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  1. 2015 was my reference, I’d forgotten that the royal blue jumper wasn’t West Coast’s home jumper that year. Geelong and Sydney being in so many Grand Finals muddies the water because Geelong offen wear white shorts home and Sydney often wear red shorts away.
  2. No the team that finished higher on the ladder is the “home” team.
  3. I’m surprised he’s only 30, he’s really lost a lot of pace.
  4. Around about the 23 minute mark is when they talk about the draft (what we now know as a super a draft) and I always remember Alan Richardson saying we should take Jackson.
  5. We often see players leave clubs to chase success, would Weideman prefer to stay at a good club with less opportunity of be the main man at a bad club?
  6. This is something that I have believed for many years but it's never really been of relevance to Melbourne. It may still not be if we lose the Grand Final but it's something that I believe strongly in. All players who play in a premiership team during the year should be regarded as "Premiership Players". I've heard a few people mention it in the media recently and Angus Brayshaw brought it up on the latest Gus & Gawny podcast in relation to Nathan Jones. At the end of the day, premierships aren't just won on Grand Final day and there needs to be recognition of all players who helped contribute to the success. It doesn't mean that all players necessarily receive a premiership medallion, but there does need to be something to acknowledge them.
  7. If we do win the flag I fear that he will resent it.
  8. Critically underrated legend of our club. For me, part of the gloss of making the Grand Final has been taken off from him not being there as I firmly believe he offers just as much as Jordon as the sub. Having said that, he made the right decision to be home for the birth of his twins regardless. Thank you, Nathan. You are a bloody star.
  9. Wherever the new training base is, it should be named after Nathan Jones.
  10. I’m far less nervous about the Grand Final than I was last week. I’ll be shattered if we lose but just seeing Melbourne make the Grand Final is a thrill and something I am still gettting my head around. Side note, I think winning the flag having been minor premiers will be even more satisfying than if we came from fifth like the Bulldogs have. We have been the best team all year, we just need to make it official.
  11. The Western Bulldogs not wearing their white jumper is such a bad decision that only the AFL would make.
  12. Dial 00 so when I keel over from impending heart attack I just need to press the last 0.
  13. Agreed, we finished on top of the ladder yet have not played a final at home. The Grand Final not at the MCG is just a coincidence that it is our home ground, but the other finals we have had to play at neutral venues while other teams still could play at home.
  14. My thoughts: - I really wanted to play Port - I really wish Brisbane won last week - The Bulldogs’ midfield has the same quality as ours but theirs is deeper - Our forward line is slightly better than their backline - Our backline should cover their forwards but Weightman is a factor - Stef Martin makes them a lot better just by at least nullifying his opponents - We won’t be able to walk out of contests like we did with Geelong, the pressure will be immense
  15. Kicking into the man on the mark is inexcusable.
  16. I stopped when the Bulldogs kicked the first three goals. More a comment on how bad Lycett is.
  17. Gawn and Jackson would destroy Lycett.
  18. Port are playing with zero intensity.
  19. The last team to beat us is the Bulldogs.
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