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  1. Well there's 16 of them if you have the time. I read them while in lockdown.... there was something special about reading from people who didn't have a team in the match
  2. How many players would be in this list if it was from a neutral supporter's perspective! Great times!
  3. My favourite was having a look at the neutrals grand final game day threads. People lost their [censored] at the end of the third after writing us off 15min earlier!
  4. I kinda love it - it gets Geelong thinking they're a chance again - but there's no way they will be able to knock off two of Dees, Freo and Bris in finals. It means they get worse picks which means a longer rebuild when the cliff finally arrives.
  5. Do we really need another contract thread? Nothing is going to happen until Gil sorts out the TV rights going forward - why would you sign when you don't know what the size of the pie is?
  6. But he would have if not for covid this year as well right? He's had an unlucky run but he has also been messed around with being put in different positions and in his injury management (pre Burgo).
  7. I know we've compared notes with Melbourne Storm in the past re building culture. I'm hoping we've learnt what ever they know about staying at the top once you get there. They've had their generation of absolute top end players come and go and they're still a powerhouse. Hearing Petracca in a recent interview - it seems like that's what they're wanting to create.
  8. I think part of this is that we look to have an extra behind the ball to intercept so outside of centre bounces, we are often outnumbered at the stoppage. We can get away with this as with Gawn, Oliver and Petracca we have 3 of the best 10 players in the league at the stoppage and when we lose it it's about not losing it badly so our interceptors can capitalise. What I'm also hoping is that like last year, these players go up a level - what we did to geelong (and the dogs and lions to a lesser extent) in the finals at clearance was unbelievable. You also saw a bit of this during the season when we played other contenders. It will be interesting this week as it's our first game in a while against a team that is considered to be a contender. I have a feeling our players will lift to get the psychological edge over the saints in case we meet them in September.
  9. I agree with the sentiment overall, but surely you can see that part of this is just the media trying to find something interesting to talk about. It's bad for them and the AFL if people think we are untouchable - people will lose interest. I know I found the fawning over Tigers / Hawks / Cats pretty boring when they were in their hey day. It's got nothing to do with respect of us. We've definitely got that.
  10. What I find interesting is that so often the players in defence when in trouble know they can flick it out to his wing without looking and he will be there - I think when he's previously got a bit of attention it requires a half forward eg Kozzie / Spargo / ANB to provide the one-two handball to get round the opponent. But given how often going to him when in trouble, I'm surprised the Hawks are the first to try this tactic in a dedicated way.
  11. These stories are going to continue to circulate until the new paydeal is sorted. Why would you sign when you don't know the landscape? Would be surprised if Brayshaw or Jacko left on what we know.
  12. I think Mitchell coached really well. I'm glad the tried a few things with some success (while we still got the win) because it gives our coaches and players some contingencies to work on. Much rather this than getting our first look in finals. The likes of Brisbane and Freo may hold things back when they play us in case they want to catch us unawares during the finals - so I we are going to see the challenging tactics from sides not expecting a finals berth like Hawthorn, Collingwood, Adelaide, etc The tag of Langdon was interesting - I'm not sure if most teams would have a player with Langdon's fitness and speed to go with him all day. But for the ones that do, we'll have to find other ways which I'm sure we will. Like when teams tag one of Oliver or Petracca, the other gets off the chain. As good as the Hawks were - esp early - May had two marks punched out of his hand early on (I think they goaled from both). Correct call on them and the game is a different story. And good luck taking on Max - esp when so many 1st choice ruckmen are down at the moment.
  13. From memory Melksham played the Hawthorn game early last year and was looking very dangerous
  14. I thought it was reported that all 22 players made the captains run today?? Was ANB there?
  15. Hawks are actually missing a lot of good players as well so surely shouldn't pose much of a threat. They have started their last 2 games putting 5-6 goals on early so we will have to watch for that. Interestingly on SEN Mitchell was asked about tagging and he said they normally look for the players with the most score involvements. For us it's Petracca but he also mentioned ANB who isn't far behind.
  16. Depending on how many miss, this is a great opportunity for players at VFL level to have a crack. A win or two with 5+ players out due to Covid will have the whole comp fearing us even more than they already do. Get it done dees!
