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  1. One message for Mclachlan......get out, before you are remembered for more than what you deserve. You will be anyway..
  2. Half the present team at Hawthorn doesn't want to play with them anyway.
  3. Is there any other Club that a smart player who plays for us should consider.? I mean one could go through the list and give an argument against just about all of them
  4. Would Grundy having to stand out of footy for 12 months be restraint of trade?
  5. Didn't see anybody else kick a perfect pass at a critical point to Fritch in a Grand Final, bear in mind his namesake did something similar, albeit with his hand,in a GF as well. Just thought cold blooded people might think he might be a keeper...
  6. Jackson to North . JHF to us as a swap. OK mums..
  7. JHF pretty decent player now in my book. Shares it around, fearless,smart and tough. I wish we had some space.
  8. And he would have been instructed to do that by that shifty, the smiler coach.
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