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  1. Give me Harmes over Lachie Hunter. I still believe Harmes should play as a permanent tagger, he actually is more attacking in that role because he is naturally around the ball more often.
  2. It’s not a trade. I’m a bit sad about this, would much rather Hunt than pick 52.
  3. This is all so grim and massively tarnishes their success at the time.
  4. We had Jackson who should have been dropped for Weideman many weeks ago.
  5. Correct, the smart ones here called this out during the season. Even Blind Freddy could have seen it was going to be an issue. I’d even go as far to say it contributed to our fade-outs and players getting complacent knowing their spot was safe no matter their form.
  6. Sydney are too disciplined and have too much good young academy talent.
  7. Hopefully Sydney can lose by less than 74 points.
  8. So we respected the integrity of the sub rule last year but Geelong don’t.
  9. I stopped watching ages ago, did Geelong have a genuine injury to activate their sub?
  10. Because those hot dogs look atrocious.
  11. It was a pretty bloody important game!
  12. They did that in round 23, 2021.
  13. Geelong would want a couple more goals to be comfortable.
  14. Goodwin has been given a lesson in how to manage players throughout a season by Geelong here.
  15. Gary Rohan playing well in a final, now I’ve seen it all.
  16. But they were really sick remember!
  17. If it was Melbourne playing I would agree. Missing easy goals to bury a team.
  18. This is precisely the type of lead we would love to give up.
  19. So many people quick to jump to the aid of alleged racists on this site lately.
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