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  1. Goodes won it (shared it) as a ruckman in 2003. He won it later as a ruck-rover and should have won it again as a centre half forward. Just a sensational player. And Wanganeen won it the year after Wynd, don’t forget, as a back pocket.
  2. Yes I’m also glad there’s some acknowledgment of the umps’ influence in Rd 19. It stood out like dogs’ balls, along with our poor conversion and The Bont (and his goals from forward 50 stoppages). Can’t see the Doggies continuing their dream run with the umps in finals (last game v Port was the first time in 9 or so finals that they’ve had less frees than the opposition - incredible). They’re not the romantic story this time around, despite their best efforts to portray hardship on the path to the GF and invoke supposed class differences & stereotypes between the two clubs and supporter groups. Let’s smash ‘em, and smash ‘em early. We’re the better team.
  3. My word I do. Actually, I can’t understand it. I’d feel a lot more comfortable with Hibbo and Jordon in the team instead of Smith and Sparrow. Hibbo put the clamp on Cameron last time and, in my opinion, offers more than Smith with his rebound and ball use. He’s also finals-hardened, better understands his role with May/Lever and more composed under pressure. I worry that the Viney/Harmes/Sparrow triumvirate, although damn gutsy, has a bit too much sameness - a ‘bees to honeypot’ quality - about it. Jordon adds something different, a bit more versatility, a bit more of an outside game, a bit more awareness of the next play and where to position himself, while being hard as nails himself and a good tackler. But what do I know. During the third quarter last Sat, I thought we’d lost the game at selection, and then I witnessed The Miracle of Kardinia!
  4. RTG!! What a game, what a season! And what a pity we can’t be at the G to experience all this.
  5. Utter delirium and mayhem in the home last night. 8 year old daughter jumping up and down like a lunatic, screaming at the TV, finger raised repeatedly (not in salute but vicious derision), shouting, “Suck that, Geelong. Suck it!” 11 year old running laps of the living room, swearing and hyperventilating (she’s still traumatised by other Kardinia Park experiences which can not be named), wondering if what she saw was real. Never have I been more proud of such feral behaviour. So, anyway, how does one who lives in the lockdown capital (Melb) of Australia get oneself to Perth in September?!
  6. Unbelievable!! Mayhem in our household
  7. Getting nothing from the umps. Having said that, this game was lost at selection. Smith and Sparrow should have been dropped, not Hibbo and Jordon. And TMac is clearly not ready, so Milkshake should have retained his spot. Anyway, no worries, there won’t be any finals played at Kardinia Park. Let’s beat the Cats at Optus Stadium in the GF!
  8. I’m gonna tear up, thinking of how that season ended at Arctic Park. Such a desolate place, people devastated and in shock, like a goddamn funeral. Was a great ride though, which started well before the finals of course. So much emotion and goodwill for Robbie. Northey had ‘em whipped up into a frenzy. I’ll never forget those two winning finals. 23 years of no finals and then - bang - two absolute thrashings, relentless and remorseless, with supporters baying for more blood!
  9. Can’t stand the Weagles. 1990s roids-machine wasn’t endearing, nor was the meth coke era (although ‘88 elim final was ok - thanks Andy Lovell and Gazza!). 2018 prelim experience didn’t help, especially spending $3k to get deaf in their whiz bang stadium and endure ‘Eagle Rock’ on a loop post game on the loudspeaker with large, uncoordinated shorts-wearing fans dancing and shaking their hips with glee, guts spilling out, singing along out of tune in between chanting, “MCG, MCG, MCG”! Umps don’t help. A cool 28-16 tonight, 10-2 to close out the game. So predictable. Always playing them in Perth doesn’t help. 8 out of our last 10 games against them have been played in Perth. How ridiculous. What elite sporting league in the world has such a fixture lacking in so much integrity and fairness year on year? The last time we played WCE at the MCG was in 2014. 2014 for god’s sake. And don’t get me started on the number of times we’ve had to play Geelong in Geelong, versus other teams, over the years. The sad irony is - for us Victorian-based fans - we’ll most likely have to win the flag at bloody Optus Stadium this year. At least it won’t have to be against the Weagles. They’re done.
  10. Where’s Dr D(rivel), the Oracle of Dross, the Demon Doomsayer, he who reverentially refers to himself in the third person, firing his scattergun of prophetic excrement all over the forum walls with narcissistic pleasure? Check your very well-researched ladder predictor, Drivel. No vindication for you after all. Try again next year. Or, better still, don’t.
  11. Well at least he said 'lessons' and not 'learnings', hey Dr Drivel?!
  12. Round of 16 game going into Quarter Finals. And I blame Hiddink. He was overly defensive in tactics and substitutions once Italy were down to 10 men. Magical time though in Germany.
  13. Also from MCC website re game v GWS: Full and Restricted members can reserve a ticket for themselves and purchase up to 2 visitor tickets. Provisional members* and Annual guest card holders can reserve a ticket for themselves. *Provisional members will not be able to access seating on Level 2.
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