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  1. I was pretty certain Ralphy is a dees supporter, you wouldn't think it though as a lot of his stuff is anti-melbourne. Ralphy constantly gets it wrong with his dees reporting though, the only one that gets reliable information out of Melbourne is Jay Clark.
  2. To me this reeks of Isaac Smith burning us last year holding off for Geelong to finish their finals campaign to come out and nominate them as his club of choice. Can sense Cerra doing a similar thing burning Carlton waiting for us to finish our campaign. If he was set on Carlton he probably would've nominated them by now.
  3. We could easily strike a deal. If Freo are so hell bent on first round picks then: We land a pick in the 20-30's for Weid (Probably from North, GC, or Coll) Package up that pick with our second rounder to send to the dogs for their first (they need points for Darcy) Dogs 1st + Our Future First for Cerra (even though I think that's overs).
  4. The thing is lets say Cerra does nominate Melbourne and that's the only place he says he wants to go. We hold the upper hand, not Freo, he is out of contract. Freo's options are either: a) Accept the reasonable offer that we make b) let him walk for nothing where he likely gets picked up by another club in the national or pre season draft. Players don't get traded to clubs they don't want to go, if he nominates Melbourne, Freo can't just trade him to Carlton for Pick 6, that just doesn't happen. Unfortunately for Freo they have to deal with what we have to offer, that's basically their only option because we have the whip hand. What we have to offer is a future first, a 2nd, probably another 2nd that we get for Weid. 2 of those picks is a reasonable offer that they will have to accept because that's the best return they will get.
  5. He's in the leadership group this year. Brayshaw is a culture-setter you just don't mess with that. He won't be leaving, he's set up in Melbourne with his missus, family, and friends. IMO Cerra is not an upgrade on Brayshaw on the wing, all the defensive stuff and 1%'s Gus brings are invaluable.
  6. He's 10 years too young for Geelong's liking. In all seriousness he's a Melb metro boy he won't be going to Geelong because he wants to be close to family and friends. If he does nominate us Freo is going to be very underwhelmed by what they get. There is a 0% chance Melbourne would entertain at all Brayshaw, Jackson, Rivers unless they very surprisingly requested a trade. A trade would like our future 1st + pick for Weideman (2nd rounder) which I think is absolutely fair value for Cerra but Freo will think otherwise.
  7. I'm sure our Indigenous boys would be thrilled having Tex at the club. There isn't nothing to lose, stuff like that can hurt your culture. I'm interested how Weid has any similarity to Hawkins? Hawkins is a terrific ground level player who as we saw on the weekend can pick the ball up and snap around his body with ease, have you ever seen Weid do anything like that? Hawkins is powerful off the lead which allows him to get to space on his opponent and is extremely smart with where he is leading and his leading patterns like doubling back, when does Weid ever do that? Hawkins is a 1 grab player who knows how to use his body perfectly and is a dead-eye shot at goal, does Weid do that? It's Weideman's 6th AFL season! sometimes you just gotta face the facts he just isn't that skilled a player, I think a fresh start somewhere else would be best for him.
  8. Collingwood still have salary cap issues, especially with Moore and DeGoey being free agents next year so if Maynard did request a trade I can't see there being too much pushback from the pies and small/medium defenders is one of their strongest positions on the ground. That being said though I rate Maynard extremely highly, I view him as a top 3 negating small/medium defender in the comp who can also find the footy with ease and use it well, I'd be more than happy to give up our future 1st for him would be a deal that benefits both clubs, gotta remember he's only 24! I rate Weideman much less than others on here I just don't see his ceiling: he doesn't have a ground level game, he's an inconsistent mark, and an inconsistent shot at goal, I'd be more than happy to let him go in any deal that benefits our best 22. I'd offer them Weideman + Future 1st for Maynard + Sidebottom, which I think greatly benefits both clubs.
  9. Maynard slots into the backline = Rivers becomes your mid with great run, carry, and ball use (I'd be using him on the inside though). Solves both our problems.
