11. My bad I didn't know this rule regarding free agency. If we were 100% sure we had convinced Williams to come to us I would still let Viney go because we have the players to cover his position, Williams adds something we don't have. I love Viney he's been massive for the club but if the move could improve our team I'd still do it, but only if we were 100% confident on Williams, i'd resign Viney if not. Laird would be nice and showed his worth tonight, I just put Sparrow in there because he'll be stuck behind Trac, Oliver, Viney, Brayshaw, Harmes for inside mid opportunity for the next 5-10 year
  12. These are a few moves i'd look to make this off season: Viney walks in FA for band 1 or 2 compensation (nets us either pick 10-14 or end of first round pick) Sign Zac Williams in Free Agency with the cash we would've used for Viney Trade Sparrow and Hawthorn 2nd round for Rory Laird Trade Viney compensation pick (mid or late 1st round) for Harry Perryman, GWS 2nd Would also look at prying away some of GWS untapped talent such as Ian Hill, Jackson Hately, Xavier O-Halloran, Jye Caldwell In: Zac Williams, Rory Laird, Harry Perryman, GWS 2nd Out: Jack Vin
  13. Thing is with Salem is doesn't seem to be able to kick those low spear type passes, instead he seems to have a 'chip' style kick. The chip kick is very effective around stoppages where he has great vision to accurately spot a teammate, however it doesn't work so well in the back half when the defence is set and able to cut it off because it gives the defence a lot of time to react to it. I'm a believer that Salem would be much better utilised on the wing where his chip kicks are more effective around stoppages and kicking inside 50. He could be our so called 'quarterback' at stoppages where as
  14. I'm not saying we should trade Oliver, I'm just saying we won't get anything for Brayshaw if we get him. My opinion is we should let Viney walk then Brayshaw will be able to play inside mid and we get a good pick and cash to chase an outside classy player.
  15. There is no point in trading brayshaw because we won't get any value at all for him, the absolute best a team would give for him is a second round pick, which especially in this year's draft doesn't have much currency to trade on for a need or will be good enough to pick a player that will have a big impact in the next few years. Trade Oliver or let Viney walk as a free agent for mine. If people want an outside classy player trading Brayshaw won't be enough to secure a player like that. Gotta give up value to get value. Brayshaw will also a better player by losing one of those 2 because he wil
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