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  1. Just a question guys, will ticket master automatically unlock the p2 tickets at 11 or will i have to manually enter them again at 11?
  2. Hey guys, just was trying out my barcodes for the 11am release and one of my codes are unrecognised. Anyone have a spare p2 barcode i can try if it isn't too much to ask?
  3. Long time user mate, know I don’t post enough but I’m happy to dm you
  4. Going to be stressful then, I didn’t purchase the GFG thinking it wouldn’t matter cause of most the GFG being in Victoria? Am I buggered then?
  5. Didn’t get the guarantee this year so fingers crossed there is a members ballot?
  6. Message that needed to be sent unfortunately, Chandler will bring the tackling missed from Melksham
  7. Our logo now is timeless, would be very happy if it stays for a long, long time. Simplicity works
  8. Hey guys please move the topic to the approiate section if it doesn't apply to the main board. Basically trying to chase down a L or XL of the 90s puma shirt if anyone was willing to part ways and sell it. Been keeping my eyes out on those reselling pages that seem to be making a killing, but to no avail so i've decided to bother you all.
  9. I’m all for putting the foot in, but if there is one thing we can probably say we know it’s that he hasn’t lost the group! The relationship he has with the players has been that well documented. Schwarz should be bringing up other things like only just now Goody admitted we were training the wrong things in the off season
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