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  1. Cop out. Will only have ourselves to blame if we miss. Had to beat Geelong round 1 without Danger, Henderson, S Selwood, Ablett off no pre-season, and Harry Taylor off in the first quarter. Botched selection for the Port and St Kilda games also completely our own doing.
  2. Thank god the FD have finally clicked that you can't play Dom Tyson on a wing. They might have finally watched a Richmond match. Only cost us the two narrow losses.
  3. In: JKH Out: Smith Need run on the 'G, especially with heavy legs after Darwin. Pedersen, Tim Smith and Tyson are not the answer.
  4. Maynard is a delist. We have 15 of his type, even if he does learn how to play footy. Hahaha just because you're in the football department doesn't mean you're any good. Have you thought that every MFC Football Department over the last 12 years have known what they were doing, because they must if they spend so much time with the players? Spose Neeld knew best too did he? Goodwin's selection mistakes have cost us 3 games this year. Blind freddy could see Maynard and Wagner did nothing in the pre-season to justify a game against Geelong in what was an 8 point game. The teams we selected against Port and St Kilda have been the biggest, slowest sides you could select, and to not play a quick crumbing forward when Richmond play a dozen of them raises some serious questions over the football department.
  5. We gave up two first rounders for him and they say this years top 20 is exceptional. We have gaping holes in the midfield, which is where games are won and lost. Lever nominated the Dees so we held the power. We massively overpaid for a guy that does not fix our problems. He is a 'nice to have'. Midfielders that can run and kick are a 'need'.
  6. May is a contracted captain of another club. We just overpaid for Lever as though it would fix all our defensive issues and now can't burn a 3rd first rounder on May. Our midfield is terribly unbalanced and we can't spend another 1st rounder on the backline. Jordan Roughead as a free agent would provide a 200cm 105kg key defensive option and genuine ruck depth if Gawn went down. I appreciate he's not quite a full back and not quite a ruckman, but we desperately need some mature bodies and extra height back there. Oscar is always 2 years away from having the necessary strength, and it seems there is no competition for his spot given the club has banished Frost. Roughead would be a much better free hit for us than coughing up a first rounder for May.
  7. We queried Maynard and Wagner in Round 1. We queried Tim Smith and Tyson against Port. We queried Petty over Frost and no small forward against the Saints. Goodwin's selections have cost the club 3 wins in an even season. It will most likely cost the club finals. The sycophants like you that say "I trust the FD" make me sick.
  8. Yeah, you're right, everything's fine and it is unreasonable of us to expect him to get a kick in big games against Collingwood and Port. FFS.
  9. You're exactly right. After Geelong and Port Gawn has said things like 'we would have lost that by a lot more in the past so it's good that we didn't get blown away' and 'I don't think we disgraced ourselves'. They're happy just not being a basket case. The pre-season dribble about how much last year hurt and would drive us this year was just hot air.
  10. In: Frost, Stretch, Spargo Out: Vince, Tyson, T Smith Frost deserves a chance for the next month in a Melbourne side that will have the ball live in its forward half. He's always the scape goat when when the rest of the side fails miserably (I.e. Hawthorn). Give him a go when we have double the inside 50s to our opposition. We've seen how much better Oscar has looked when our midfield out-pressure the opposition. Frost should be under instruction to play within his limitations and handpass to a Salem, Lewis or Hibberd every time he touches the ball. I'd have him do the back up ruck work and tackle to hurt at centre bounces like he loves doing. He's too big, strong and fast to be wallowing at Casey while we have an undersized and slow backline at one end, and Tim Smith offering absolutely nothing at the other.
  11. The blind, long, high bombs into the Forward line have been an issue since Round 1 where it, and the selection of Maynard and Wagner, cost us another match we should have won. It is not easily fixed because it is not the forwards at fault, it's our crash and bash one dimensional, unbalanced midfield that have no class or ability to accelerate out of a stoppage, lower their eyes and spot up a well-weighted short pass. We desperately need to add a Shaun Higgins-type free agent and trade for a Devon Smith-type as well. Hopefully Gaff and Murphy might be the Free Agents this year, and maybe they can trade for a Darcy Parish or similar.
