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  1. Well said Titan - makes me emotional just reading it ! Wow what an unbelievable night ! Had to pinch myself when I woke this morning just to see if I was dreaming !
  2. I was there and 9 -sitting in the top deck of the members northern stand with my mother whilst my father drank beer with mates on the Verandah of the Annexe bar ( later ceiled off) - I remember lots of that famous last quarter and the tension towards the end - I was standing (like most at that stage ) when my mother who was calm and seated tapped me and said the siren had gone but the game was continuing as the crowd was so loud that the umps hadn’t heard the siren ! I can still feel that moment and are saddened that it may finally happen again this year and we can’t all be there.
  3. 22 out 22 brilliant - cheers Joeboy
  4. Nor did I first game I haven’t bothered since Roos turned up - probably won’t again till Goodwin leaves ! Sad but true ! (I don’t resemble the supporter I was or would like to be - Dictator Dan doesn’t help my attitude but Goodwin platitudes are even worse if that’s possible !
  5. Agree with most except - Sparrow ( Very good rookie ) - VDB - ( Tough hard uncompromising ) - TMac ( cooked slow done)
  6. Agree - let T Mac fight for his spot !
  7. All good except Brayshaw - important midfield contributor !! And maybe VDB - Gives it up !
  8. Love this thread each week - thanks - don’t always agree ( none of us do ) but always enjoy and look forward to your 3 word summary - this week agree with all ( except Weid ) Weiderman - Made massive contribution !
  9. Joeboy spot on - only better said by George on the outer who was 100% correct - neither side wanted to win we wanted to win less and clearly the coach has no idea how to do just that !!
  10. Thanks Joeboy always good to read and agree with most - perhaps ANB was better than many
  11. Never seen less interest in this thread - reflection on this [censored] of a year not the thread - thanks joeboy
  12. Yes they will - They usually sell in April/May
  13. Had a look today and agree 100% with these sentiments ! Especially about the food and drink !!
  14. Love the optimism if all this goes to plan we’re Top 4 - Remember this time last year were flag favs same or worse list so hopefully it all goes to plan !
  15. Should have said it’s to early to call the kids but you’d think not !
  16. Brown will play ! and Bennell if fit !
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