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  1. I'm guessing he wouldn't play for a team called 'the demons'. He's that sort of nutty. The saints on the other hand...
  2. Yeah I did. I sure hope so. My initial assumption was that I'd find heaps of 0-2 teams make the 8 because it's just two games as everyone keeps saying. I was surprised by how much teams were clustered at the bottom. I didn't realise I'd need to run a randomised controlled trial to meet the statistical standards of demonland. Lesson learned.
  3. Yeah I'd like to hope we're a fair bit better than the average 0-2 team since 1995. I'm just providing the numbers. Make of them what you wish.
  4. So I ran the numbers to see where teams tend to finish on the ladder when they start a season 0-2. And it wasn't that reassuring. Since 1995 (i.e 16+ teams) here's where teams that started 0-2 finished: Only 9% of teams that start 0-2 since 1995 have finished in the top 4. (The Pies last year were 0-2, 74% before finishing 5th.) If you just look just at teams on the bottom of the ladder after two rounds it's even worse: Only 1 team out of 24 (4%) that was on the bottom after two rounds finished in the top 4. In case you're wondering, that was St Kilda in 1997. So, yeah, let's hope we can do a St Kilda.
  5. Enjoyed your summaries all season. Thanks joeboy.
  6. His disposal was fine. It's not his fault his team mates are muppets.
  7. In fairness he did have 37 disposals (23 contested) and 17 clearances...
  8. I know there's been a bit of chatter on here about the team with the highest percentage to miss finals and whether we will take the crown this season so I ran my own numbers. The good news is, if you go back far enough in VFL/AFL history our current percentage of 130.5 wouldn't figure in the top 5. We won't even take Melbourne's record. Of course, for a lot of those seasons the proportion of sides making finals was a lot smaller. If we look just at AFL history though we're a near certainty to break the record if we lose the next two: Better just get a win this weekend and I can stop looking at these morbid stats...
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