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  1. I think someone posted more details earlier in the thread. It is substantially skinnier than any other ground (116m) and very long (170m) with strangely shallow pockets. It really favours their zone defence, and should actually assist ours I would have thought. Where it really killed us last time is that it is a lot easier to congest the exit from defence. i actually think they played us super well in the last game. The ground did give them some assistance but they legitimately outplayed us. edit: typo
  2. This is what I hate about the media, leading with misleading stats. We were not 18th for pressure in the first 10 rounds. I can’t remember the exact window they used but it was, I’m sorry to say it, a tight window around the peak of our loading phase. We have never been waiting to flick a magic switch. We have been driving hard, like running up a hill with a heavy backpack. Constantly ignoring the backpack and telling ourselves to work harder, be more ruthless, dig deep and work for each other. This week we just dropped the back pack. Let’s just say, all of a sudden getting to the contest to apply pressure just got a lot easier.
  3. It’s not trolling, it is reinforcing the message. Read my post above
  4. I just want to provide a slightly alternative view to what you have been hearing from the club in the last week or so. The way to maximise the result of physical stress is to improve your mental application. Loading and the effect of fatigue is not overcome only with your body, you largely overcome it with your mind - mental toughness. If you sit around telling your players that everything is going to be fine when we drop the loads, you kill better than half the benefit of loading. The way to maximise the benefit is to get players to focus on and improve the things that they can control even while they are desperately fatigued. Because of this, it is absolutely to the clubs advantage to apply the loads and then talk only about ruthlessness, selflessness and application. This is getting the players to focus on what they can control. If they do that, not only do they increase their physical endurance, they increase their mental endurance at the same time. So what we’re are hearing from the players and the coaches is not a lie, it is what they need to believe to get the maximum benefit from the loading.
  5. Ummm, I don't suppose you have watched the 3rd quarter of last years Grand Final? Or maybe you could just look at some of the efforts last week. When this midfield group is on they are absolutely unstoppable. I have never seen a midfield able to explode out the front of a centre bounce the way these guys are able to. No group can maintain that effectiveness all game every game but Trac, Clarrie, Viney and Max regularly turn it on.
  6. I don't think we rely on secrets to win, we rely on executing our game plan so well that other teams can't win regardless. In the case of the down the line kick, this has been done to death. It is a high percentage, low risk play. It only fails for us when we are unable to get the players positioned well at the fall of the ball if the mark fails. It beggars belief that people think that Goody and co don't know other teams know what we are going to do on kick out. They know, the strategy works anyway - most of the time. i won't be surprised if we see some different exit strategies if we get desperate during finals but I don't expect to see us telegraphing that sort of change now. With respect to the centre bounce, they can either lag off, play a sweeper and control the outer ring or they can shark aggressively and compete in the inner ring, they can't do both. We have strategies for breaking down both those tactics, they very often involve driving hard with the legs and changing direction via handball. I also think people underestimate just how good Max is at directing the tap. I was really impressed with what the doggies did with the low flat passes into the forward 50. We will definitely take a look at that, more pressure on the ball carrier will reduce that but I think it is an effective tactic when executed well. I think we could improve our own forward 50 entries using it.
  7. I haven't heard anyone in the loading periodisation discussions suggest any such thing. Loading only explains our performance vs our best performance. It has nothing to do with whether our game plan stacks up or whether other teams have found a way to combat our plan(s). I'm only taking this on because it seems to pop up again and again. I think I speak for all people who have posted in support of this theory/approach. It is only A factor not the only factor. It can explain our cyclic drop off in intensity and leads us to hope that when the pointy end of the season comes we will not see that drop off. There are so many other factors also at play - injuries, growth of other teams, changes/new strategies we have not seen before, in game tactics and changes. Nobody is denying any of these things.
  8. Well, we need the centre square bounce to explode out of. We only get the opportunity to execute that play when a goal has been kicked.
  9. Yeah, David King and Leigh Montagna have their 4 key stats that they always carry on about. It is about how hard teams defend and attack with and without the ball. I forget the actual details, my eyes have started to glaze over when they roll them out to support any given argument they are currently running. Reality is a little mor nuanced than that but simplified stats make for great news ;)
  10. Wow, what a bunch of sad sacks. Does anyone recall that we are the reigning premiers and second on the ladder? And as far as I can tell, the game against Geelong was the only game where our brand wasn’t on show for a fair whack of the game this year.
  11. I’m not a fan of the post 2018 milkshake but I understand the selection. If he brings his a-game he could really clean up our final kick into the forward arc. He will undoubtedly play the high half forward role freeing up Sparrow and Nibbler to do extra rotations into the midfield.
  12. I’m Sorry? You’re calling me a bigot for identifying someone who has racially abused another player? Who was also captain of the club through the camp that offended the indigenous players and pretty well killed the club culture, certainly killed the coach. And in what way did he willingly take his medicine? He was made to apologise and do community service so he could get back to playing and making money.