  10. There's a good reason why Polec isn't getting a game for the 18th placed side, it's because he's an absolute liability defensively. He's the definition of a 1-way runner who isn't prepared to adopt a team focus. People significantly underrate the work Gus does defensively on the wing for us, yeah he's not flashy but he plays his role very well. It's really hard to bring in elite ball users through the trade period because if they are established players they require a lot of money (which we don't have) or they are unproven with significant other deficiencies (generally defence) in their game. Players like Dawson and Cerra would be beautiful but we will most likely be priced out of their market unless we unload one of our good players. Stephens or Richards would be worth taking a flier on but you wouldn't want to be giving up much to take the risk. Stephens could make a decent wingman, similar to Amon but why he's not getting a game at Sydney because of his defence. Richards is a similar player to Hunt who has been played out of position a lot, he'd best be suited to a half back flank. He's a much better kick than Hunt but is as soft as butter. Bailey Smith is an interesting one, I disagree with those calling him soft, he's usually pretty hard at it when given a chance to play inside mid which is his best position, but that's the problem is the opportunity for him. It's not like Bont, Macrae, Dunkley, Libba, Treloar are that old he's still going to be stuck behind them for opportunity for at least the next few years. I think in time if he got full inside mid opportunity he could be a top 10 mid in the comp where he'd be better off to get that opportunity elsewhere but even if he did request a trade I couldn't see the dogs entertaining any offers like with Dunkley last year.
  11. Second Duggan, he'd be absolutely perfect and still out of contract. The other one for West Coast is Brander who could be handy key position depth if Weid goes but don't really know how good he is/how good he could be. On Rivers moving to a wing next year I'm not sure about it. You have to have a big endurance base to play wing, not sure if Rivers has that (yet at least). Instead I'd prefer to move Rivers to an inside mid. He has that long booming, accurate kick which would add a real point of difference to our midfield that it doesn't have, he's also a big body with a bit of speed who has crafted a nice defensive side to his game and is a really strong mark around the ground. A while back someone made a comparison of Rivers to Elliot Yeo which I think is absolutely spot on except I think Rivers would have a better defensive side to his game. In Riv's second half of his under-18 year he moved into an inside mid role for East Fremantle where he averaged close to 30 touches, multiple tackles, multiple clearances, and over a goal a game so I believe he has the capacity to thrive in that role. On Bowey not sure if he has the endurance either to play wing and I really like him at half back where he breaks lines with his kicking. The nature of the wing position is that some days the ball will be on your wing a lot and other days it won't be on your wing much. I actually reckon Gus has done a really, really good job this year on the wing where he has done a lot of unrewarded defensive running that has been vital to our structure and success. Is he the perfect winger? No, he doesn't have line breaking pace, an elite kick, or elite endurance. Does he play his role well? Yes he does, he has great spatial awareness or shutting down opposition attacks and is just solid when you need him. We already have a close to perfect wingman in Langdon on one wing, it would be nice to have 2 perfect wingman but in reality they will have days when they get don't much of the footy. Dylan Stephens might be worth looking at to play on the wing but does he offer the defensive side to the game Gus offers on a wing? Not sure, but his small frame limits that, I certainly wouldn't be giving up anything more than one of our second rounders. Trent Dumont is a free agent, he could maybe play the wing role but is he better than Gus? The other option could be Steele Sidebottom for a few years who does have elite endurance but is probably the same pace as Gus now. Personally I'd just rather stick with Gus, and I think Jordan could develop into a really nice winger. Down the track Rosman could potentially but I have serious doubts (he's an athlete not a footballer). I'd rather allocate my trade targets elsewhere and for me our biggest need is a small/medium defensive defender to replace Hibberd, where Maynard is the perfect option. He should be our number one target as Rivers could then move into the inside midfield too with your defence consisting of Maynard, Hunt, Salem, Bowey.
  12. Anderson I believe has the potential to be a star of the competition but just from the games I've seen of him I think he needs to tidy up his ball use to reach an elite level. He seems a bit meat-and-potatoes at the moment who doesn't have a heap of damaging weapons to his game. I remember in his under 18 year he kicked a lot of goals as a midfielder but so far in his career he has kicked 4 goals from 35 games (0 this year) which is something he needs to rediscover. I'm not saying he is a dud I just think he's a tad overrated from what I've seen. Something I remember which was interesting is that we didn't have him in our top 5 on our draft board (was Rowell, Jacko, Green, Young, Dev Rob) so if GC wasn't given those draft concessions and we had pick 2 we still probably would've taken Jacko which probably would've caused a lot of outrage at the time. Just on that too I think I'd rather target Dev Rob than Anderson just because he would come way cheaper, I think he has a similar game and ceiling, I think he'd be more likely to leave because of opportunity (Lions midfield is stacked), and we have some connections with him playing a lot of junior footy with Jacko and Riv.
