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  1. Billy Stretch has been delisted.
  2. A bit unfair on Vandenberg. He’s long-term injured. How many games did he play this year?
  3. Frost is an athlete that likes to run. What are you talking about?
  4. Lever also did his knee before he even debuted.
  5. Is it true that Dustin Martin was number 3 in the draft the year we got Trengove at number 2? And Nat Fyfe was further down the list?
  6. Let them perish. It’s a dumb idea. Two teams in a Rugby League state. The AFL is run by money hungry morons who are wrecking the game. Next we’ll have a team based in China or Sierra Leone.
  7. Whately on SEN saying this morning Gold Coast scums getting the priority pick is a done deal. To be announced on Monday.
  8. Hogan was injured for a large part of the 2018 season and others did “fill the void” very well. He’s also constantly out with injury at the purple club.
  9. Looks like more drivel to me. His foot is stuffed. He should retire.
  10. So you’d like a whole team of injured players?
  11. It’s a really bad idea and that’s great because Essendrug will suffer.
  12. Just returning like for like soft tackle!
  13. It wasn’t my list. It was President Dee Trump. Glad you can still laugh at yourself though!
  14. The post doesn’t say that we are no good because we have VFL level players. It says “The MFC will not win a premiership until it recruits and develops elite players like those of Richmond, Geelong, Collingwood, West Coast. We have chosen poorly in the past year and developed some potential elite players poorly. Max Gawn was just about our only elite player this year based on performance. The catastrophic drop to the bottom of the ladder had a reason. We just don’t have the cattle.” Who do you think played at the elite level this year?
  15. Great reply. Attack the poster rather than the content. Which players do you think were elite this year?
  16. Another VFL level player continues for the not-so-mighty Demons. The team should be relegated to the VFL. I doubt that they’d beat many teams there! Maybe Frankston.
  17. It’s a weasel word. ‘Lessons learned’ is correct English. Management fools love to use ‘learnings’ to look clever. They just look foolish.
  18. The club should make all efforts to get elite players to the club. When did we have any player of the on field caliber of de Goey or Dangerfield or Franklin (at his prime) in recent years? We get VFL rejects, old crocks that other clubs no longer want and crummy picks from the draft.
  19. Thanks mate! Good memory and keen knowledge of this blog site!
  20. GWS utility Adam Tomlinson is set to return home to Victoria and join Melbourne this off-season, reports Nine. The 26-year-old had played 80 of 81 games for the Giants before being dropped for the elimination final win over the Western Bulldogs on Saturday. An unrestricted free agent this year, Tomlinson has often been linked to St Kilda and Carlton in previous trade periods but is now likely to sign with the Demons. The Dees will lure Tomlinson on a lengthy deal, likely to be four years. What do Demonlanders think?
  21. It wouldn’t have been overt conflict of interest. Just an implied unhappiness if his son didn’t get picked or was demoted from the captaincy, etc......
  22. And the silent reaction with almost no clapping showed the surprise of the audience.
  23. Nat Fyfe Captain? You have got to be joking. What a [censored] selection....
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