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  1. The self-proclaimed Barometer (previously known as Beast Mode) - laughable. Full of bluster. His best work is limited to staging for frees.
  2. Indeed DubDee, in the air Fritta is as brave as they come - I don’t think he gets anywhere near enough credit for that. He also judges the ball in flight so well. He could teach the Weid a thing or two about positioning and marking. The only knock I had on him prior to this season was his set shot kicking, but he seems to have got a good and effective routine going now. Love ya work, Bayley!
  3. Sorry George, way off the mark here, as Lord Nev has pointed out. She was at the forefront of this, reporting fearlessly and unrelentingly on the subject, much to the chagrin of many Bomber supporters and Hird sycophants.
  4. Indeed JCB. With around 4 minutes remaining, I actually turned to my partner and said, "We won't be getting any free kicks for the rest of the game." It was as predictable as it was disgusting (from a Melbourne point of view). Umps get swept up in the moment like any of us would, I suppose. Self-preservation kicks in, in high pressure moments. Hate the bloke but I don't recall David Howlett squibbing blowing the whistle in the '87 preliminary final, after the siren mind you, to give Buckenara that 15-metre penalty in front of a passionate and partisan Melb crowd. That's the sort of braver
  5. A paedophile ring infiltrated St Kilda's Little League for a decade, and the toll is now emerging Not sure if this has been mentioned or posted but Russell Jackson has followed up with another excellent but disturbing article on the extent and impact of the alleged paedophilia by Little League coaches (Ray, Briggs and Mitchell). Again, not an easy read but these stories must be heard.
  6. Dr Drivel. Brayshaw forced out of the middle? A fringe player? Cut our losses and get a second rounder? For his sake? Ummm, no. Time for you to move on from 2018 and embrace what is actually going on at the club. Brayshaw as a wingman is a critical component of our team, particularly with his defensive running and brave plugging of gaps (both on the ground and in the air). And he’s only going to get better in that position the longer he’s a member of the Ed Langdon Wing Club, learning from one of the best in the business and appearing to be loving it. He ain’t goin’ anywhere. One of
  7. Well, since 2000, 8 teams (other than Melb) have started with a 9-0 record. 4 or 50% became premiers (Ess in 2000, Haw in 08 and Geel in 09 and 11), 1 got runner up (StK in 09), 2 bowed out in prelims (StK 04 and Freo 15) and 1 finished 8th (NM in 16). I like these odds. We’re in it up to our eyeballs.
  8. Yep, at 2.3.15 to 0.0.0, things were a little concerning, but not necessarily from a step up in class. It seemed we were a little hesitant, waiting at contests, not aggressively invading the space of Richmond players when they had the ball. Goodwin called it ‘ball watching’ in the after-match presser. Perhaps too much deference to the opposition and occasion, at least initially? Anyway, as has been said in this forum, Charlie Spartacus changed all that in an instant with his ferocious tackle on Houli. Charlie’s tackling this year has been unbelievable. Sitting near the fence line last Sat
  9. Bit annoying that MCC/MFC premium - but only ‘home access’ - members can’t book now (10am-12pm slot) with their kids who have Junior MFC ‘home and away’ membership. Gotta wait until 1pm
  10. Agree in part with this but I’d like to see him be more assertive (in terms of taking responsibility in possession) and actually grab the ball as his default first option, instead of doing cute flicks, tap-ons and - even last night - tunnel-balls. This will come with experience, improved awareness and confidence in own ability. Timing his acceleration in and out of contests, as you say, will help too.
  11. Bartlett’s words have had the desired effect. Players have bought into the team defence, team-comes-first mantra. Trac’s post-game comments were illuminating in this regard. Working harder without the ball and creating opportunities and space on turnover, utilising our superior fitness. Loving it, may it continue.
  12. Well done, Clarry, great to see you hold on to the ball longer, accelerate out of packs and look forward and beyond with your disposal. Good signs from Gus who decided to pull his finger out. Viney and Trak continuing their excellent seasons. Max brave. Jacko and Weid exciting and mobile, let’s stick with two talls up forward. May and Lever playing better together. But all means nothing if we don’t beat North.
  13. One of my daughters, a keen Harry Potter fan, reckons the umps are under the Imperius Curse. A few Snape-like Crows fans with wands in the crowd, shouting ‘imperio’! As good a theory as any.
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