  13. Don't really understand why some on here are so keen on Gunston. Had back surgery in December which didn't work, now he is having more back surgery, there's no guarantee it will fix him if the last lot didn't work. Serious back injuries can be one of the most debilitating injuries you can cop, and especially at the age of 30 next year his movement could be completely cooked which is a large part of his game. If we brought in Gunston and his body was okay it also means he's kicking one of BB, Tmac, Jackson, or Fritsch out of the team (you couldn't play Gunston with all of them). Big no from me, if he gets his body right I think he'd be perfect for Gold Coast as someone coming in who knows how to win and he could be groomed for a coaching role post footy.
  14. Not sure if it has been brought up but I want to shoutout Clarry who copped a really heavy, relentless tag from Hutchings but still managed to have a big impact on the game. 21 contested touches, 9 clearances, and stood up in huge moments, hats off to him as in the past tagger's have got the best of him sometimes (DeBoer round 3). Harmes had his best game of the season, barely wasted a touch and his work rate with phenomenal. Needs to bring that every week. Bowey looking like a lock in the side, apart from that holding the ball he was so composed all night and you just feel safe and confident when he has the ball. I reckon its a safe bet that Salem will be rested this week so will get even more opportunity to show what he can do.
  15. I'm not sure what to make of Billings either, looks awesome when he's on, but terrible when he's not and unfortunately those two outcomes occur as often as each other. I think Saints have stuffed with his role heaps and he'd do better if he was given just one position to knuckle down and in general I think he needs a change of scenery to get the best out of himself.
  16. Would be a great deal for us but something to be considered is any picks Collingwood bring in this year are going to be swallowed up by a Daicos bid so they are likely going to be after picks in next years draft. Personally I rate Maynard so highly and would be vital to our structure (Hibbo replacement) id be happy to hand over our future 1st and be done with it. I think Maynard + Sidebottom for Weideman + future 1st is a fair deal for both sides that benefits what each side is trying to accomplish.
  17. Can you play all of Brown, Tmac, Jackson, Fritsch, Gunston in the same forward line? Gunston is an absolute jet but IMO we already have our Gunston in Fritsch. Gunston might be cooked as well he has missed the entire year pretty much with a back injury, which is pretty bad especially for an older player. I'd like to see Fritsch drift higher up the ground more like Gunston does, his field kicking exquisite, especially going inside 50 always lowers his eyes.
  18. Considering he barely gets a game for GC I doubt he'd be in the best 22 picture for us. Very, very lazy footballer who also is a inconsistent finisher, he's not really a pressure forward or a goal kicking forward I don't love him. Don't like Hanrahan either he reminds me of a poor man's ANB, he tries hard but just doesn't have the skills required to be an AFL footballer (not hating on ANB just a comparison in play style). I like your Stephens call though definitely potential there he does very much need to put on size though. The one I don't understand how he's not playing is Riccardi, definitely would be worth a crack, still just 21 not sure if this is a big call but I reckon he's got better upside than Weideman. After today still got some concerns with our midfield. Harmes' skills are a real worry, if he's not got a defensive job he can be very meh, Viney been a bit better but just trickling along, I've also got concerns with Viney's long term sustainability with his injuries and the way he plays though that 5 year deal was a mistake and reckon it'll come back to hurt eventually. Sparrow pretty meh as well I've got my doubts if he'll ever make it as a mid, Jordan does have better upside though. Think our mid depth might get found out come finals, just gotta hope our defence can stand tall, but its an issue we need to address this off season.
  19. I'd argue Cerra doesn't have too much versatility either. Agreed it will be funny to see Carlton put all theirs eggs in one basket again which will destroy their salary cap overpaying B-graders like St Kilda and will be stuck mid table.
  20. I agree with all of that, Viney, Harmes, and Brayshaw are all very limited footballers at times and fairly inconsistent. I think Rivers is the answer long term, Yeo is a great example of the type of player he could be. I think we should take a punt on someone like Constable and if Crouch didn't cost too much salary wise and his body was right I would welcome him.
