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  1. If it is about managing him, why is he being played 80% in meaningless practice matches, where he racks up 35 posies and kicks 4.
  2. Absolutely. His composure and ability to ‘make time’ is a weapon. Yeah he didn’t have many touches, but when he did, they were mostly creative. Lockhart has played 3 games and barely touched the ball. If Goodwin drops him, the knives should be pointed back in his direction.
  3. I hope Aunt Cassie isn’t living in Melbourne having ‘game nights’ during lockdown?
  4. For ‘throwing an arm’ that didn’t connect after Clarry was roughed up by the kid once the ball had crossed the line? Really? You are joking. Go back and watch it. Complete and utter joke
  5. Garry and Jono Brown are complete tossers. It was painful to have to put up with them. Make a big deal about every Melbourne mistake and have a circle jerk with Huddo over Rankine, while completely making a non-issue of the fact he got two of the biggest bullsh&t free kicks of the night. Gary is the opposite of Eddie McGuire and his Collingwood bias. he actively bags Melbourne at every opportunity and barracks for the opposition to hide his bias. He shouldn’t call Melbourne games. How was Browny at the end, wanting to focus on the fact tht Rankine will pull them through the gates
  6. Totally agree. He was waxing handballs all night with Viney and both were flat footed and put the other under pressure. I liked Harmes in the middle. He makes things happen and is clean below his knees.
  7. If this club has any balls, we need to ask the AFL for a few please explains about tonight’s umpiring. Always looks better when you question calls after a win, as it’s not sour grapes. Rankine one against Oliver was non-existent. There was nothing that constituted a free kick and the kid has a real smugness about him. A talent no doubt, but he is going to be lined up in the weeks to come.
  8. Jono Brown absolutely hates Melbourne. I can’t stand when he commentates our games. He continually barracks for the opposition and is so biased it’s borderline repulsive. McDonald almost had his eyeball ripped out and he was ready to play the “Melbourne are soft..” while he Huddo and Gaz had a circle jerk about Rankine, he got the softest of frees and Ellis another a moment before when he dove. All it drew from the commentators was a groan. He is a tool and knows stuff all about the current game. He should stick to trying to be funny on breakfast FM radio, which is mostly cringeworthy stuff as
  9. Tracca needs to smarten up and cut the Hollywood football. Do the basics right son
  10. It’s the jogging when we have them hemmed in tht [censored] me
  11. Kozzy...anyone think he has done anything to deserve a game this season? Been selected on potential and is providing little to no pressure around the forward line
  12. Agree re the f50 being swamped, which is more relevant than the bees to the honeypot midfield issues of seasons past. They are not one of the same. Jennings most me on that point
  13. Listened to this analysis for the first time tonight. He seems fairly bitter and there is evidence that he has bad blood with Goody. while I agree with the disconnect argument and that each line is out of sink, he made a few observations that seemed more relevant to last season that this year. The ‘bees to a honeypot’ problem has not been an issue this year for mine. We have stopped committing too many at the ball in the midfield. I think he was way off with that point. we have found ourselves out in plenty of space, with run, but continually choose the wrong option and/or
  14. Agree with this in a big way. Watched the game on replay today on FOX and there was a contest inside 50, after he had been swung forward, and he pulled out of the contest and didn’t make body contact. It was pathetic. For a bloke his size, he does not use his strength and crack in. Looks like Tarzan plays like...
  15. Agree with a lot of the changes, but reckon Rivers is far better than Lockhart and I would have liked to see Hunt used elsewhere. He has been good this year with the limited supply. Hardly think he has been part of the problem this season. Also, Melksham and AVB are very lucky to hold spots. Acid test this week for the FD and Goody
  16. The Choofta will be in the side this week. Article praising his 3 goal game. bennell with 35 can no longer be ignored either.
  17. Hawthorn had both Derm and Dunstall involved when Clarkson was appointed. I think you’ve missed my point completely. I never said we had to stack the place full of ex players. Kennett is also a massive Hawthorn man and a big voice.
  18. I’ve always thought a lack of ‘Melbourne people’ within our club has lead to a culture of mediocrity. We have very few past players come back and be involved with the club. Robbo is about the only one. Bartlett claims to have supported melbourne, but seems to have been a West Coast man who turned to the Dees when he saw a business opportunity. Pert is not a Melbourne person. He is an AFL puppet with connections to other clubs. I reckon Goodwin in the same boat. i am not saying that we need a club full of ex-players, but I don’t know tht those we bring into our club build a culture and und
  19. Spot on. No one teaching forward craft. Look at St Kilda and King. He has benefited from Roughhead showing him the way. Their whole forward line has. We have Greg Stafford doing that role don’t we ?
  20. Those that describe the Ox as a simpleton know little. He has great footy IQ and would be a good forward coach. Better than anyone we get doing it at the moment.
  21. I wouldn’t add to the years of disappointment. Plenty more to pick from
  22. What was wrong with ‘98, we went from last to prelim final? Are you confused?
  23. It’s being able to do both and change tempo when needed. The point is the manic game style causes panic amongst our players and accentuates their poor skills. The fact that they have no one genuinely leading at the ball is also problematic. There is too much to fix right now. This is one of many problems
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