  17. We're one year off being the hardest team to play against!
  18. Agree - I think that's why match committee also like Smith. Will be interesting this week to see if TMac stays out and Smith is dropped for Lever. I have a suspicion that despite his good form, it could be Hunt that goes out instead.
  19. I'm stoked that Weid is being given a run at it as I do think he has more to offer than what he has shown so far. However, some of the calls about him being ahead of of Brown are ridiculous. Brown's height alone (and the fact that he takes the ball at its highest point) worries anyone he goes against and he is the most reliable set shot. Weid has a good kicking action so with confidence could end up the best but hasn't done it consistently. With the fitness of our key forwards and ruckman, I'm loving that we can isolate whichever forward is going to cause headaches for the opposition - whether it be Brown, Weid, Tmac, Gawn, Jacko, Fritsch, Trac, Pickett - it really is an embarrassment of riches!
  20. Fair enough. It is a tough one... I would have said that too until finals last year. Now I think Sparrow has gone past Jordon and potentially Harmes. Agree Jordon offers a point of difference though once Salem is back and Brayshaw goes back to the wing maybe this is less important. Wish we could place them all - would hate to see them leave for opportunities elsewhere. Though its great cover for injuries if and when they arise.
  21. We'll agree to disagree. I think people forget how disrupted the VFL has been through covid. Has been hard to get continuity for a lot of players. I also think that they are not primarily played as midfielders as Casey as they would never be asked to do that at Senior level - Sparrow, Jordon, Harmes and Dunstan are the ones next in line for midfield minutes. The small forward position is arguably the hardest position to play as you are dependent on the rest of the team doing well to get a look in. The main thing we would need from them is to chase, tackle, harass and then when the opportunity arises, snag a goal or two. But that role isn't going to see them dominate very often. The fact that Chandler last year and Bedford this year have usually been the sub shows that the match committee rate them. Having said that I agree that if there were injuries in the forward line to bring them in, then they would likely play minimal minutes as Jordon and Sparrow have done for their senior careers so far (and Sparrow / Jordon would likely get increased game time). Yeah me too - I guess he felt that all year he was the next in line for a small forward position and that ANB, Kozzie and Spargo are unlikely to be injury free all year again. But right now, looks like it would have been a better move career wise. I'm happy to keep them on the list atm - I remember the tigers used to have so many small forwards and after a few have left they don't seem to have the same competition for spots in that area anymore.
  22. I also wonder had there been an injury to ANB, Kozzie or Spargo whether we'd be having a similar dilemma with our small forwards. Sometimes hard to tell in the VFL matches at Casey when it's blowing a gale but Bedford and Chandler would get a game in most AFL sides.
  23. Still think Smith is also in calculations. When he is fit, he is generally in the team - largely for his flexibility with speed and ability to play tall and small. Thinking of our GF side, I think he would be replacing Hibbo. Then it is a matter of Hunt and Jordon trying to squeeze someone out. Would love to see them in the team but no one deserves to go out (and Salem is an automatic in). Obviously part of this is once Salem is back does Brayshaw stay in defence or go back to the wing. I would think he'll go back to the wing but who knows? It's an absolute luxury - but more likely than not we will sustain a long term injury or two and so it won't be as much of a dilemma.
  24. Is there any chance Petty would play forward in place of the Weid?
  25. It is isn't it! Remember when we released the strategic plan for 2020-2023? I remember thinking the mens premiership and 75k members was pie in the sky stuff... but we are currently on track. Others will know better than me how we are doing on the financials and re our facilities. So this is what is in our strategic plan: OUR AMBITIONS FOR 2020-2023 1. ON-FIELD PERFORMANCE • Play in AFL and AFLW Finals each year • Win at least 1 AFL and 1 AFLW Premiership 2. FINANCIAL • Deliver a combined $4m profit over 4 years • Eliminate debt • $30m + of income producing assets 3. OUR PEOPLE • To have a culture that inspires excellence and attracts new talent 4. OUR FANS • Grow to 75k members • MCG home game average crowds of 50k + 5. OUR FACILITIES • Finish construction of high-performance facility at Casey Fields • Start construction of new Melbourne home base facility https://resources.melbournefc.com.au/aflc-melb/document/2022/03/01/1eca15e8-6169-401d-85cd-2b0b036e5fb9/MFC_Strategic-Plan_Web_V2.pdf
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