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  1. I said I wouldn’t drop either. If I was dropping players, I would not have brought in a half fit Hannan or half fit AVB, when I could have played Harley forward for 50% game time and Jones in Vanders role. We are not in a position to nurse blokes back into the side, unless they are A grade stars, which Bennell is. The fact he kicked 4 in the praccy match and Jones had 30, tells me that both were more ready for senior football than the aforementioned.
  2. Agree to disagree. I don’t think we have picked our best 22 and fwiw of the three mentioned, Lockhart is the only one I would have dropped. Melksham and AVB are lucky to retain spots this week. But it’s just an opinion
  3. Kozzie is being picked on potential is he not? Rivers a bit the same? I am saying that if the 2s were up and running, these blokes would, in any other side, be earning their spots. We are playing kids as if this season is a development year. Answer me this is: Jetta better than Lockhart at the moment? Is Bennell a better option than Kozzie at present? I am not saying these blokes won’t surpass their peers before year’s end, but I am not sure they are ahead right now. goodwin has clearly shown his incompetence at the selection table this week. If I see Lockhart laughing after making a
  4. This all day long and twice on Sunday. Idiotic to select an inferior 22. The time for practise matches ended in February. He is gifting kids games when they aren’t up to it yet. Lockhart is in that boat.
  5. Is there a chance Viney elects not to go to NSW? Haven’t seen it discussed, but his wife just gave birth. Good chance he stays behind
  6. No goals coming up again. We don’t have mids to kick goals. A midget forward line all out of from and a key forward who hasn’t fired a shot since the Carlton match last year
  7. You mustn’t have seen his first game of 2020z it was deplorable. Didn’t hit a single target: he is a putrid footballer. He also tries to lead at the football and doesn’t realise he is 4ft 7 and can’t take an overhead mark. He can ship right off.
  8. Mate, get the tinfoil hat off. It has nothing to do with crowds and everything to do with who plays who. This is one of the most absurd posts I’ve read on here and that says something
  9. Goodwin will be gone by rd10 when we are 1-9. He is a moron. It’s plain and simple. TMac has been given 26 rounds to work on his game. VIney keeps falling over at every contest and continually blazes away inside 50, but he is all good. Get stuffed simple Simon...
  10. They got a priority pick on top of all the other talent on their list and added a decent coach.
  11. Based on the report from Egan, Jones was dominant and right now I think we could use his leadership and experience. Vanders needs more time. If he only managed 60% game time, then he isn’t at full fitness. We cannot carry him again this week. Bennell played as a forward. There is no reason he can’t play 80% game time as a forward pocket. He is that dangerous. I’d have him in. All key forwards sounded ineffective. As much as I’d love one of the three in to exploit the Tigers small defence, Goodwin won’t be convinced.
  12. I have not seen it mentioned here at all, but is there any merit in trying Tomlinson as a forward and pushing Salem to the wing? Or even Hunt? Tomlinson has good size. I know some here have knocked him this week, but actually thought he was pretty good.
  13. To not drop Lockhart after his giggle session after he critically cost the side at crucial stages would send the wrong message completely. If a player thinks that cocking up that badly is a joke, he does NOT deserve a spot in the side. He should have learnt from the first error and Not repeated it and not still found it funny. A coach like Clarkson would have torn him an absolute new one. Goody probably gave him a cuddle and whispered a few sweet nothings in his ear.
  14. He is simply not using the list to his advantage. The talent is there, the game style, brand or whatever you want to call is not. I’ve never seen him put a rocket up our players. Never. It’s all cool-hand Luke sorta stuff. I know the modern players are a different breed, but sometimes tough love is warranted. If you want to succeed it can’t be all rainbows and lollipops; or in Simon’s case “there were some positives, but we have to be better for longer”; “we will continue to look at areas to improve”; “it’s an area in which we need to improve”. he sells this crap to members and clear
  15. If that is the case, he can go before next week. Watch Alir Alir have a field day picking us off next week.
  16. Lockhart out for being caught holding the ball three times and laughing about it with his opponent. He can get stuffed with that attitude.
  17. If tht is what he said, the board should sack him now and install Allan Richardson as coach on the current pay rate he is on. If he isn’t prepared to do it, find some u9s coach, coz the donkey at the wheel has NFI and they couldn’t be any worse. It’s abysmal to sit here and read those comments. The same happened against Eagles. Does this bloke actually review games? Or does he have his head so far up his ar$3 that he just backs his genius game plan to the hills? I’m sick of it. Has not bought in to the club, it’s members and fans. Truly disconnected. Pizz off
  18. He has to go. He has no idea. From team selection to the lack of game plan is alarming. Absolutely alarming. He has had months to correct the ship and has been all talk to this point. He was excused last year on the basis of injuries. He has no excuse this year. He has not been able to correct the weaknesses in HIS game plan. He is misusing the cattle at his disposal. Get rid of now or watch this club go into administration..if you think that is hyperbole, you have no idea where we are at.
  19. Goodwin has to go. He is giving the side no hope playing this ‘brand’ of football. Our best football looks great, but he is actively playing guys out of form. It’s pathetic. The club needs to have some balls and dismiss him before he does a neeld on the entire list
  20. If Lockhart wants to have a laugh with his mate after that shocking effort, he can ****mmm right off
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