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  1. Love Laurie's highlights. Looks like Caleb Daniel with ball in hand.
  2. Agree. He's clearly spoken to someone at the club.
  3. Agree, was head in hands stuff everytime Harmes would get it in the defensive 50. Would have been all for swinging him forward to take Fritsch's position, think he is a much more natural forward than a defender.
  4. Harmes and McDonald out according to Tom Morris on Twitter. Hallelujah - but Harmes can thank Goodwin for ruining his year with the baffling call to send him to the backline.
  5. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-2020-adelaide-crows-kane-cornes-max-gawn-injury-shoulder-st-kilda/news-story/705c3006064a55a28a67d83422e52b86?nk=d15d8f45b5f8e9ba00289d4b8d68a4af-1596766701 When Kane Cornes is trying to defend us, you know that it's gone too far.
  6. Splitting the 2on1's has been really good. Just need him to clunk some inside 50 now.
  7. Going off Luke Jackson’s Instagram , Joel Smith is in for round 2 also. Woohoo!
  8. Can't beat the West Coast game R22 2018. To beat the eventual premiers, over there, with the season on the line was just huge. Dean Kent will always hold a special place in my heart.
  9. Christ. These injury reports actually hurt my soul.
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