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  1. I really hope we could try and get games against expansion clubs there in the future.
  2. If this standard keeps up it might be the first Friday night game in ages that I haven turned off at half time.
  3. I knew we would have to work our way into the season, but we still haven’t more than half way in. We haven’t fought hard enough. Compare Richmond to us. They’ve found a way to grind out the season through injury and can now have a crack.
  4. The answer is simple. When we win he’s the right guy. When we lose, he’s not the right guy.
  5. I think he’s been really good since moving back. He’s def not captain next year but I’d keep him on like we have Vince/Lewis and only play 1sts if his form demands it.
  6. Brisbane are just a far better footy club. Our list looks average.
  7. He really has become quite irrelevant.
  8. They just beat collingwood there and from what I can remember haven’t had any issues beating us at the G.
  9. Poorly coached and bereft of talent. Down there with Gold Coast as the worst forward line in the league. At least they have Sexton.
  10. What a long and boring 2nd half of the year coming up. Prelim to spoon contender. Classic Melbourne.
  11. I’d just get the best forward coach out there. Our boys have no idea what they are doing down there.
  12. I don’t think we will be seeing Oscar in a Melbourne jumper again.
  13. If the club is serious T-Mac is playing at Casey. He’s been gifted 5 games to find form and found none.
  14. Time to open up the draft board on demonland.
  15. He has been absolutely non existent. He looked Carey like in our mcg finals last year. You almost forget he’s out there.
  16. Frosty was great on Buddy. I feel when Goodwin gives him a specific shut down role he does really well.
  17. How refreshing will it be when a player comes out after being caught out on a bender saying “ I’m not mentally ill, I just love getting munted on the weekend with my mates, just like 90% of people in their 20s do.”
  18. Is he supposed to move out of the way?
  19. Goodwin surely gets the sack after this performance.
  20. I’ve been making the donation for 11 years. I’m happy this year they offered a $25 dee shop voucher in lieu of a scarf. Id love a guaranteed opportunity to buy a reserved seat for grand final in the reserve grand final if the Dee’s make it. Offer that as premium offer and watch the cash role in. I’ve bern a restricted member for MCC for what seems like forever, and make financial contributions, but if we had made the grand final I would have had no opportunity to purchase a legit grand final ticket.
  21. Really interesting to see how he responds to this. There’s been a lot of excuses made for the bloke over 170 games but the incidents over the pre season point to his lack of professionalism causing his below average career, not he was debuted too early, not he needs the right coach, not he needs a fresh start etc.
  22. Given his off season to date I’d be trying fade into the background, but to willingly allow someone to film this regardless of the substance is staggering. He doesn’t GAF and while I’m not of the idea that players need to be a role model, all you expect of your players is to give their best crack and clearly Jack has never done this and never will.
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