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  1. Base level with plenty of incentives for # games in the 1s. He's 28 next month, so I'm not sure how many other clubs would be in the market...?
  2. Late to training because his Zoom with Horse went a little long...?
  3. Though we've looked far more solid down back with May/Lever/OMac than when Smith was tried earlier in the year. In any case I'll be interested to see how it goes - Smith's asset seems to be his athleticism so perhaps a defensive role a little higher up the ground might be in store. He's surely running out of time to find a home in the best 22.
  4. A Hawks loss is also good for us re. their 2nd round draft pick we got for Frost. ?
  5. This is why the Internet was invented. Fantastic!
  6. If Dons win they'll be fan-declared flag favourites.
  7. I'm struggling to conceive how a 2021 Watts, Tyson or *gulp* Dunn could possibly be countennanced as positive inclusions to our list.
  8. So it's a blunder now? Talk about manufacturing a story from sweet FA.
  9. We've had a few losses that often means no votes for losing sides. Neale will have polled more thanks to more wins.
  10. Our tall timber had been felled at both ends, I daresay we're in significantly better shape this time around. That said, the Swans have dished us out a regular heartache for a decade or more; so we certainly need to bring our A-game.
  11. Word just in May has been charged with regicide after tonight's performance.
  12. Give him a 5 year contract for a spot in the 400 club.
  13. And just like that it's a 2pt ballgame. FFS. Can easily see a 10 goal loss brewing here.
  14. Channel 7 didn't pack the telephoto zoom lenses it seems.
  15. Colour of the jumper only plausible explanation.
  16. Nice to see set shots going between the bigger middle sticks. Good work boys.
  17. Never a 50 when in our favour. A [censored] joke.
  18. We sure love making it difficult on ourselves to scrape into finals.
  19. I think it's fair to say the par score for this season given our last few would surely be to finish in the 8, no it would be a fail as far as I'm concerned if we don't make it (and the equation's just gotten pretty tough now).
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