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  1. Let's all give the poor fella/lass a break (like Cards13, I don't want to assume gender). After all, we are tough, we all follow the Dees!
  2. I thought my rumours were solid, that's all. Sorry for cutting one's lunch
  3. Money, length of contract, not played out of position, possibly play with bro, stay on Melb city. Also s*** hot drugs
  4. Well...... apparently Mahoney will not last beyond years end, Tmac for Polec, both McDonald's want a trade, club wants pick 9 for McCrae, we're after a young quick Saints player and some still think Burgo is leaving soon... From a semi-reliable source, well, er... not really
  5. If we must, Tmac can remain as depth should May, Lever, Thomo, Rivers, Salem, Hibbert, Jetta/Lockhart, Harmes and Hore all go down with injuries. Its possible....
  6. Both North an Ess have good cap space. Neither have a key forward. Are we prepared to pay 10-20% of this contract for 2020? Iirc we paid about 10% of Jack Watts' for him to move to Port. I hope Tmac finds a new home and recovers some form.
  7. Mitch Brown and McKernan same age (recently turned 30), same height (196cm)
  8. Cox's contract is apparently backloaded. He'll be on $600k+ next year. Can't see us paying anywhere near that for him
  9. Are his hammies ok? The club would do DD and we have Burgo to build on his strength Is the contract too much? Only the club will know that and they'll be aware of next year's OOC players. Tmac staying/going may affect this Does he pass the No DH rule? Does that even exist anymore? The club will do its DD Is he talented enough? Hell yeah! Does he meet a need and improve our list? Again, hell yeah! Does he want to come to us? Who knows except him and maybe MFC Assuming the report on his hammies is ok, my view is LET'S GET HIM!
  10. Jed Anderson from North is still out of contract. Pacey midfielder. Anything going around about him @Dr evil?
  11. I'm sure I read Mahoney was to leave at years end. Must've got my wires crossed on here. Glad we got Yze. Good to see results from the review
  12. Senior players want him out? Sidebottom, DeGoey? Not sure I'd listen to senior Filth players opinions
  13. I'm sure you'll get over it..... eventually.
  14. This logic implies Brown is a FA, which of course, he's not. I think the Cats will get Cameron regardless. They see a gun forward wanting to come to them, they get the deal done. Smith and Higgins will cost them nix. Why would a GF team with 3 late first rounders refuse to trade for a gun key forward that fills a need? Brown would be a compromise on what they could get. We don't have that luxury, unfortunately
  15. Got to make it worth his while not to return to WA
  16. I didn't say that. Your outrage is trying to put words into the mouths of others Weid is worth preserving with. Imo he has more upside than tmac. He's young, still developing and is more important to us long term (with Ben Brown) than tmac I will agree to disagree with you
  17. The compo system is terrible. That we got 3 for Chip is a joke. That the Bummers get 7 for a guy that can't get on the park is stupid. That Hawks got 19 for Buddy was ridiculous. I know it's based upon the team ladder position, but that is arbitrary to the player's real value Get rid of compo. Completely.
  18. Need 10 or lower to get McCrae if that's the target. Cameron might get matched, in which case Cats may meed to give up 13, 15 and maybe 20. Or a 3 way deal, eg cats get Jezza, GCS get 13, 15 and 20 (which will get pushed out further with academy bid matching), GWS get 5 Daniher at pick 7 is a joke. Cameron is worth 5, easy.
  19. And our Hawks 2nd rounder at 23 just got pushed out to 25 with FA compo. Possibly 26 if Jezza to Cats compo comes through. And that's before academy or f/s bid matching. It will be 30-35 in the blink of an eye. If possible, I'd look to trade it in a bigger package to move up into single digit number at draft time. Our 2020 2nd, Preuss, Tmac and future 2nd or 3rd for GWS pick 9?
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