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  1. Sparrow, Jordan, Lockhart, Chandler/Baker/Laurie (young, determined, playing a role) In Please. Jones, Jetta, (old, making up the numbers) Out Please Melksham, Hibbo (Will get their turn to prove they still have it) Hold Please
  2. Tough, my Top 5 best players 1. Flower 2. Lyon 3. Neitz 4. Stynes 5. T Viney Favourite 5 players 1. Jakovich 2. Schwartz 3. Farmer 4. R Jackson 5. Tingay
  3. I'm happy to be wrong about Hunt and Sparrow, they looked to take a significant step in their roles on Saturday. Consistency and continuity is key for them. The 3 positions up for grabs (over the next few rounds) are BP, Wing and Utility. Jetta, Brayshaw and Jones. My thoughts are give Brayshaw a few weeks as he is coming off a short pre season. But he still must perform (barely at moment). Jetta has been good but Lockhart will be knocking on the door soon. Jones won't play 22 games so it'll be form and managing him this year. He has been ok, but they will look to bring in Baker at s
  4. I'm assuming this is actually a baiting/stitch up account
  5. Gee i'm glad some on here aren't on the selection committee I urge some to re-watch the game. Worst performance was the midfield, Coaches specifically. Stoppage work was very disorganised. Ins and outs apart from Viney are quite irrelevant given the personnel on hand.
  6. Possible ins - Viney, Hibberd, Chandler Possible outs - Jones, Hunt, Sparrow, Harmes Saints have some smalls so Hibbo in if fit enough, he and Jetta in back pockets. Can provide dash like Hunt with better disposal and a left footer. Rivers and Salem on HBF. Out Hunt (wasn't that bad just balance) Viney in, Sparrow can play defensive on ball and also defensive HFF or FP at times. Out Jones. Chandler will have to wait, ANB, Kozzie and Spargo went ok. Melksham hasn't played a decent game in 3 years, can earn it back at Casey. Harmes gets in the right spots at times j
  7. Wow, I didn't expect to feel sad and nostalgic. We'll always have that QB17 goal mate, all the best Jack.
  8. There's a lot of other people that should be sacked before Harley He stuffed up, yes he should be held accountable and punished. The Cairns debacle will cost the club more than $50k
  9. I'm sure most of us have had that Boss that all the staff/team loves but deep down everyone knows they're not necessarily doing the best thing by the company/team etc. Goodwin is a relationships based coach, repeated by all the players many times. I personally think there's blurred lines between player well being and player performance. They're too comfortable around him. This is not a reason to sack him, a thorough independent review will hopefully shine a light on the deficiencies in the teams coaching, strategy, development, training methods, application and execution of said cri
  10. Agree with that. He is pretty good with ball in hand. Just had higher expectations following his 2018 debut season. Probably tough to improve in 19. No one did.
  11. Reasons for Deespair 1. Lack of fight when we really needed it. Pathetic. 2. Brand of footy? I still have no idea what that means 3. Coaches/Selectors making drastic and dumb changes in either of the must win games in Cairns. 4. Lack of development/improvement. Brayshaw, Harmes, Lever, Spargo, Weid, Baker, OMac, Sparrow, Bedford, Hannan, Hunt, Smith. None of these players have improved. 5. TMac/Jones/Nev are all cooked. 6. Way too many list cloggers, not enough room on this thread... Reasons for a Whinge 1. Essendon game being postponed. A bye wo
  12. I'd be picking the team that can kick the biggest score My gut feel is Dogs will win but Saints game is 50/50 and they've been shaky under pressure. So it's all about our margin, but we'll know the result anyway so late changes a chance? Must start well. Once Bombers give up they fold pretty quick.
  13. Agree totally. Also commentary is at an all time low.
  14. Interesting for the selectors. Win by 50+ points and we would overtake a beaten St Kilda. Go too attacking and we can become unstuck. Go too conservative and potentially miss out on % If Saints win, just need to get the points and pray for Freo. In: Jackson, Harmes Out: ANB, Tomlinson
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