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  1. althought i love the romance in it. I reckon M........ Gawn might poll a vote here lol
  2. Even the filth are jumping on the wagon
  3. Feeling bullish about tonight but this will determine our fate in a sense. Win this, the belief we have built with in will be solidified and those lapses against lesser teams will decrease significantly. Lose and we become unsure and second guess our selves, which will hurt us come finals. Dees by any margin ? Hope all of us are breaking out the Moët and blue cheese platter by half time.
  4. Was quite quiet and eery atmosphere early. Very few in attendance. It picked up after half time. I think the tipping point in momentum was when the brisbane lions cheers squad leader went [censored] up and fell down a few rows of seating. ?? Boys grinded hard and got on top. Lachie Neale is as big a downhill skier Ive seen. And Dayne Zorko, Well Tommy Mac sorted that goose out then showed class and gave the midget a hand up. We are a different club to what weve all become accustomed to. Signs of a great club and Petracca ???
  5. Cheers legend. Got myself my 6yr old son and a mate tickets. Picking young bloke early from school and on our way by 12pm Noon. Game on Boys....
  6. are tickets on sale yet or no crowds?? sorry I'm useless
  7. de ja vu..... holding the ball not called. then opposite deliberate call paid....
  8. might have been better to put the maid on it and kept the shiraz the way were wasting our chances.
  9. My question is, is Cornes capaplble of thinking. I don't think anyone cares what he thinks. He is a goose
  10. This should be the minimum requirement each year. I am somewhat excited about what's been happening at the club this off season. Seems to be an approach/strategy for next season we haven't seen yet from our beloved club. Optimistic for the first time in many many years
  11. Any else heard of our interest in Luke Jackson with pick 8? Heard it a few times now.. any seen him play?
  12. Yeah I agree with you completely. Looked like a lower grade he was playing but I like his positioning. He knows where to be. Having said that a larger sample size is necessary.
  13. I can't get my head around it. What are they doing (besides their superior facilities than ours) that we are not?
  14. I agree with you on most of that, but why would any club trade pick 2 for 11,13?
  15. I'd trade every other mid (barring Oliver of course, before losing Brayshaw. How many players have gone through second year blues and went on to become genuine stars.? This was his 4th season, has missed a fair chunk of games through concussion. He could be a bit burnt out physically or mentally.? He also hasn't had the on field support that was so prevalent last season. Which would have made his life a whole lot more enjoyable out there each week.
  16. Mel B, this is the best post I have ever read. Absolutely spot on.
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