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  1. Did not expect 2 hours and 28 minutes! Might have to watch this in chunks, my gen y attention span only lasts 4 minutes or so.
  2. Trying to keep a lid on things after this win is tough. Fortunately my football knowledge is terrible, which makes things a little easier. In 2016, I thought the Dogs had no chance. Premiers. In 2017, I thought the Tigers had no chance. Premiers. I think the Dees have no chance in 2018.
  3. Fortunately the AFL have moved past this particular process. They now have coffee.
  4. If you can find any post of mine that states my opinion on Israel or Hamas I'd like to see it. I have made no such comments. You couldn't possibly know my views on the subject. You know I don't like Trump and infer from there. Peter Sweden's twitter feed is carefully curated BS. But you eat it with a big boy spoon. You're a troll. We both know it. You even admitted in a post last year that you word your posts a certain way in order to annoy people because you enjoy it. I was under the belief that this behaviour was unacceptable on this website. I was incorrect.
  5. Not at all what this was about You posted ill-source bile. Apparently it is acceptable to the mods of this website. You are a sad man who extracts joy from agitating others online. It's ironic that you'd accuse me of seeking a safe space, given your twitter feed is clearly full of bot-fed content that feeds your biases. People like you who uncritically wallow in their social media bubbles are the reason society is increasingly splitting along political lines. Your insistence on expanding this bubble to demonland is apparently alright with those who run this site. I'll tag @Nasher again, in case I'm wrong. But since your posts have stood for hours with no recourse, and with only a single mod weighing in but only responding to Dieter, I am not hopeful. You are a sorry substitute for a human being.
  6. Not cool Dieter, that ban was well deserved. So I guess nothing's being done about Pro? OK then. I have nothing left to say.
  7. I suspect you're right. I think his body of work speaks for itself. He deserves a permanent ban IMO, but mine is not the opinion that matters. His posts tarnish this website and community.
  8. They need what the AFL gave us - parachute in proper leadership. That's what turned us around, not picks.
  9. Yep. The MRA content was fake - I posted a google search showing it originated from Russian sources. That's where my investigation ended because I didn't want to visit those sources for fear of downloading malware on those websites. I showed Creeping Sharia has a history of posting fake information. Peter Sweden is obviously not a reliable source. The mods I'm sure will review.
  10. I believe Grapeviney has already dealt with that issue and they have had discussions about the appropriateness of his posts. ProDee has been banned multiple times and returned. To me knowledge, that was Dieter's first offence. ProDee has been given second and third (and possibly more) chances. So yes, lets all go look over there at Dieter instead of what's right in front of us. Good thinking Ethan.
  11. I have provided evidence that some of your sources are fake news. I have not interrogated the validity of the imam video. You posted it without context. Some things I can find quickly, like your MRA twitter mate or the creeping sharia site. Videos are harder to find a source on, and to be honest I think I've demonstrated to a reasonable degree that you post enough falsehoods that any content you chose to link should be looked at as unreliable at best, a complete falsehood at worst. I'm not going to waste my life trying to find every flawed source behind every one of your terribly curated content. I feel I've found enough to demonstrate to the wider Demonland community who you are and why you should no longer be a member of this community.
  12. http://demonland.com/forums/guidelines/ With regard to posts on the Demonland Forums, the Demonland Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to edit and/or remove posts that are considered to be: Acts of personal abuse Slanderous Indecent Knowingly false information Any other matter deemed inappropriate @Grapeviney @Nasher @Demonland At the very least I believe Pro has violated the above guideline. Even taking the most generous interpretation of Pro's posts, he still violates this one. At worst he's actively trying to inflame other posters.
  13. Keep trolling. I think I've sufficiently shown enough evidence that your facts are not actually facts and your sources cannot be trusted. You post to inflame and antagonise. You know it. I know it. Hopefully the mods will know it as well and no one will have to put up with your bs any more.
  14. I'm not even going to bother. I think it's obvious that you're deliberately trying to antagonise other posters with this content. I've reported each of your posts. I hope you're permanently banned. A temporary ban only serves to amuse you and encourages you to troll again. Hopefully this latest tirade of BS you've just posted will finally convince the mods that you are not a person Demonland should have within its community.
  15. Creeping Sharia has 5 entries on snopes. Each one of them "False". Source: https://www.snopes.com/tag/creeping-sharia/ I do not have the time to examine this specific tweet, however given the 0/5 record above, I think that it too is probably incorrect. Peter Sweden is a Holocaust and evolution denier. Took 5 second of Googling. Again, ProDee, you are consistently linking fake news and I will report both of these posts above as such.
  16. He's a troll, he's not a Russian troll. At absolute best he likes Men Right's Activists (who DO source false and misleading memes from Russian trollbots) and uncritically accepts their bile, then reposts it. I don't think the mods of Demonland would be pleased about it being used to further the MRA platform. Again though, ProDee is so subtle that he probably won't get banned. This is how Cambridge Analytica operated - spread hate memes far and wide. Accuracy doesn't matter, as long as the hate is spread. Do it subtly enough and the platforms (twitter, fb, and now IMHO Demonland) let you get away with it.
  17. Yeah I unblock you occasionally to see who else you're annoying. You accuse the left of not being able to think critically, but then link this Russian trollbot garbage. Either you got suckered in by this MRA guy, or you're a troll yourself. Honestly I think you're a scourge to these boards, and hopefully this evidence above demonstrates that to others. I honestly don't know how you haven't been banned yet. Most of the time your trolling is too subtle for the mods I would guess. I think your post has significantly damaged your credibility, and anyone who's seen it and now my reply will now read your posts with a more cautious eye.
  18. This post piqued my interest. I performed a reverse image search, and found that it was tweeted: https://twitter.com/MarkACollett/status/997510980488826880 Same exact comment/text as well. It seems Mr Mark A Collett is some sort of Men's Rights Activist, author of 'Fall of the Western Man'. As if that isn't enough of a red flag for you all, lets see if we can find out where Mr Collett got this image in the first place. Ah ha! Page 2 of google reverse image search, first page is just the tweet and retweets: Whats this? A whole bunch of Russian website hits? Could it be that our illustrious ProDee has been taken in by Russian Troll Bots? Surely not. It's almost as if ProDee is some sort of troll.... You, sir, are Fake News! I also feel compelled to link that "Right wingers are suckered into fake news more than left wingers" article again: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/feb/06/sharing-fake-news-us-rightwing-study-trump-university-of-oxford edit: made the link work
  19. Not possible. They are all Good Blokes™️
  20. Wow. I had no idea so many people watched that crap.
  21. To my knowledge almost all of them have part-time jobs in addition to their umpiring job. Surely they can't be getting paid that much if umpiring on its own isn't enough for a full time wage? Happy to be corrected, my knowledge may be out of date.
  22. 2017 one was way better, probably my favourite gournsey we've ever had
  23. Yeah but the Robbo would be 'chief football writer' of 2 papers. Not sure the Australian public is ready for the drunken one to have an even wider reach.
  24. I assume he wasn't included because he's in another league. No? I'll see myself out.
  25. Says we trained at Port Melbourne, not a lot of options there. Maybe Goodwin's telling porkies to keep supporters and media out. TBH I'm shocked at the notion that anyone would want to watch Melbourne (of all teams) training to glean some sort of secret success sauce.
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