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  1. Bit annoying that MCC/MFC premium - but only ‘home access’ - members can’t book now (10am-12pm slot) with their kids who have Junior MFC ‘home and away’ membership. Gotta wait until 1pm
  2. Agree in part with this but I’d like to see him be more assertive (in terms of taking responsibility in possession) and actually grab the ball as his default first option, instead of doing cute flicks, tap-ons and - even last night - tunnel-balls. This will come with experience, improved awareness and confidence in own ability. Timing his acceleration in and out of contests, as you say, will help too.
  3. Bartlett’s words have had the desired effect. Players have bought into the team defence, team-comes-first mantra. Trac’s post-game comments were illuminating in this regard. Working harder without the ball and creating opportunities and space on turnover, utilising our superior fitness. Loving it, may it continue.
  4. Well done, Clarry, great to see you hold on to the ball longer, accelerate out of packs and look forward and beyond with your disposal. Good signs from Gus who decided to pull his finger out. Viney and Trak continuing their excellent seasons. Max brave. Jacko and Weid exciting and mobile, let’s stick with two talls up forward. May and Lever playing better together. But all means nothing if we don’t beat North.
  5. One of my daughters, a keen Harry Potter fan, reckons the umps are under the Imperius Curse. A few Snape-like Crows fans with wands in the crowd, shouting ‘imperio’! As good a theory as any.
  6. Good stuff, Titan. I’m also tired of this maudlin revisionist tripe. We were a good side in 2018, beating top 8 sides WC, GWS, Geel and Haw. Our fixture wasn’t as hard as last year’s but it was not as easy as some would think either. Yes, we played GC and StK twice (not Carl though) but we had away games against Bris and both Adel teams and, as usual, played Geel at Kardinia Park and WC in Perth. The Hawks played at Kardinia Park for the first time in 15 years earlier this season, an absolute joke.
  7. TMac kicked that goal in R14 2017. That was the game Viney cleaned up Hurn and Schofield got done for flicking chin of Oliver (who was accused of staging). Under enormous pressure, we again won in R22 2018 (during the day) to seal a spot in the finals. Both wins were not lucky. They were sensational.
  8. Indeed. The club had no doubt pinned their hopes on winning one of the Bris and Port games. I just hope the ‘winnable’ Lions loss is not the game that blew our season apart like the one in R11 v Adel last year, ‘cos it sure seemed that way v Port. Time for some mental fortitude, Demons. Next two games will tell all, no excuses.
  9. Probably been said before, but the structural and personnel changes to allow Fritsch to play third tall forward and Lever third tall back have made a mountain of difference. Let’s keep it that way, please. That and our sustained fierce tackling and pressure warmed my heart today.
  10. I wouldn’t fall into the trap of saying our “effort is as good as anyone’s” and that our skills, decision-making and efficiency forward of centre are the main things letting us down. Our effort is precisely the thing which has disappointed me the most this season. Insipid in Round 1, inconsistent and coasting in Round 2. Then it got worse. Countless strings of uncontested marks and possessions by Geelong pointed to laziness, issues with accountability and little preparedness to run and cover defensively. In other words, not everyone was willing to work hard off the ball. In mode
  11. Over-played or not, it’s real. Ask any of the clubs in the so-called non-football states, where player retention is and has been a huge issue. Look at the raft of concessions the AFL has given these clubs over the years to mitigate this risk, including granting GCS pick #2 this year so that two Vic-based best mates can stick together, support each other and stay at the club. As for the Demons, yes, Thomson and Hogan are indeed two great examples of MFC ‘high-end talent’ wanting to leave the club and go home. And, for many Dees’ supporters, their cases alone provide enough of a cautio
  12. I’d say more than a few. And don’t under-estimate the amount of time, effort and money clubs put into potential targets to come back to their home state. It’s a compelling selling point. The last three free agency / trade periods have included the following player movements, where one could easily argue the pull to go home played an important - perhaps the dominant - role in that player’s decision to move states: 2017: Schache, Weller, N Wilson, B Matera, Gibbs, Lever, Saad, C Cameron, D Smith, Ablett, B Ah Chee, J Trengove, Crozier 2018: Conca, T Lynch, Lycett, Newman, Sh
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