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  1. If history were to repeat and we lost this one but went on to win 5 of the next 6 and snagged another 4 years after that, then I’d have no problems dropping this one. All of us Demons are conflicted now. Of course we want to win in 2 weeks and break our drought but it wasn’t supposed to be like this. I was overseas in 2000 and promised myself after that that I would never be in a position where I could have to miss a MFC GF again. I have dreamed about this all my life. I have planned GF week - going to training, seeing the parade, meeting up with family before and after the game and just being there! F… COVID C’Mon Dees
  2. That Hannan bloke! What would it take to get him to the Dees?
  3. It is a very grand grand old flag!
  4. They're both very good players and would get a game ahead of TMac and Brown if they were in our side.
  5. Do us proud and do us loud! Devastated not to be able to see us play but rapt for the WA Demons who I had the pleasure of meeting some back in 2014.
  6. Oh Danny Boy... the pipes are playing
  7. Nearly a third of our team is AA! This is unprecedented for us. But yeah, after tonight, back to business boys. No more smiles. No wild celebrations etc until the job is done.
  8. Was a cringe moment, but I'm so in love with the Dees atm that nothing else matters.
  9. I'm in tears watching this. The kids had to ask me what was wrong. Will we win any more? Meanwhile Petracca says "I'm proud to be one of five Melbourne players ... " and the commentators do an eye-roll. I guess we don't win any more?
  10. I'm just trying not to be too upset about the fact that I may not get to see live the event I've dreamed about for the best part of 47 years (I'm 53).
  11. He is our most important player IMHO A superstar. If I wasn't past having any more kids, the next one would be called Clayton or Oliver - whether a boy or girl.
  12. Bompt has been relatively quiet the last two weeks while Oliver probably got 3 votes today and maybe 1 vote last week. I think it will be very close. I took a multi early in the season: Melbourne and Casey premiership and Oliver Brownlow. $10 @ $129.77. Pretty happy abput that.
  13. The world is changed I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it. It began with the recruitment of Petracca; Immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings. Seven picks were made between 2015-2018 - all great miners and craftsmen. Two picks in 2019 gave us Jackson and Picket, who above else desire power. And they were led by their captain Gawn; tall smart and with a will to dominate. For within these recruits was bound the strength and the will to beat every team. Yet they were all of them deceived. For there was another recruit. Deep inside the MCG a star emerged. And into this recruit were poured every Demons fans’ misery of 50 years, their malice towards the opposition and their will to dominate. One player to rule them all. The time will soon come when Clayton Oliver will shape the fortunes of all. [read in Cate Winslet voice]
  14. We can now lay 186 to rest for ever. Just one curse left. The curse of Norm Smith.
  15. Wow wow wow FMD that was amazing. Love the Dees. This is the year. I can't believe how I went from despair to jubilation in the space of an hour. Dr Mclelland - you are ours!
  16. Do you think that means that Geel will be granted a home game at Kardinia Park if they finish 1 or 2? (and no crowds are allowed in Vic). If I were Geelong I'd be arguing for that. However I think the Grand Final precedent is that we want a crowd no matter what, so Perth would still be favourite for the location of the Grand Final. Curse this COVID 100x over.
  17. This is the last chance to test any strategies/tactics or any match ups or whether any particular footballer is the one we need over another. While I don't think we should - or are - taking this game lightly, both clubs would want to keep something in reserve. We shouldn't give everything away to be di-sected by opposition in games when we do meet in the finals. I suspect that the outcome of Friday night's game may affect the way we play. We want to avoid an away game against Port in Adelaide but any other scenario in the first week of finals is K by me. Would the AFL schedule a game in Adelaide where Port were the away team if crowds could attend there but not in Vic?
  18. If WB win on Fri night, should we expect a few to be rested? Perhaps Max?
  19. Oh wow! Well done, Jake. So we received 5 nominations in the AFLPA Under 22s squad and that didn't include Jake. This is a magnificent result for the club.
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