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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. To be fair Oliver would have kicked a goal if max didn’t palm it into the post
  2. How was that not picked up can’t [censored] believe it.
  3. There’s been nothing in any of what kozzie has done. Can’t believe it’s been mentioned so much by blokes who were so adamant Maynard was a footy act
  4. At least Joel can kick straight. We’d be in serious trouble with out him
  5. How does he get weeks for that? Surely you’re taking the [censored]
  6. I’d rather beat the filth than gws but happy with either as runner up
  7. Adelaide might get petty with this trade, it won’t be Harrison however.
  8. Can’t wait for the bounce. Boys better respond. We’ll know early if we’re going to win this. I predict a hot start, the boys will want to get themselves in a position to have another crack the filth on the 30th.
  9. West coast will not be parting with Oscar. Would be amazing for both clubs nonetheless
  10. They are not winning the flag. we’ll beat ‘em and Gus will be back by then. wakes up **
  11. BT is a [censored]. Anyone hear him say max hasn’t been in form this year. Already started his nonsense
  12. How’s the facial expressions of the magpies. They look like they overawed overconfident we look like we are going into war they look like they’ve just double dropped at love machine.
  13. Had a date lined up for tonight to watch the game my nerves got the better of me. Had to cancel last minute to stay in and watch in solice. Please boys get the job done
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