  21. Really like the Duggan call, gone very under the radar as still out of contract, exactly what we need in our midfield and he might lack opportunity in that Eagles midfield as Shuey, Kelly, Yeo, Gaff, Sheed all still have plenty of footy left in them. I believe Duggan still has a lot of untapped potential as an inside or outside mid who has just lacked opportunity. I actually believe our biggest need aside from a lockdown small defender to replace Hibbo (Maynard perfect target) is a quality inside mid. If you look at our midfield in comparison to the other top 4 teams it can fall away very quickly after Clarry and Trac. Saying that as well I reckon Trac is so dangerous when 1 out up forward and should be spending more stints deep forward 1v1, and he does do a lot of hack kicks out of the midfield. Here are the inside midfields of the other top 4 teams: Western Bulldogs: Bont, Macrae, Libba, Dunkley, Treloar, Bailey Smith Geelong: Dangerfield, Guthrie, Duncan, Selwood, Menegola, Parfitt Brisbane: Neale, Lyons, Zorko, McCluggage, Bailey, Dev Rob (not high quality yet but really like him) Melbourne: Oliver, Petracca, Viney, Harmes, Jordon, Brayshaw The bulldogs are a bit of an anomaly with how ridiculously good their midfield is but if you look past the first two names of our midfield in comparison with the other teams I believe there is a stark difference. Our midfield can become too reliant sometimes on Clarry and Trac and worst case scenario if one of them ever got injured we would be in serious strife. We ain't gonna have the cash to chase the big names like J.Kelly so here are a few cheaper mids that might be available. Adam Cerra - I believe whoever lands Cerra is going to significantly overpay for him, I personally don't see the insane hype he gets from the media sometimes, yeah his kicking looks sexy sometimes but I have my doubts he will ever reach those elite disposal numbers plus we won't have the assets to pluck him out of Freo which will be required which is a top 10 pick (which I think is way overs). Matt Crouch - All signs point to him heading home to Victoria. Not a sexy player as he is known to be low-impact-per-possession but hard to argue with an average of over 30 disposals per game every year since 2017 (taking out last year with shortened quarters). His kicking and lack of versatility aren't great, I see him as a similar player to Jarryd Lyons. Bit of an injury risk too with him sitting out this year with a groin injury. However these factors mean he isn't going to cost a bucketload of cash, he is a free agent so doesn't cost anything at the trade table and is still just 26, I think he would add really good depth to the midfield. Charlie Constable and Quinton Narkle - Both have lacked opportunity in the Geelong midfield and have a lot of untapped potential. I have my doubts as to whether Narkle has enough of a defensive side to his game and ball-winning ability to make it as a quality midfielder. Constable has been tearing up the VFL, 191cm strong mid again in the Lyons mold who also has a nice defensive side to his game. Averaged 21.4 touches in his debut but since lacked opportunity in his preferred role. Narkle is the better kick but Constable possesses a strong set of hands where either can be up forward too. Both will cost nothing, low risk, high upside. Patrick Lipinski - Very similar player to Narkle, with the same strengths and weaknesses I mentioned. Diinterested with defensive side of the game at times is why he can't hold a spot in the dogs side but a good ball user who can also play across half forward but best position is inside mid. Brayden Fiorini - In a rich vein of form at the moment after getting his inside mid opportunity. Can rack up touches with ease but ball use is iffy at times and small frame can lead to him being exposed defensively sometimes. Gold Coast has a lot of high draft picks to fit into their midfield there may be better opportunity elsewhere however is under contract until 2023. Luke Dunstan - Had a good year but is a bit vanilla. Similar player to Matt Crouch but Crouch does it with better production. Also a free agent but a pass for mine there are better options. Liam Duggan - mentioned above, originally drafted as an inside midfielder he has a really nice blend of inside/outside to his game. Tough as nails and a really nice ball user who is accountable defensively as well. Similar player to Cerra, I believe he could be even better than Cerra provided the opportunity to thrive as an inside mid. As mentioned OOC, from Vic, and still just 24. Few others to mention who I believe are unrealistic targets, Cam Guthrie is surprisingly still OOC and a free agent at that but just can't see him leaving Geelong. Tom Mitchell might be up for grabs but Hawks will be looking for a top 10 pick which we won't have. One more which is a bit off topic is I reckon a Steele Sidebottom for Weideman swap with a few other assets moving in there is a deal makes a lot of sense for both parties. I also believe in time Laurie can develop into a damaging high-impact midfielder in the Shane Edwards mold, as could Kozzy in a mid Walters mold. Those 2 will predominately still be small forwards though, just can provide valuable POD to run through there. In time Rivers could become an elite pure midfielder as he has that inside/outside blend which he showed great production as a pure mid in his under 18 year, but he doesn't have the tank yet to do it, in time though that's a move I'd make and Bowey can take his spot at half back. Goody will never do mid Salem and I'm okay with that as he is elevated himself to a very good-elite half back this year which im happy not to mess with that. I think Jordon and Sparrow's potential is capped as role players which is okay but when you come up against the top 4 midfields as mentioned is that enough to get you over the line? That might be a bit harsh on Jordon as his production has been capped by opportunity and time-on-ground but I think you'd want to see another step-up in his development next year.