  12. Such a Melbourne thread. "Too much pressure on finals". Wow.
  13. Thank Christ. Someone that can run and kick.
  14. I'm one of those supporters that expects $800k money men with fancy free haircuts to deliver in big games against good opposition.
  15. All I remember of him in the Richmond game was the around-the-body snap he went for late in the 3rd quarter from 35m directly in front, which should have been a set shop drop punt, that missed and sapped all our momentum. Again it's a goal that I expect my $800k a year forwards to kick. I don't accept this stuff because it's mediocrity. Big dollars, big matches, big moments, little return.
  16. We lost it due to a lack of skill going inside 50 and non-existent crumbing options once it was in there. 10 inside midfielders was too many.
  17. Great touch against who? How's he played against Geelong, Richmond, Hawthorn, Collingwood and Port? Up to this point he's just a flat track bully who beats up on the bottom 6 sides.
  18. The Hogan missed snap with 5 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter was critical. The bloke is on $800k a year and was under no pressure 20m directly in front of goal. An absolute pretender, just like Petracca. I don't even accept the inside 50 differential because ours shouldn't be counted as inside 50s. They are junk hacks forward by a midfield bunch always under pressure thanks to a lack of pace and class. It is easily the most unbalanced midfield in the afl. Goodwin got what he deserved for loading up with guys like Tyson and Harmes at the expense of Spargo, Garlett and even JKH.
  19. Was just ok against Carlton and Adelaide when you and I would have kicked a bag, and only got in the way of Hogan and TMac against the Bulldogs. Was very poor against the Dogs, doesn't play at Casey and then comes straight back in? Need key position defensive depth and speed out of the backline (Frost) rather than a 3rd tall forward spoiling Hogan and TMac. It really is like heavy rain is predicted and Goodwin wants to pick the toughest, slowest side he can pick.
  20. It's funny how people say "I have faith in the match committee" when it's as clear as day they got it wrong in round 1 playing Maynard and Wagner who are nowhere near it. I don't understand why you'd have faith in the match committee. Neither Pedersen or T Smith are up to it. They only get in the way of Hogan and TMac up forward, are ordinary rucks, and give nothing at ground level once it's bounced. Why wouldn't you bring Frost in to provide the run you don't get from Lewis, Vince, and Jetta, the extra key position depth if Oscar and J Smith fail again, and a back up ruck that is quicker than all our one paced mids who watched Collingwood moonwalk the ball out of the middle? I can't even be bothered talking about Tyson, who now takes us to 10 inside midfielders of the starting 22 and does nothing for the balance of the side. Very underwhelming ins.
  21. Subject to medical and the right money I think Murphy would be a fantastic fit for us. We are brimming with big bodied inside midfielders and desperately lack outside class. We don't have a first round pick so it's not like we can add an Oliver Florent mid or Ed Richards half back flanker. Even if Murphy was managed through 15 games a season I'd prefer him on the list to half a dozen of the spuds we have running around at Casey or perpetually clogging the injury list. People who laugh at Murphy ought to name some alternative pace that we can get for nothing. David Mackay? Gaff is run all day on the outside fast. He's not burst away from a stoppage fast.
  22. Cannot fathom how Tyson, the slowest inside mid of all our inside mids, would possibly help counter the spread and acceleration of better-balanced opposition midfields. I'd bring JKH in before I brought Tyson in. He's not up to it either, but at least he's different.
  23. Midfielders and half back flankers with speed and kicking skills are the much bigger need.
  24. He's too nice. Got a lot of the Jack Watts-basketball-bruise-free-non-contact about him. Just drifts around when he should be using his enormous frame and power to knock a few out of the way and lay some enormous tackles. Has to physically impose himself on the game. Also his disposal is just horrendous and he always tries to kick the cover off the ball and hand pass it through his teammates rather than to them. Just has no 'touch' whatsoever. The centred ball to Hogan going 10m over his head a case in point. Sadly De Goey (a few picks later than Petracca and Brayshaw) looks like being by far the best player out of that draft. I spose De Goey wouldn't have interviewed well enough for the Dees though.
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