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  1. I would have settled for a dirty win..
  2. Is the battle for the best spectacle in the land prepared to slow sport down enough for the sake of saving itself? Ok how do we do it..
  3. Can someone name me the last time they saw Weideman have an unimpeded run on a lead to take a mark where there have not been half a dozen opposition players either heading straight at him from all sides or the kick is not where it should be??
  4. Ah, that's right, he was going for the ball....
  5. Not sure whether or not anyone has had a go at Umpires in this game, but i will anyway. Aside from us not playing well there were several other little scum things that took place First of all De Goey. He has turned into the little snipe i always thought he would be, along with another snipe by the name of Berry, who loved to laugh at his own hits behind play. Oliver was crucified again. Every Umpire that hasn't given him a vote, or a free kick this year should be removed from the AFL. That brings me to three of the most scared, dumb and bias maggots in the comp. They seem
  6. I did notice Berry seemed to have an affinity for nuts
  7. I would keep him with us, i would ask him to stay with us next year, then i would stick him away with the meanest dude we can find for two months one on one at the end of the year. Then i would tell everyone else to stick it
  8. I see maggies becoming MFC seconds. I thought they would keep it quiet...
  9. well you can make it five after north and giants
  10. This is correct, i feel very sorry for them because it is becoming increasingly obvious that there are more split decisions than ever this season in particular. The AFL need to get a Forum at the end of the year to be attended by every Club representatives to sort out the interpretations/rules as a high priority task. Try getting the players to umpire and the umpires to play as a priority and make compulsory attendance to a conflab before the start of 2022.
  11. Fancy this early and some Clubs definitely just going through the motions, Lucky RD 13 eh. The New media beat ups will be Flag 2021 doesn't count because of all the upheavals just wait...
  12. Rise above the madding crowd, my Coach always said, and i kept on trying to take speccies ever since
  13. Likes kicking but not looking...
  14. Couldn't half tell anyway. same as that bloke who went to TWSNBN.
  15. How could we spend so much time sh## canning a pl;ayer from another club whose close relative is a legend here Pretty pathetic and could bite...
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