  22. Cya Weid, a rebuilding club will stupidly take a punt on him. Fling him off for any pick or a vet, we can use the cash on an actual best 22 player.
  23. Is Laurie playing? saw mentioned he was warming up but haven't heard any mention of him in the game so far.
  24. This is what I'm going with: B: Hibberd, May, Lever HB: Rivers, Mcdonald, Bowey Int: Tomlinson I really like the May, Lever, McDonald down back as all 3 are capable of stopping a forward obviously with May being the best but all 3 are great intercept marks which I think will be hard to get past. Hibberd will take the best small forward, Rivers will make the half back his own next year, and then I've got Bowey slotting in on a half back which I think will be his best position (he's a clone of Caleb Daniel just a bit taller). His elite kicking behind the ball and zip will provide a lot to our side, and he has the toughness and courage to do defensive stuff as well, as well as a nice vertical, he can play taller than his listed 175cm height. I've got Tomlinson as the 7th defender as just a solid role player who can play on talls, mediums, or even smalls, or if it looks to big May is actually pretty quick so he could play on a small. I also like Tomlinson's ball use behind the ball where he will provide good rebound from half back. C: Langdon, Brayshaw, Salem R: Gawn, Oliver, Hamres Rotating: Petracca, Viney, Jackson Firstly on the wings I've got Langdon to just keep on doing what he does and that's run all day and I'm moving Salem up to the wing which I think is his best position where he can use kicking placement and footy IQ to hurt teams and I see him as the perfect compliment to Langdon because they both offer something very different. Brayshaw can chop out on the wing when the two of them need a rest. Jackson obviously back up ruck to Gawny, I expect there to be about a 80/20 split between Gawn and Jackson. My starting on ball mix I've got Oliver, Brayshaw, Harmes which in my opinion is our best midfield mix because Oliver does the in and under inside stuff, Brayshaw knows where to position himself for the handball receive for the outside stuff, and harmes will lock down the oppositions best midfielder and also expose them for them for workmate going forward. Rotating I've got Trac splitting his time 50/50 between forward and midfield, Viney splitting his time 75/25 between forward and midfield, and Jackson splitting his time 50/50 between forward and midfield (25% ruck, 25% inside mid). Petracca obviously has a massive impact in both areas of the ground, Viney I've got pinch hitting for a bit of a lift around the ball when needed, and Jackson I'm keen to see him get some on-ball minutes next year as teams won't know what to do and he can definitely match in there with his mobility and ground level ability. HF: Fritsch, Weideman, Petracca F: Pickett, B.Brown, Viney I: Jackson, Melksham, Laurie So I'm lining up with 3 tall forwards (Brown, Weideman, Jackson), 3 medium forwards (Fritsch, Petracca, Melksham), and 3 small forwards (Pickett, Viney, Laurie). As discussed before a few of those players will be rotating through the midfield. Tall forwards are nice, if Ben Brown gets back to how he was it will cause Weideman to get the number 2 defender which I could see big bags of goals from both. If Fritsch could kick straight he could kick a lot of goals and will get even less attention with Brown in there. I still feel as if we miss Petracca's goals up forward when he's in the midfield, which he showed in the game against St Kilda, he's still so deadly, so I want to see like a Dusty 50/50 mid forward split next year. Melksham needs to go back to his role as a bit of minimising the best defenders influence on the game, his inside 50 kicking is still there he just needs to get back the areas of his game. He's played a lot of important jobs like his job on McGovern in that Round 22 win over West Coast in 2018, that's what I want to see him do every week because he's very smart at taking his man away from dangerous positions and then still impacting himself. Small forwards Kozzy and Laurie will cause havoc next year, watch for Laurie's elite ball use going inside 50, he might not kick many goals but he will set up a ton. I've got Viney playing predominantly as a small forward which is out of necessity to fit everyone into the midfield but also because I think he's got some really good traits up forward. Absolutely relentless tackler he will really help inside 50 retention, Viney wins just about every 1v1 on the ground and his finishing skills are underrated. I'd like to see him work on his snaps and goal kicking all summer, in my opinion Viney has a crucial role to play up forward as a pressure forward. E: Sparrow, Hore, Petty, Spargo Overall I'm expecting top 4 next year, I think on paper we have a better team than we did in 2018 and anything less is a failure IMO. Goodwin needs to work out how to get the best out of every player and find the right position for each player. This is my opinion of the best 22 and it will be very different to everyone else's but with amount of versatile players on our list it will be interesting to see what our team looks like in round 1.
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