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  1. I'll reserve my judgement on that. Do you know the number of drug tests done during and leading up to the season? Do you know the number of cases during the season and the impacts on everything? Will we ever know? No contrary feedback by the Clubs, so nothing has happened? Minimal press contact and pressure about what's going on? Post Covid, nothing...Do you feel informed?
  2. Simon has had a good go, and if by the way that other Clubs have been idolized by the Media for just how good they are to getting to the Preliminary Finals like Port and Brisbane, even though we lost by a truckload, there is obvious consideration and satisfaction to making it that far. In his heart i would think that this coming year is it for him, with everything in his favour, including a maturing team and an ample supply of experience solidly in his corner post Covid Cup.... On a side note it was patently obvious that our AFL CEO looked absolutely #nackered in that op last night.
  3. Maybe the players themselves could make a better fist of sorting this out than DH managers and MFC. Just mulling over how long Viney's contract took to be sorted....
  4. ....and by the way we would continue to be a laughing stock magnified by a factor of 100.
  5. How crazy would it be if Clarrie left the Club because of dissatisfaction with a fellow player, amongst some other petty issues, without working through the problems under discussion, and that includes his dopey manager and the sheer incompetence of MFC. This needs to be sorted....
  6. Could result in many damaged fists and fingers...Change it to "if the ball hits or goes over the fence on the full", then it is a deemed deliberate.
  7. What player with inside and outside and all side ball getting and delivering skills has Carlton got that we would be interested in? Aside from getting half their side.
  8. I've heard of blokes having a heart attack with a smile on their face
  9. Likes it open, runs on to the ball, good skills and intuitive footy brain, team player, in a forward line that all disappears at the same time. Not a lot to not like with the right forward coach....
  10. NORM SMITH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 etc, etc,
  11. Now who do we take De Gonee, Hogan or someone from Adelaide.....hmmm
  12. I would love to see you eat those words Hannibal.....
  13. Typical example of young bloke who gets in the right position to get the pill. If he keeps getting it next year he will be shadowed.
  14. I think we saw a glimpse of his talent with a handball to ANB some two years ago. Carlton had a player called Williams, and i can understand their older cult wanting someone with his talent. Peripheral vision in spades. By the same token we should hike back to who were the players around Williams and how good they were in common sense positioning. You don't go back from not being able to get the ball in the middle to being able to get it profusely to not getting it again. Utter madness. In my opinion Oliver is/will be Viney on steroids. There I've said it. Start kicking Coaches
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