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  1. It's all in the mind......If you were kicking to a mate 40m away 9 times out of ten you would get the ball to him....But put a set of goal post in there ........and the pressure comes on....Ignore the post and just kick to a person or target in the crowd. It always worked for me.
  2. I don't think I have seen anywhere that Hogan or May have requested a trade. So all these arguements over draft picks and trade senarios are just p*** and wind until that happens. I don't listen to any of the trade news. I hate trade week(s) It's just a cattle market with no respect for club or player. See you when it's completed.
  3. Can I just remind everyone that Collingwood has not beaten a side in the eight either except for us on QB I don't hear the mentally weak slur on them
  4. Who do you think will replace a 195cm 100kg KPF, 23 year old who has kicked 153 goals (47 this year) and plays all over the ground? He kicked 1.3 yesterday and you want to trade him????
  5. Wow Yeah, lets trade a key position strong forward who is 23 years old with a great future before him for 3 raw kids Great idea Thank god some of you are nowhere near the list management of the club
  6. Wow Great Umpire bashing already. I am sure that the AFL conspire to fix games for particular teams (not) Umpires pay them as they see them, do not have the benefit of tv close ups or replays. Yes they make mistakes but far less than players. It doesn't help that they seem to have a rule of the week, every week but usually they do a fairly good job
  7. Gee there are some nasty people on this site Unbelievable
  8. Just read most of the comments. Typical demonland. Sack everyone LAST YEAR St Kilda thrashed Richmond by 67 points after leading at 3 1/4 time by 90 points Richmond members were (again burning memberships) but that turned out alright for the tigers didn't it? We are at round 4 ROUND 4 We are 1 win off top spot. This is the most even season that I have seen. Any team can beat any other on any given day Christ Collingwood beat Adelaide in Adelaide with half it's forward line missing. Yep it was a terrible poor game from the dees but there is another game next week against a good side So how about we put all the knives away for a couple of more weeks
  9. Well Ater reading this thread I'm going to put my membership in the microwave throw out all my scrarfs, and all my footy stuff. We should (according to posters) Sack the coach, Cull half the list Ohh we won? Forget the above
  10. 1994 Mike Atherton GUILTY Ball tampering Fined $3700 2010 Shahid Afridi GUILTY " Sus 2 20/20 games 2013 Faf du Plessis Guilty " Fined 50% match fee 2014 Veron Philander " " Fined 75% match fee 2016 Faf du Plessis " " 3 demerit points on record
  11. I agree with you Red The vision of Smith being escorted through Cape Town airport was not much different to watching a well known drug dealer being escorted thought an airprt in Bali. Paki players banned for match fixing? All back playing for their country. Sth Africa's captain twice cited for ball tampering. Still captain of his country. This reaction is way over the top.
  12. For $50 bucks a month you can get Foxtel Basic and Sports pack All games plus the bonus of NO ADDS during play I forego 10 cups of coffee per month and it's paid for I don't care what C 7 put on. You can cancel the sports pack at the end of the season
  13. How about you ask Tyson, who dislocated his knee and had to continue walking/ running as there was no medical assistance in attendance How about you ask Hibbert who had a heel soreness but had to continue walking/running as there was no medical assistance Missed the first 4 games. How about you ask Salem who had concussion but had to continue walking/running as there was no medical assistance and had concussion issues throught the year, but that camp toughen them up really well didn't it? I don't get your last comment? Who was my favorite small from 6 years ago?
  14. Jesus mate..... Have you ever been on one of these camps? The main aim is to break you down and then rebuild you to a point where you usefull for a cause ie battle I have been on a few and all I got out of it was crook as a dog and praying for it to end. I am no tougher than I was It was a debarkle last year. 3 players reported in the first couple of games, not the leadership we wanted at that stage but were they tough? I don't care what the media says about us......We will get done this year and we will win some gutsy ones so even is the competition. When we do lose it will have nothing to do with a camp not held months ago.
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