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  1. How would you get sadder than that lot?
  2. Chocko must have thought he wouldn't get a game with Riewoldt and Lynch hogging everything too
  3. Any other day in the season, with bloody poser, pseudo intellectual Cotchin he would have been given a fifty and a goal.
  4. I'd be thinking Jetta, and then it's all about respect..
  5. There's kinship there amongst those guys in that grab, so much so that one would be reluctant to break it up under any circumstances, other than injury of course.
  6. I must admit i have had over the years a degree of empathy for Ron because as it turned out the sixties was a time of great transition in Australia Sport. In tennis especially, professionalism was the way of the future, and the future has not looked back. I will leave it at that. in other words being involved in sport meant moving on from Kooyong to Laver..
  7. The Tigers were trying but they usually are not fit and about at this time of year. No gloss off our blokes though, we were cleaner and more imperative.
  8. We knock off Tigers in a practice match and the noise got louder..
  9. I think that's a little bit unfair seeing as everyone would have wanted to see him how he went, and i bet in the after match table it would have been about encouragement, linking up and becoming known around the field. This is not criticism.
  10. Send Collingwood and TWSNBN over there and put em in a hub...
  11. I can remember some very funny interactions on World of Sport with Ron Casey and Lou Richards (Mr Weideman) All things pass..
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