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  1. Happy New Year Demonland. Looking for a game on Sunday Feb 6 at Olympic Park Oval starting at 11.00. Just a recap we'd be looking at raising money for fighmnd. Just pay what ever you like to play 50 cents or 50 bucks it doesn't matter. If you have someone who like to organise your team please feel free to contact me here and via email to [email protected]
  2. Thanks guys. Looks like i could rope you in so I'll be in touch again abit closer to feb. If you do have someone wanting to organise shoot me a PM and we'll talk
  3. Best game we played was against Collingwood at vic park. It was one of their big birthdays as a club may have been 120 years and they wanted a game. We had a comfy 4 goal lead all day and they proceeded to kick 1.12 to 1.0 in last.
  4. We've been using Olympic Park oval the last few times. Venue managers are happy as long as we dont wear footy boots and clean up our mess afterwards
  5. Its a great day out. And you guys have only lost once(?). Having said that throughout the years we've gone from losing to you by 20 goals to i think the last one was about 15-16 points.
  6. Hello My Demon Friends, Scotty here from the friendly confines of Bomberblitz. First things first, congratulations on a very well deserved premiership. Now for why I am actually here. It's been a few years since we have played you guys in a forum footy game and I was wondering if there was still interest here. The last few years in February we have played an intra-blitz(plus ring ins to boost numbers) game and raised money for charity along the way. Players just donate any amount to play we've had donations of 50 cents and we've had donations of 500 dollars. In 2020 we raised 1500 for bushfire relief and 2021 we raised closed to 800 to support meansline. I wanted to make Neil's MND charity our 2022 (restrictions permitting) fund-raiser so I thought why not reach out to you guys and see if there's a resurgence in interest. Now obviously February is a long way off but I always have my guys asking "can we play Melbourne next time" so now they can shut their clams (ok, thats a blitz joke) because I've been here and asked.
  7. Hi Dees, Great day yesterday I think we can all agree it was great that we finally had a contest that was still up for grabs with 5 mins to go. You guys just had one or two more "better" players that got you over the line although I think our young blonde bloke Tom gave Leroy a run for BOG. I once again apologize for the mess with the ground. Security had threatened to have the police come down to charge me as organizer with both trespassing and any damage caused to collingwoods "10 million dollar reno of the turf". I do think however that despite what we had to put up with we still put together a pretty damn good game of forum footy. Thank you to a Three umps Chris, Rob and Rollo and thank to rollo successor for a nice easy organization of the day. Also i'll blow my own trumpet and say I was pretty happy to kick just my 4th career forum footy goal (1st against you lot). I will hopefully be in contact again for the feb game and hopefully I can try to start getting some interest up in the other forums. Cheers, Scotty
  8. Hi Dees I arrived at goschs and can confirm no posts and very faint line marking. Olympic park not much better so I suggest we stay here. We can mark out goals with jumpers and place a marker say every 30 mtrs or so along the boundary. One of our guys is trying to get his hands on some witches hats.
  9. Hi Dees, The bomberblitz team extends its deepest condolences on the loss of a true legend of not only your club but the game itself. With your approval I would like both teams to wear black arm bands on Sunday as a mark of respect for Robbie Flower. Your thoughts? Cheers, Scotty
  10. Great to hear Rollo. We are always up for the challenge and we always have fun even if you do beat us by 15 goals most games Also wanted to let know that one of our guys has a friend who would like to play for you guys. The blokes name is Brenton and I believe is a midfielder.
  11. Yep but if you want the test done before the game we will just get on the gear at half time.
  12. Hi Dees, Scotty here from bomberblitz. Bit early with the thread this year but with rollo's retirement I am taking on most of the organizing this year and I want to get it spot on plus i'm sure you guys will wont to blow of some steam after the season you've had. We were wondering if we could count you guys in for a game. Date: 5/10 Venue: Gosch's Paddock or Olympic Park oval (Collingwood's training ground) Vs: Full game vs Bomberblitz So if rollo appointed a success just shoot me a PM and let me what you think and to also sign up over on blitz (or even just use rollos account) and have a chat to us on our forum footy thread. Cheers, Scotty
  13. Well done to your photographer guys, Have posted the photos up on blitz and we love them. Thank you again
  14. Thanks for the game guys. $137 was raised for the CFA I will get the coins changed at some point this week and send off the cheque.
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