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  1. 6: Oliver 5: Petracca 4: Jackson 3: Gawn 2: Brown 1: Neal-Bullen
  2. 6: Clayton Oliver 5: Jake Lever 4: Jayden Hunt 3: Christian Petracca 2: Kysaiah Pickett 1: Jack Viney
  3. 6: Oliver 5: Lever 4: Salem 3: Petracca 2: Petty 1: Fritsch
  4. 6: Christian Petracca 5: Tom McDonald 4: Clayton Oliver 3: Steven May 2: Christian Salem 1: Harrison Petty
  5. If Goodwin was willing to persist with Weideman and his poor form for 5 weeks, do you really think there's a chance Fritsch is getting dropped when he's kicked 28 goals in 13 games and is our leading goalkicker just because he's had 2 down weeks? Mostly as a result of our delivery inside 50 as well. Ben Brown definitely does need to come in though. If half of your game plan is to kick it in long, you need to have more than 1 tall inside your forward 50. I'd be leaning towards dropping Sparrow or ANB but probably Sparrow, not sure that goal at the end was enough to save his spot in what was a relatively quiet night for him.
  6. 6: Steven May 5: Angus Brayshaw 4: Jake Lever 3: Christian Salem 2: Jayden Hunt 1: Max Gawn
  7. 6: Petracca 5: Gawn 4: McDonald 3: Oliver 2: May 1: Spargo
  8. 6: Oliver 5: McDonald 4: Harmes 3: May 2: Salem 1: Jordon
  9. If Hawkins doesn't get suspended for swinging an elbow and accidentally fracturing Mays eye socket, Fritsch shouldn't get suspended for raising an elbow and having Powell run and stumble straight into it. Having said that, the AFL tribunal is so inconsistent these days it's hard to predict what the verdict might be.
  10. Very harsh on Baker, I thought his effort in the second half was commendable, especially in neutralising that 2 on 1 contest out on the wing. Needs to improve his disposal though.
  11. I don't dislike the idea of McDonald going down back and Weideman coming into the side as a forward. The problem with that is that Weideman and Brown play pretty similarly, that being close to goal where as McDonald adds a different dimension being able to push further up the ground. Petty is good at this stage but there's no evidence to suggest he can play that position better than McDonald. So whether McDonald goes back or goes forward, it seems like we're losing something on whichever end McDonald doesn't play in (with respect to Petty, who I definitely rate highly as a young player with a lot of potential). I'd lean towards McDonald going back and and Weideman coming in because that allows us to play our best key position players in one side at the same time but wouldn't be surprised if Goodwin and the rest of the coaching staff go the other way. Should be interesting to see what happens.
  12. 6: Kysaiah Pickett 5: Bailey Fritsch 4: Luke Jackson 3: Ed Langdon 2: Christian Salem 1: Clayton Oliver
  13. 6: Christian Petracca 5: Christian Salem 4: Luke Jackson 3: Clayton Oliver 2: Tom McDonald 1: Jack Viney
  14. Well AFL.com.au have listed 8 players in Melbournes best column so that problems sorted
  15. 6: Gawn 5: Mcdonald 4: Lever 3: Hibberd 2: Jackson 1: Petracca
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