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  1. I like Harmes getting midfield minutes more than Viney.
  2. Man, to serve that up against that rabble. I wanna spew up. First game of the year we didn't win where the other team weren't good. [censored] me they are average. And to draw against them? Yuck.
  3. 100% confident we roll them. They're lucky to be this close.
  4. Also - from a Port supporting mate speaking after Kysaiah's one step goal; "Why can't we have a small forward do something like that" Absolute music to my ears. We have a ripper.
  5. TMac was so clutch tonight - love seeing him up and about!
  6. Or... just composure in front of goal, and we win yeah? Ease off - giants played very well. Our strengths came to fore in the last, we just didn't convert.
  7. Ever since I was enlightened last year by the analysis from Axis of Bob, I believe we'll win more centre clearances (which is an area we've been patchy) if Viney is in the team, so he's slots in for mine. Even if it is at the expense of Jordon (who hasn't put a foot wrong). You want him in a finals match.
  8. Apologies if it has been mentioned already - but is anyone else still thinking about that amazing handball by Clarry that lead to Sparrow's goal in Q4? It was out on the wing after the ultra intelligent highball by Salem, because we only had ANB vs 4 Lions ahead, that allowed enough time for Clarry to swoop in and give an amazing handball to ANB (who also did an amazing job to halve the contest), who then released to Trac, and... it was all over after that. Just awesome. Awesome.
  9. How good is it that our first and second rounders from the 2017-2019 drafts are all playing this match! 2017: Spargo, Fritsch and Petty 2018: Sparrow and Jordon 2019: Jackson, Koz and Rivers That's a serious strike rate from JT!
  10. I hope the ladder position of the crows isn't dwelled on... 16th or not, they played a great brand on the day. It's just unfortunate they did it against us (noting full well they would have pumped themselves up to "take it the top of the ladder Dees")
  11. Adelaide played a great game, the spectacle was actually awesome. We lost to a worthy performance IMO. Non calls hard not to dwell on tho
  12. Based on that article alone, sounds Schloithe could step in for Melksham next week. I'm sure it's not as good as it sounds, though.
  13. They have a dip, we respond every time. We're just better!
  14. Kinda felt like Carlton played better that quarter. What a damn shame they're 7 points down to show for it.
  15. Don't get me wrong, firmly in the Weid camp. But... has Majak played a more comparable role in the VFL?
  16. Haven't lost a 4th quarter this year. Don't see why that changes now.
  17. You'd suspect Sparrow would have come in for Viney if his injury was known Thursday. The most like for like IMO. So out Baker, in Sparrow. Toughness is a must given the swans mids. Out Tomlinson, in Petty. It's his time. TMac was only one wayward kick away out of defence today for the sentiment to be entirely different haha.
  18. Super excited to watch the Dees today! As a Taswegian, it's my first live game since R23 2019. The BB fairytale - playing first game in home state - just makes it all that much sweeter!
  19. I reckon Melbourne can't resist the fairytale Ben Brown story here. Debut for new club, against old club, at his home state. Make way Melksham I say!
  20. As a Hobartian, hoping like hell it'll go ahead at Blundstone!
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