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  1. Sad call Buddy. Never heard of Aaron Hamil? Different code but I'd love to hear you voice these kind of bigoted old man opinions around Ian Roberts.
  2. Wow that actually is good news. I wonder how much Howe is on. On output ATM you'd give him around 250,000 but on the potential of becoming something great and stopping other clubs from poaching him you have wonder what we're paying him.
  3. It's interesting that he's listed as having the exact same dimesions as Howe and Howe doesn't seem fragile at all. Though some people are simply more brittle and injury prone than others despite their body size. Jack Grimes being the template for fragile players.
  4. Sadly about 25 other players attempt to say hi and bite off their tongues.
  5. Are you serious? Do you see a single player on this list that rotates through our midfield who on a regular basis gest 25+ possessions and delivers that ball with skill and nous consistently? Nathan Jones gos all right and we all hope Trengrove has what it takes. After those 2 I'm struggling for names. Morton simply no. Blease will need to take a quantum leap with his fitness, as great as he looks when he does have the ball. Tapscott's an interesting one, but I haven't really seen any signs he'd make a top liner. I've run out of names and please god don't mention Bail or Bennel.
  6. If he was a year or 2 younger he'd be a perfect fit in my humble opinion. He demands the ball is and is an elite kick. So what if HBF is one of the easiest positions to play, if you play the position as well as he does, so what?
  7. Here's a thing. Is it Bruces fault that towards the twighlight of his time at Melbourne he was being overpaid? Clubs have to pay 92.5% of their salary cap. Would people have preferred the money going to a lazy Yze or some other even flakier player. We obvioulsly don't have any current stars and Davey finds himself being grossly overpaid. Is that his fault ? I'll always fondly remember shouting "Cameron the Bruce" at the MCG as a kid and whilst he did in later years master the hospital handpass he was consistently a B+ player with occasional moments of brilliance and for that I salute him.
  8. We are screaming out for a pure footballer or two. By that I simply mean players that always take the right option and nearly always executes to perfection (see Simon Black, Lenny Hayes or Luke Hodge). Simply having even one player on our list that fits into this category would give others a bar to measure themselves against and to highlight how woefully inept many off them are. We simply don't have an A grade player for others to measure themselves against. Trengrove makes relatively good decisions but simply doesn't get enough of it and Grimes work one on one is exemplary but once the ball h
  9. Sadly I work for the Department of Broadband and Communications so no chance of that.
  10. Everything I hate about football is is on display currently as a result of this Richmond incident. Seriously it's one thing to be passionate about football but the over analysis of the game, purification of players lives and expectations that players behave like robotic saints is getting ridiculous. Yup, they screwed up. They're kids. They didn't beat anyone up or even cause a public scene. They missed a training session. Roughly a quarter of the people denigrating them are probably repressed borderline alcoholics. So what if they both got blasted and took a few sleeping pills. This is hardly
  11. Why pray tell do you say this with such authority? Does he play a specific role with great aplomb ? Does he play consistently with hardness and decisiveness or with natural flair and skill? He's averaged less than 13 possessions a game this year and it's his fourth year on our list. I'd say he is and should be far from safe.
  12. I say go after Leroy Jetta at the end of the year. He's on track for 30 goals this year, is young, fast, averages 4 tackles a game, a couple of goal assists, and with Alwyn Davey in good form and salary cap pressure might just be squeezed out if we'd offer a late first round or early second round pick.
  13. I think I've got a Frawley bias but a 4 seems overly harsh. He's been taking the number 1 foward each week and thus far hasn't has more than 3 goals kicked directly on him.
  14. The ox was my favourite player as a lad, but as a commentator he is an embarrassment. I remember watching a game a few years ago when he was doing "special" comments for television and I was actually convinced that he'd recently had a stroke or at the very least alcohol induced brain damage. Every comment he made seemed to either make no sense or contradict itself. The other commentators were stumped as to what to say every time he finished a sentence. Did I hallucinate this?
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