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  1. You enjoy your day also WCW…huge day for our great club!
  2. I am also a WA based member and have been a continuous member for over 25 years. I will be barracking very loudly for all other members who should be there but can’t. I love this club and tomorrow is going to be a very emotional day…I feel bloody proud!
  3. I was at Optus earlier and when they ran out Viney separated from the group and ran through the middle of the ground…this is his moment and he knows it!
  4. I will be heading to the Camfield. If we have won, will then head home and open up the cellar. is anyone heading to Empire Bar for the pre-match Western Demons function? Go Dees!
  5. Oh it’s Petracca…god that was an embarrassing presentation
  6. Hibberd gets first crack at that IMO. Everytime he has been set a job this year he has done a food job. I'd like to see him bring some physical heat and really test out Weightman early. I know it is not really our style but could we see a really hard physical approach early on the Bont. The Giants have done it successfuly in the past. I am not suggesting anything untoward but I'd like to see him know that he is in for a very hard game from early on
  7. Clayton is the best player in the league! His absolute want to win every contest separates him. Best I’ve seen in the red and blue. Good luck tonight Clarry!
  8. Agree with this...this is the moment he has been built for! I think he may play a game like he has never played before. I thought his game last week was up there with the best performances I have ever seen from him...I'd set him for Libba
  9. @loges @Cassiew thanks for the response guys
  10. In the case of a win, what is the process of purchasing one? I'd love one to hang in the house
  11. @Spud and @Demon Diva - thanks for your help and for all the other generous people who offered to help. I will be in touch so please check your PMs later tonight. Thanks again and Go Dees!
  12. Allocation exhausted. Thanks FND...all the best and Go Dees!
  13. I am chasing 2 x also...for family so no stress if not possible
  14. There are some great people on this site...remember to cheer loudly for them
  15. If anyone else has 2 x codes, I can garner up some Demon support...no stres either way though
  16. unlikely Daisy, there appears to be allocation remaining
  17. I am now chasing 1 x priority 2 or 3 please for family. Thanks for everyone's consideration
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