  13. No, what you said was ‘we only value and care for indigenous players when they are playing amazing footy. Their feelings are otherwise irrelevant and they should just suck it up while we induct a known racist to get the job done’ You may need to read your post, I have paraphrased so you can see what you did more clearly.
  14. We had almost equal turnovers, and if you look at the heatmap you’ll see they happened predominately in the same place. No prizes for guessing that this was the left side, coming out of defence just short of the true wing. Our actual problem was getting smashed in clearance (both centre and stoppage). Watching the game I thought we got smashed in contested possession as well but looking at the stats we were actually +12 for the game. That really surprised me.
  15. I think like most dees supporters I would love for us to be playing well and winning. ‘Poor form’ isn’t a sensible term for making sense of what we see though. It is just catch phrase, it has components that you can talk about though. It is made up of strategy, skill, fitness and psychological state. This thread is discussing the fitness component. I think it is a critical element for understanding what we are seeing. But every one of those elements I have noted effects the others. For simplicity sake let’s just say that a skilled footballer doesn’t become less skilled over a season. Although game to game there are certainly micro strategy tweaks, overall we are playing the same strategy that we were playing at the beginning of the year (and last year). That leaves fitness and psychology as our 2 possible variables that are affecting the outcome of games for us. Talking about team psychology feels like a waste of time since we don’t know any of the players well enough to do anything but guess their mental state, arousal levels,etc. There is one other significant factor but for the purposes of discussion on the thread topic we ignore it. That is the opposition. How we match up against a given opponent tends to get done to death in post match threads (tbh with precious little insight but plenty of vitriol and passion). Those who are pro the idea of periodisation and scaled training loads are basically saying that this is the strongest variable factor during the year on our form. Interestingly fatigue plays into all 4 factors in form - tired player’s skills degrade, tired player’s tend to drop their heads, tired player’s are less laser focused on strategy execution.
  16. I am keen to see van rooyen in action at AFL level. I have mentioned in another thread that I think having a contested marking beast in the forward 50 might net us another couple of goals per game. I just don’t think this is our real problem right now. If we can’t win contest and at least break even on clearance it really doesn’t matter how awesome our forward line is. This is why defence and contest first wins finals. Our method broke down at the cattery and that is why we lost. i absolutely want to get a good look at van rooyen, but he is not going to fix our current problem
  17. @WalkingCivilWardo we need to pass the hat tonight to try and top up your cookie jar?
  18. @WalkingCivilWar you only need to scrounge up $28,431 if they will give you the $13 membership. Can’t you get that out of the cookie jar?
  19. I agree, he looks lively and always a threat. He has a pretty good turn of pace and is not afraid to use it. I’d like to see what he can bring once he feels settled and is used to the speed of AFL. He is already managing a couple of goals a game and some decent pressure.
  20. My one word answer to this thread is ‘no’. We don’t need to kick massive scores. To state the obvious, we need to kick 1 more point than our opposition and that is all. Despite that, people may not have noticed it but our percentage is 139.6% We have managed this without any 100 point drubbings against easy beats. We have just racked up decent victories against most teams we have played. Part of why our forward line looks disfunctional sometimes is due to our territory game. This is actually code for take ground however you can, one way of taking territory is to kick long to a contest and ensure we either mark or bring it to ground. This can look ugly but as long as we don’t concede an intercept mark it is a very effective way of moving the contest up into our forward half. We have struggled more to get space in our forward line this year as oppositions have regularly flooded in order to try and choke off our ability to score. This plays into our hands though as although it makes it hard for us to get a clean entry, it leaves our defensive press in a terrific position to intercept anything exiting our forward 50. This gives us repeat entries and gives our back 6 a decent rest. I do think we would look a goal or two better if we had a monster forward to break packs and take big pack marks but the down side is that leaves us with one less person to get to work applying pressure when the ball hits the deck. If we could add some contested marking power from a person who could also tackle and chase that would be the holy grail for us.
  21. No, he is favouring bringing the ball to ground unless he is super confident of taking the mark. Given he is constantly impeded from getting a run at it and contesting against multiple defenders that means he is often preferring to insure that the ball comes to ground.
  22. Honestly I feel like some demonlanders are watching a different team to the one I’m watching. Our forward line instructions are clearly to prioritise bringing the ball to ground. You will see BB competing with 2,3 or 4 defenders regularly and halving the contest. If he goes up in a pack mark situation with soft hands he will only ever mark or be out marked, that is not our strategy. We play percentages and the number of individual goal kickers over the past couple of weeks tells me that our strategy works. He virtually never gets a block and without another genuine tall target he will rarely get space to run and jump. I’m not sure what key metric is telling people he is not doing his job, all I can think of is that his conversation on set shot, which is usually elite, is a little bit off lately. He does a power of work to get up the ground and provide an outlet. I’m honestly unsure what people are seeing that they could attribute to BB not playing his role.
  23. This is factually incorrect. Max is possibly the best tap ruckman of all time. Both his hit outs and hits to advantage are elite
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