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  1. Let's not forget that our first half was way below par...so Mark Williams wasn't all that inspiring...
  2. I am nonplussed by the medical diagnosis of Dustin Martin. He was allowed to continue playing despite being CONCUSSED. I thought that was against the rules of the game. He was injured near the start of the 3rd quarter, went off soon after, then blow me down, he continues playing!!! I thought the concussion protocols didn't allow that sort of thing... bloody cheats....
  3. Tim Mohr must have the recuperative powers of the Wolverine if the following report from afl.com.au is true: Rookie defender Tim Mohr was taken to hospital with a dislocated knee after an incident early in the clash. While he was released on Sunday afternoon, the former Giant will head for scans on Monday to learn the full extent of any further damage.
  4. Just to emphasize Joel Smiths level of fitness, this picture probably sums it up (it is totally unretouched - those biceps are REAL):
  5. Attended for a while and took some pictures. Never been to training before, but from what I could tell the following were in rehab: Viney, JKH, Spargo, Lever, May, Jones, Oliver, Brayshaw and maybe Kolo. Didn't see Melksham, Hannan or Oscar. No injuries (except for JKH - minor ankle problem during full ground simulation - still ran pretty well with Rehab group later in the session). Jack Viney must be pretty fit - easily ran the oval and would not have blown out a candle. Same cannot be said for Bradtke - as unfit a player as I have ever seen. Impressed with Tom McDonald in
  6. Has this HS article been referenced yet? https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/jesse-hogan-passes-medical-at-fremantle-as-melbourne-stand-firm-on-trade-demands/news-story/5149035f1f61d909f23d5cf0ba12064b If not, the relevant section reads: "Speculation that Hogan, 23, had failed medical tests held in Perth last week were on Wednesday night dismissed, with his camp adamant the spearhead will be fit to play for the Demons or the Dockers in Round 1 next year. The goal kicker is currently holidaying in Bali, but was fully assessed by Fremantle medicos during a tour of the Dock
  7. Just checking Jesse's resume - he was actually named as the All Australian under 18 CHB in 2012 - as an underage 17YO! So I don't think he would have any trouble filling that role for Melbourne. Occasional stints in the midfield notwithstanding....
  8. A quote from the HS by "One-eyed Melbourne Supporter": " By half-time Viney had laid more tackles than Jack Watts achieved in his entire career at the Dees. "
  9. Just read an interesting stat: First time since R01 that WCE have conceded 90 points in a game - 19 games in a row without conceding 90 points was the longest streak in the AFL era...
  10. I don't know what Tyson thinks he is doing out there, but so far he's had 4 or 5 attempts at a handball - not one of which has even come close to a team mate - unless you consider handballing to their feet effective...
  11. Anyone would think Petty was our worst player on the ground - but have you checked out Hannan's stats? If Hannan plays next week, I give up...
  12. I know this may sound trite, but I like the fact that he drives around in an old holden (a very clean one at that).
  13. Just had a look on Wikipedia, which had the following info on the East Melbourne Cricket Ground: East Melbourne Football Club, used the ground until it disbanded in mid 1882. Essendon Football Club. Despite the ground being 6 miles (10 km) away from the suburb of Essendon, the club moved to the ground in 1882 after East Melbourne vacated it, and used it in both the VFA and the VFL until its closure in 1921. North Melbourne Football Club, which used the ground during the 1897 VFA season due to upgrading works on its usual home ground, the Arden Street Oval. West Melbou
  14. I think Collingwood took their cue from the Bulldogs efforts the previous week. In both games, the Dees were woeful with clearances, getting absolutely smashed...perhaps Goody, and our strategist extraordinaire Craig Jennings should have picked up on this....
  15. For those of you using Firefox, just add the extension "anti-paywall" to your browser. Works for me...
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