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  1. Better than playing a bunch of thugs(mark 2) in Port's territory...
  2. Carlton have one bullet proof player, who umpires love even more than WC players..WC should still win.
  3. There are many Fox haters on here and rightly so. Fox have got such a bent interest in sport in Australia, let alone politics, where commentators are much like their compatriots in the land of the great WHITE cloud who haven't the guts, let alone the brains to call the Truth out when it needs to be done. Just another example of infringing against Max, is where he doesn't get a run up at the kick in to take the mark, and the ball is put too close to his fixed position, it is patently obvious that he is going to get undue and unfair close attention. We will have situations soon where someone will be coming from behind with the intent of swing arm spoiling , except he's not, and will miss the arms all together and collect the bloke's head, knock him out, concussion , fractured jaw and eye socket damage may follow, similar to the old king hit. ...and they think that swing tackles are dangerous....
  4. ...and i would give Harmes or Petracca a go as vice captains.
  5. T mac needs more time off. Jackson needs more action. The onballers need to have a bloody hard crack .without the silver service.....
  6. Anyone heard whether there has been a lapsing of drug testing being done during Covid or not?
  7. Some little scrubbers don't seem to like Jackson either, was his calf scraped as well??
  8. Good effort for a bloke who gets tackled five or six times a match when he hasn't got the pill...
  9. that was to alter apartments back the way they should have been....
  10. Take Max out, put him in the forward or back half and leave them all in there....
  11. Wonder what they will cop this week. Hope Dusty wasn't asking for Chinese food every day.
  12. If one had to do a synopsis of the umpiring, aside from calling it disgraceful, we would have to say that MFC actually had to earn the result. As at the same time weathering the first half migraine producing stultification of the rules and then seeing the error of their (MFC's) ways and run away with it. Now they know what to do..... onward and upward.
  13. Would it be beyond the realms of possibility that everyone starts sharing the ball around that much more that we make more mistakes and consequently turning it over more than usual........
  14. We wouldn't have to look at TWSNBN. There ain't anyone brave enough there for us to swap with.
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