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Daniel Menzel

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1 hour ago, Dr.D said:

gaff was grossly overrated by demonlanders. no offence guys, but he is not quick and doesnt apply any defensive pressure. people just like him because he accumulates plenty of the ball. a good trait to have but he by no means helps our speed issues  or defensive pressure.

Defensive pressure is not actually our issue, being one of the leading pressure teams in the comp.

What we lack, Gaff would offer, which is accurate disposal and lots of them.

Still, I hope KK can live up to his pick 5 selection in terms of talent and he'd end up being a much cheaper and younger option than Gaff.

51 minutes ago, Sweetman said:

From first hand experience (he coached my son for 3 years during his re-hab) he is a quality person who would add to our improving culture. Was outcast by Scott who plays favourites with his team. Is an elite user of the ball, strong overhead and a very accurate set kick. Watch the last 2 minutes of the Geelong game at GMHBA and see who set that play up that broke our collective hearts.

Attached are some interesting comparative stats for those that dismiss Menzel and bag Garlett.

I am biased because I know him but a lot of Geelong people are shaking their heads in dis-belief. 


This highlights to me how overrated Kent is too.

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9 hours ago, John Demonic said:

Fair enough. 

1 year is a good deal for the Swans.

The guy has real class, and can do things that many can't.  Offset against injury and lack of intensity, defensive pressure and consistency.

But 1 year gives him a chance without much at risk for the Swans. 


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39 minutes ago, Clint Bizkit said:

Menzel is a massive upgrade on Rohan.

Both struggle to get on the park...

Menzel is the better footballer but if they're sitting in the stands both are equal.

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If Menzel kicks 4 against Geelong I'll be very happy.

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