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  1. Personally, I've had a gutfull of high draft picks that struggle to develop.

    Give me consistant, real effort and a handful of wins any day over ensuring another 'bumper' crop of draft picks.

    It is incredibly sad when the highlight of our year is draft week, year after year...

  2. Someone here mentioned a couple of other Grimes brothers younger than Dylan. Anyone know if they are any good?

    Also, I believe there is another Viney a couple of years behind Jack.

    Do we have any current players with siblings that are worth a look? (and yes, I know we'd all like a good look at Jess Trengove...)

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  3. I actually think he's ok, but the blazers and the rest of the romantic navel gazing could have waited until we had won a few games!

    When Vlad said the MFC stood for nothing, I wonder if CC and CS thought they could fix that with all this romantic heritage sh!t (blazers, collar on jumper, traditional style logo, etc). Being the oldest club that wrote the rules doesn't mean JS to most supporters outside of our club.

    Winning games consistently and finishing up the pointy end of the ladder will show we stand for something.

  4. When we start to get some wins under Neeld's coaching (and that will come), I'm sure we'll be gushing about how confident the team looks and how it's all starting to work, like many did after that match in 2010. Things can change pretty quickly.

    Rather than lynching Neeld after a handful of games, lets show restraint and support him for at least 18 mths. Otherwise no one with half a brain would want to take on a coaching role at MFC in the future.


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  5. It was amazing to see how strong and quick the hawks players were compared to ours. Really was boys against men.

    Most of our so-called seasoned players (eg Moloney, Sylvia, Bate) look really slow and struggle to get the pill and the rest just get bounced off the likes of Lewis, Mitchell, Sewell, Birchall.

    It's sad that it takes new guys such as Clark and Magner to illustrate to most of the rest that they lack effort and hardness.

    Thought Fitz showed a few good signs. Why was he brought in only to be subbed off?

  6. Regardless, it would be a much better result if Moloney lifts his performance and imparts some of his passion to the younger players.

    He kinda reminds me of a slinky descending down some steps.... Lots of movement, but no real speed.

    But I digress...

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  7. Beamer is not a scapegoat at all.

    What he is, is over rated by most.

    Hawthorn will rip him to bits if he plays.

    And supporters will make all the excuses. Read all the demon forums on facebook...Beamer is a legend. It is actually quite sad.

    If Hawthorn belt MFC next friday & GW$ beat the $un$...we the great MFC could be 18th on the ladder.

    Beamer will still be a legend though...things must change.

    Didn't realise that I was calling Beamer a legend. My apologies wyl.

  8. I don't think Beamer would be happy with how things are going, so why should I?

    I don't think anyone here is happy with where we are, but throwing the baby out with the bath water is not the answer. There is no answer as simple as that.

    Yes, as the current most senior mid we would like to see him show more. However, i believe he's worth more to us than the trade we would get for him at years end, partic if it was us offering him up. The reality is we don't have an A grade midfielder, far from it, but Beamer shouldn't be the scapegoat for poor midfield recruitment and development.

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  9. If Beamer is one of our most important players going forward, we are in dire trouble. 2 disposals in the 3rd Q yesterday when the game alive.

    I do not want him teaching Jack Viney the ropes next year.

    I'd be pretty certain there will be more than one person working with JV next year.

    In amongst a group of quality mids, Beamer will be a very good contributor. In a team with few mids, he's targeted by opponents as one of the only that can have an impact.

    Few outside of here would say the game was really alive in Q3, that is unless you are comparing it to 186.

  10. You sure about that champ. Which way does he run, ONLY FORWARDS. When he attempts to bust through the pack and he gets HTB, who points fingers and gets angry at teammates?? Who is the one that comes out to play in the lesser games?? Who is the supposed on-field leader, heart and soul of the club, who doesn't give a yelp for more than half the game??

    That's right, one B.Moloney!

    So buddy, look at his stats, look at his gamestyle, look at his onfield antics and then come talk!

    I'm talkin.

    So you'd quickly get rid of one of our only hard bodied, experienced mids, passionate about the club, recent Bluey winner?

    We need him. In what is a very poor midfield, he's perhaps amongst our most important players.

    May not be performing ATM, granted, but not good enough reason to crucify him. We would have few left on the park at years end if that was the measuring stick.

    Amazing how quickly we kick a player when he's out of form. Talk about short memory.


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  11. Oh and Brent Moloney can leave to Essendon if he wants, one the Bluey last year rocking up the lesser games against lesser teams. He can leave

    Living up to your name, pal.

    Who's been lesser than us over the last few years (franchises excluded)?

  12. Kid would be scared to play at the MCG in-front of 20,000-30,000 old people most of them screaming & bagging your team mates - it would be like playing in a cemetery.

    Then after the game you have to listen to these old "brighton" gits with no idea about football, no idea what footy is like today - Yeah a wake at the OAP bowls club.

    Speak for yourself only, good doctor

  13. Interesting that Jimmy got his big break because Strawbs was either suspended or injured and Jimmy stepped into the breach a little too well. I stand to be corrected but I think there was a little angst on Strawbs part because he was leap frogged. Does anyone recall that or am i making it up?

    Edit - up until then he was playing second fiddle with limited time on ground

    Strawbs ended up going to the Tiges, I believe. They promised using their last list place that year to a big bloke who couldn't get a game at the Hawks (John Origlasso) and instead picked up Stawbs when he put his hand up for a trade. Injuries robbed him of any hope of a career at the Tiges.

  14. Given that Rudeboy himself visits these boards Id be interested to know what on earth they were either thinking...or playing at ?

    Why would you p!ss off the very people youre hoping and expecting to stand by Liam ?

    Hands up those who trust a Magpie fan (that has a relationship with Eddie) when he's 'managing' a MFC contracted player without the MFC's knowledge or consent?

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